Thursday, 5 August 2010

Top Ten Procrastination Devices

After reading about Old Kitty's problems with Bob the telephone, I started thinking about all the artificial devices around my home that cause me to procrastinate. Here they are:

The Telephone. Occasionally, when I'm writing a masterpiece, it makes this loud ringing noise and I have to pick it up. Generally, I then spend 45 minutes talking to someone about nothing.

The Mobile. Whoever invented chain text messaging should be shot. If you send this to ten other people and get ten back, you know you are loved. Stop sending them. I won't pass them on!

The Television. It sits on the wall at the end of my bed and every morning it tells me to watch it. Just another 15 minutes. Go on, you know you want to.

The DVD Player Hard Drive. I can't stop series-linking Project Runway. It's an addiction.

The Radio. I should be working on a short story, but Graham Norton is covering Chris Evan's holiday, and then Ken Bruce is on at 9.30.

The Internet. I don't think I need to say anymore than that.

Clocks. They are constantly telling me there isn't enough time, and I believe them.

The Doorbell. Isn't it amazing how you can suddenly find something interesting to talk about to the postman or neighbour?

The Kettle. I don't blame coffee; I blame the kettle, which makes making a cup of coffee too easy.

Hair Straighteners. I remember when it didn't matter that my hair was curly and frizzy, or generally having a Kate Bush moment. Now, I have to spend 15 minutes straightening my hair into a sleek bob before I can do anything else.

Do you have the same problems as me? What devices in your home cause you to procratinate?


  1. Oh the internet and all the kitchen appliances.

    :-) But the internet is the most evil of them all! LOL!!!

    Graham Norton on the radio??? Hoooray!!!! More reasons to turn on my iplayer..!!! LOL!

    Chain txt messaging sounds completely insane. I guess there's the email version too. The worse is when people I normally know are bright intelligent creatures by day SEND these things to me. ??!?!?!? Unbelievable!

    take care

  2. I have a similar list, but I'd have to swap in playing with the dog and buying or making frozen slushies for the kids. Oh, and back to school shopping. And trying to clean the basement, but not succeeding. And, and, and . . .

  3. The internet is most definitely the top of my list. Also I wander off to the pantry quite often to see what nibbles I can find.

  4. Hair straighteners! What!?

    The internet. God, I hate the internet as much ss I love it. It's a KILLER!

  5. Yep, internet for me too - Blogger especially! 'Ooh, I'll just log in to see if anyone's posted anything in the two minutes since I last checked...

    And, bizarrely enough, cleaning for me. I never do it any other time, but when I'm blocked I suddenly can't possibly write without loading the dishwasher, wiping the surfaces, sorting the washing, blah blah blah!

  6. I think blogger should be there in its own right; it's too addictive!

  7. Blogging!... AAAAAARGH! I mean I'm not even supposed to BE here, I don't even know how I GOT here ... this isn't hleping the Best Selling Novel get written at all!

  8. Ellie, how did you get into my brain? Yes, yes, yes to everything (and you made me laugh). My biggest problem is my family, who believes if I am home I am at their disposal. The second issue for me is blogging! I always say I'll only spend a few minutes, and I end up taking an hour to catch up with my blogging buddies, like you. :D

  9. Brokenbiro and Lisa - I take comfort in the fact that by blogging I'm writing every day. It might not be fiction, but it's writing damn it!

  10. I know! That's what I tell myself too! ;-)


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