Tuesday, 29 June 2010


This morning I sat down at my writing desk - a compact writers bureau that does a stellar job of keeping dust out - and stared at the dust on the windowsills, bedside tables and chest of drawers. I tried not to, but dust has the power to hypnotise me. It taunts me. Are you going to leave me here? What would visitors say? You’re useless. Pathetic. So I stopped writing, grabbed a cloth, and tried to wipe it out of existence.

Dust annihilated, I sat back down at my writing desk and started the writing task I’d originally intended to do. Then I noticed some of the dust had returned. What? When? How? Why? (Aren’t those questions I should have been asking my fictional characters?)

I decided that a more powerful tool was needed for the job – the Dyson. Several minutes later, I was confident that every particle of dust within a mile radius of my bedroom had been sucked out of existence. After all, the proof lay at the bottom of the Dyson.

I returned once again to my writing desk, only I’d lost all motivation to carry on with the story, which was set in hotel. There wouldn’t be any dust in a hotel; they’d have professional cleaners!

I decided to google dust – not the most exciting search, I know. But did you know that dust can be repelled with an electrical charge or drowned in water? Which gave me a couple of ideas. No. I’m not intending to wire the entire house for an electrical discharge or call out the fire brigade to soak the place down once that’s happened; a couple of murder-mystery plots have just emerged from my dust-filled imagination. (Might be a great way for a character to get several beefy firemen to call at her house, though. Another idea, perhaps?)

There may be too much dust in the world, but sometimes a little procrastination pays.


  1. I used to have a nifty little dyson and I loved it! It did exactly what it promised on the tin!!:-)

    Now I have a pet-buster dust vacuum cleaner - it's red and big and powerful! And it's slowly losing the battle against kitty hair...

    But it's brilliant that something as anonymous as dust could so inspire you and isn't google just damn useful?!?!!?

    Well done you!!!
    Take care

  2. Did you know that dust can get trapped in snowflakes? So if you're allergic to dust you can get an allergy attack during a snow storm! Been there, done that.

    So how does they Dyson work with dog hair? I just told the kids that we need to vacuum again. :)

  3. oh resistance....
    I have a case of it too today
    I see dust particles as lost souls and endless regrets....
    I know...take a nap and be done

  4. Isn't it funny how cleaning suddenly become so attractive when you're faced with writing?

    I've become an expert at cleaning the kitchen floor.

  5. Old Kitty - I think all hoovers lose the pet hair battle in the end LOL

    It's funny how the oddest things can generate story ideas!

    Janel - I didn't know that about dust and snowflakes. Poor you :(

    Suz - that's very poetic.

  6. Talli - it really does! But I also agree with Jane Wenham Jones, in Wannabe A Writer, when she says you can't be a writer and have the perfect house. Either that or employ a cleaner.

  7. It is so strange that you mention dust in the house! It's raining outside and has been for several days! I thought I would pick up the writing pace - I am on school holidays! But all I see is dust creeping toward me!

    So yesterday I cleaned the CD shelf, my work table, filed ancient papers and cleared the Autumn leaves from my front pathway between rainfalls! And more strange! I was inspired to write a long poem about Roads! (There is a fragile connection!)

    Of course you can use the banner I created for Word Pool Wednesday! I would be honoured! I should have offered it to you in the first place!

    Have a wonderful week!

  8. I live in Iowa (right now...originally from just outside of London). It has to be the dustiest place in the US! I rarely open the windows...I've had the vents cleaned. I use the highest dust/allergen filter in the furnace and it keeps on coming. I swear I can dust in the morning and there will be visible dust in the afternoon....

  9. I didn't know you could drown dust! Ah, that would be the sweetest revenge...

  10. Sharon - Oh my, your dust problem makes mine seem small!

    Homebody - I drowned the little suckers LOL. Does seem satisfying.


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