Sunday, 4 July 2010

Migraines, Anthologies, and an Amazon Review

Today is the first day I've dared use my laptop, after a killer migraine Thursday. I only started suffering from migraines in 2008, and with a few lifestyle changes - no caffeine, tinted glasses for work and the computer, eating little and often - I've managed to reduce the number of attacks. I use the word attack, because that is what it feels like.

The migraine I had Thursday, the first one this year, scared me. Late Wednesday night I lost the ability to talk coherently. I remember trying to talk to my OH, but the words kept coming out in a jumble. Eventually, I gave up and went to bed. Unfortunately, I never took my tablets. I went to work Thursday, not feeling well at all, and my colleague’s persuaded me to see a doctor. They didn't say anything at the time, but they told me yesterday I was as white as a sheet and had a glazed look about me.

Thankfully, the doctor told me that talking gibberish can be a sign of an impending migraine, as the blood cells to your brain can become constricted. However, it's not normal to have a symptom, or aura as it's called, you've never had before. Anyone who suffers from migraines will have tells or signs that they are about to get an attack. For me it's the feeling someone has hit me on the left of side of my head, hard, numbness in my left arm, and sometimes everything goes purple. He sent me home, told me to contact a doctor if the symptom returned, and made an appointment for a check-up next Wednesday. Fingers-crossed this was a one-off.

Apart from the migraine, it's been a good week for me. I entered the Bridport Prize for the first time, entering three pieces into the flash fiction category, and submitted a short story for the Strictly Writing Award. Luna Black has been accepted into Pill Hill Press's Fem-Fangs anthology. Here's the cover artwork:
And my entry for the Six Sentences The Mysterious Dr. Ramsey competition made it into the same-titled anthology.

It's already available to purchase here, which leads me onto Amazon. I have the suspicion that a member of the Writers' News Talkback Forum I belong to wrote the review, but I can't begin to tell you the buzz I got from seeing my name in a review. I've been reviewed, on Amazon!


  1. So sorry to hear about the migraine, that sounded horrific. I'm glad you're feeling better and that it was just a one off nasty. Fingers crossed for your check-up.
    I suffer from migraines every now and then, but nothing as bad as yours, just a three day agonising headache and sickness. I'm still not sure what sets them off, I also eliminated caffeine, but dark chocolate, peppers and cheese are all prime suspects too.
    Congratulations on the anthologies and the Amazon review, that's terrific. Well done! x

  2. Congratulations on your writing news and good luck with those entries.

    The migraines sound awful. I've only had them very rarely, and they were bad enough.

  3. So sorry to hear about your migraines. I get minor ones every once in awhile which are enough to make me want to cry with pain.

    But I hope you had a good birthday, and congrats on everything else this week!

  4. I'm really sorry to hear about your migraine attack - how awful! :-( I hope you are feeling better now. I hope this was a one-off too!! I am crossing my fingers for you!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! with all your stories being published and the review is terrific!! WELL DONE YOU!!!!! Yay!!!

    Good luck with Bridport - I am sending you tons and tons and tons of support hugs - I'm so excited for you!!

    Take care

  5. Sincerely hope you are feeling well again. Here's wishing you every success with those entries, and congratulations on your other breakthroughs.

  6. You are all so supportive - thank you!


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