Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Brit Writers' Award and Nice Surprises

I think my phone is secretly torturing me. Not only did I not receive a phone call to say I was a finalist for the short story category of the Brit Writers' Award Unpublished, it didn't ring at all. What was that about? Or was it actually trying to save me from the torturous pain of answering every withheld number with the expectation that this might be the call?

Confession time, I spent the last hour pressing the re-fresh button on the Brit Writers' Award homepage. After all the delays, were they ever going to announce the finalists? Note: I'm not the most patient of people. My fragile temperament can't take too much procrastination.

Eventually, at about 7.15pm, they announced the seven finalists. I wasn't one of them, which I knew. But that's okay; I've already found another competition for my story.

It hasn’t been a bad day, though. I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me when I returned home earlier this afternoon. Here it is:

I wasn't expecting the Haunted Anthology to arrive yet, so I was thrilled to find a box on my doorstep containing the five copies I purchased (authors can purchase Pill Hill Press books at a 40% discount. If you live in the UK, they have a UK distributor. So, no excessive postage either).

I was blown away by how professional the book looks. When I submitted my first story to Pill Hill Press, I did feel like I was taking a risk. You see, it isn't always about whether your story will be accepted; it's also about whether the publisher produces a worthy final product. Will the book be professionally edited, typesetted, illustrated and printed? In this case I'm thankful to say a resounding yes.


  1. I knowh how you feel i had to wait two weeks for a phone call after a job interviewx

  2. What do they say about one door closing and another door opening? Congratulations on the anthology.

  3. I am so sorry that you had to be kept waiting like that. I know exactly what you mean though. I submitted a story for a competition in January and up until two weeks ago, I was constantly clicking on the refresh button of their homepage for any clue as to who had been shortlisted! It's most frustrating!!!!!!

    Anyway - glad that you found another competition for your story - GOOD LUCK!!

    And yay for having your story in another anthology!!! Good for you!

    Take care

  4. I'm still waiting for a phone call about a job interview I had four weeks ago. I guess I didn't get it!

    I'm sure you'll win the next one. And if you don't they clearly have no idea what a good writer is!


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