Friday, 18 June 2010

Lesson of the week

Don't tell all your friends, family, and work colleagues that you failed to make a competition final until you know for sure you haven't.

A few months back I entered the Brit Writers' Award Unpublished 2010. After progressing through the first two rounds, an email was sent informing us finalists would be contacted and announced on Monday 14th June. After nervously waiting all day Monday, an email was sent out late afternoon informing us the organisers were staggering the announcements over a few days. The category I entered, short stories, would be announced on Thursday 17th June.

As I never received a phone call yesterday, or the two days prior, I told my friends, family, and work colleagues (I was working until 8pm) that obviously I had not made the final. However when I got in from work and went online to see who the seven finalists were, I found they have postponed contacting and announcing the finalists until Tuesday 22nd June!

Obviously this is good news, as I'm still in with a chance. But now I have to text friends and family, and tell work colleagues that I got it wrong. It will give them something to laugh about, I'm sure.


  1. Nothing like keeping you dangling in frustration.

  2. Oh how frustrating for you!!!!

    But the silver lining is that you are still in with a chance! Yay!! GOOD LUCK!!!

    I have everything crossed for you. The excitement is unbearable!!

    Take care

  3. Thank you! I shall try to not think about it until Tuesday.

  4. Good luck and my very best wishes to you.


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