Friday, 23 July 2010

Word of the week

Knickers, Bloomers, and Pantaloons.

The last two weeks have been pants, literally. I needed some new knickers, so a couple of weeks ago I bought some from where I work. Every time I wore them they kept riding up, so that they became a thong. I seemed to spend most of the day re-arranging my backside. Not comfortable, or funny.

I decided to buy some more, this time from a major high street clothing chain. I'd bought from them before, so what could go wrong? Exactly the same problem as with the supermarket knickers, they became thong-like. How difficult (and expensive) is it to buy some decent knickers? Have they changed the fabric they use? Are they stretchier? Or, has my backside mysteriously changed shape?

I've decided to place an ad, to see what help I can get:

Aspiring write seeks comfortable well-fitting knickers. Spends a lot of time sitting, and walking whilst at work. Brand new, please. No exchanges.


  1. Plain hilarious! When a lot of keyboarding is to be done, comfy knickers are essential!

  2. I can never go wrong with M&S. Seriously. :-)

    Erm - it'll be interesting to see who replies to the ad..!!

    Take care

  3. In the US we actually have a brand that advertises themselves as wedgie-free. Although, I've tried them and I think mostly wedgie-free is more accurate. :)

  4. I don't know if you're a tennis fan, Ellie. But, if so, you may have noticed that Rafael Nadal has the same problem.

  5. Have you ever considered commando?

  6. Greyscale - definitely essential!

    Kitty - I had an M&S voucher for my birthday. I'll try them next!

    Janel - wedgie-free? LOL. I wonder if there is a UK brand?

    Martin - I'm not much of a tennis fan, but I wonder if there is any footage on youtube? I have to see the Nadal-pants problem!

    AJ - OMG. You're a bad influence. No. I haven't! And if I ever did, it would be just my luck to have an accident and turn crimson red when the first-aider has to remove my trousers!

  7. Ha ha, hilarious post. Cheered me up ready for the weekend! :-)


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