Saturday, 28 August 2010

Saturday Short Story

This is short story is light and fluffy compared to what I usually write, but I enjoyed writing something with an element of humour. I thought I would share it with you. Click on the link at the end to continue reading. Enjoy.

A Date With The Future

July 2010

If you had told Carlie a year ago that in less than a year she would have to choose between three possible husbands, she would have laughed hysterically, such was the black hole of her love life. Now, nearly a year later, Carlie wished she had a crystal ball that would allow her to see a few years into the future – anything that would make the job of choosing how to start the rest of her life easier. If only . . .

June 2012

Carlie wiped a greasy hand over her blue-denim overall - there was no point worrying about trying to get it off in the wash; engine oil was impossible to remove – and then picked up their wedding photo. Darren had seemed impossibly handsome that day. Everyone had commented on how well he cleaned up, which was quite a compliment considering he spent most of his time underneath cars.

After their first dance, Darren had taken her to one side and promised her he wouldn’t be a car mechanic forever. He’d told her he was going places, and when he got there, he’d provide her with everything she’d ever desired.

She sighed as she put the photograph down and looked at the list of jobs he’d left her: oil change on the Renault; new radiator hose on the Mini; and a new exhaust for the Capri. Why hadn’t she argued more with Darren when he came in from the garage-turned-workshop one night last September and told her he couldn’t cope by himself? Why had she given up her cushy job as a PA to become his sidekick mechanic? And why hadn’t she been more surprised when Darren announced they would have to put raising a family on hold whilst he went back to college to qualify for the dream job and life he’d promised her, leaving her as the main breadwinner? What if she . . .

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  1. Now if I'd had that option 25 years ago......

    Nice one.

  2. That's great, Ellie! Really original and I love a happy ending.

  3. Thank you so much Ellie!! I really enjoyed this story - what a great ending!! I'd love to have that ball of hers! LOL!!

    Lovely, thank you for sharing this here!

    take care

  4. Loved it! Now if only all of us could have one of those gadgets. :)

  5. Thank you! I wish I had a crystal ball too ;)

  6. This is such a cute little story. Recently I've been wishing I had a crystal ball to look into the future so I'm really jealous Carlie had one :-)


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