Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Womag Writer?

I've been following a blog called womagwriter for some time now. Womagwriter (or woman magazine writer) is as the description states 'the blog of a UK writer of women's magazine short stories' and is packed full of the latest guidelines, tips, and links to other sites of interest. If you are interested in selling short stories, serials, or pocket novels, and want to find out the latest guidelines for paying markets, then this is a blog you should visit regularly.

As I said earlier, I've being following it for a while, but in all that time I've never posted any comments or made my presence known. The reason for this has been that I had not considered myself to be a 'womagwriter'. However, today that changed. Just before work I received a phone call from the editor of Yours to say they'd like to use a story I submitted to them back in March. If there had been a secret camera in my house, you would have seen me jumping up and down for joy, because I've just made my first sale to a paying market.

Can I call myself a womagwriter? Hopefully.


  1. OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pay..as in money?
    wow I've only been paid with copies
    or one book from anthologies
    But you were always a writer
    because you write...how many people
    want to be writers..but don't write!
    hooray for Ellie Garratt

  2. Congratulations on your successes, Suz!

    Like you, I've been submitting to anthologies/small press magazines, which are 'for the luv' or give complimentary copies only, for the exposure and pleasure in seeing my stories published.

    You are right; I've always been a writer. If I never had another thing published, I'd still write. But it's a wonderful feeling when an editor thinks your story is good enough to publish.

    Yours are paying me a three-figure sum, which is a step on the ladder to giving the day job up one day.

  3. You're in! Now you've just gotta keep hammering away until you get further in - and the very best of luck. I've never cracked 'Yours', but, inspired by this lovely success story (have you come back to earth yet?)I bought a copy today to see if I could adapt my styles to suit. Their rule seems to be 'if you haven't heard in 6 months, you won't be hearing at all' but I see you got through in 3 months! well done, that WOMAGWRITER!

  4. Still circling the planet, Ceka! I need to come back to Earth and work out what I did right. Hopefully, I'll be able to repeat my success.

  5. Well done Ellie, and I'm pleased to have found your blog as well! You're currently reading a book I've read, you're in 100 Stories for Haiti(as am I), and you live in the same part of the world as me. Hello!

  6. Thank you and how spooky, womagwriter!


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