Sunday, 8 August 2010

Tiny Weeny Writing Competitions

Aliens landed; I stayed in bed. That was one of my attempts for the Arvon Six Word Story challenge; speculative fiction, as always.

I love writing flash or tiny weeny fiction. Have you considered such short fiction, where the challenge is to write a story with only a few words or characters? (I know a lot of you have, because I've read your superb entries for Microfiction Monday). Tiny weeny fiction is certainly tricky, but also immense fun. I've listed a few competitions to try to entice you to give it a go.

Arvon's Six Word Story challenge. Visit their website for featured entries and six word stories from famous writers. Entries must be submitted by 1st September 2010.

Dirty Dozen. This is for stories of 12 words (plus one for the title) and, as they put it, "They have to be somewhat risqué, but not X-rated." Click on the Dirty Dozen picture to get more information (for some reason the side links are not working correctly at the moment). Thanks to Becky for this link, who has also been shortlisted twice.
Leaf Books Tiny Weeny Writing and Drawing Competition. Send in a short short story, poem, playlet, or even your best tweet - so long as it is no longer than 140 characters, including punctuation and spaces. Competition closes on the 31st October 2010.
Six-Word Memoirs. Sign up for an account and post your six-word memoirs. Several stories are featured every two or three days, and you may be chosen to appear in one of their publications. I don't know too much about this site, but they seem to have several on-going book projects. (Text Lit), is a monthly text short story competition. Entries must be no more than 154 characters and must be submitted by the last day of the month. There is a different theme each month, and August's theme is crime. Txt Lit is open to mobile users with a UK network provider.

This last one is not a competition, but I could not do a post about tiny weeny writing without mentioning it:

Microfiction Monday. Every Monday Susan at Stony River host a 140 character writing challenge. Your inspiration is a picture posted at the end of the last week's challenge, and all you have to do is create a post for your entry and place a link to that post on her blog. Easy and great fun.

I'm sure there are lots more out there. I would love to know about any you have found or entered.


  1. I submitted to Tweet the Meat last December and had one of my stories published on the online tweetzine and got paid $1.00. It was fun.

  2. Thanks for the great link, Nessa!

  3. A story in six words! That's talent!

  4. I love the challenge of micro stories. Thanks for introducing me to a couple sites I didn't know about. :)

  5. Great links! What an awesome challenge, I've never done micro stories, short stories, anything but full-length novels but I have recently thought about trying something new!

  6. Oh wow!! I love your six word story!!!!! I love it!! Yay!!!! Well done you!

    Oh flash fic is such a favourite of mine. I love reading it and always attempt to try my own. I'm not very good at it but I do enjoy yours and Simon at Spellmaking and Joanna Fox's ones when she did the Wednesday microfiction one.

    Wonderful stuff!

    Thanks for the links! Take care

  7. I also love your six word story. It's a full story, but you leave so much to the imagination! I prefer simple prose like this... The fewer words the better. Mostly just verbs and nouns.

  8. These all make me so happy! thank you!

  9. Ha ha, Ellie - love your six word story! I've never tried a teeny, tiny story. Although I must admit, if I'd edited my first novel any more it could have ended up as one! x :-)

  10. Hi Ellie,
    Your story is great, and thanks for the links.
    Donna V.

  11. Hi Ellie,

    This is Alyssa from SMITH Magazine, and I wanted to thank you for mentioning our six-word memoir project. We welcome you and your readers at At our website, you can submit memoirs and be published instantly to the website. From there, participants have the chance to be featured by the editor in a blog post or an upcoming book.

    Alyssa, SMITH intern

  12. Thanks for these links, Ellie. Great for those of us with a short span of atten.... oh, look a butterfly!


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