Sunday, 29 August 2010

Twitter Problems and News

They say problems usually come in threes, or when we have two do we look for another? I think the latter is probably more accurate.

I have three frustrating problems at the moment, and if anyone knows of suitable solutions I would be immensely grateful.

Firstly, even though I still don't really understand Twitter, I thought it would be wise to register an account with my name for when I'm promoting my first novel (Cough, cough). Except, I can't. Someone has taken 'elliegarratt'. Of course they are more than likely called Ellie Garratt, so they haven't really 'taken it'. But what do I use as my Twitter name now? Any suggestions?

Secondly, since my laptop received a new hard drive, and the software was reinstalled, the cursor hops around when I'm typing. I'm in the middle of typing a word, and then it has gone back a sentence or two. Why? It's testing my patience, I can tell you.

Thirdly, blogger won’t allow me to follow any sites. I click on the follow link, as I’ve always done, and it comes up with a ‘http 400’ error. It’s been like this for two days now. Aggh.

Changing the subject to something more positive, I have some exciting news. On Wednesday the Editor-in-Chief of Pill Hill Press, Jessy Marie Roberts, will be a guest on my blog. She kindly submitted herself for a small question and answer session, and I'll be posting her responses on Wednesday.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend.


  1. Oooh I was having problems following someone's blog yesterday - I kept getting http 400 error. But today I've managed to join so maybe it was a blogger quirk for yesterday??

    OH CONGRATULATIONS with your novel!!! Wow!! How exciting!!! Well done you - that's brilliant news! Yay!!!!

    I'm passing on twitter and the laptop cursor jumper (how annoying for you!!! what's that about?!?) cos I'm a complete ninny at both! I'm guessing that for twitter you could put your middle name maybe e.g. ellie(middlename)garrett?

    I hope they get resolved..
    Take care and good luck!

  2. My laptop does that cursor jumpy thingy too! My hubby is computer technician and we're still trying to figure out what is doing it. Right now, my only solution is to do a restart. So far, that has always taken care of it for me.

    Good luck finding help with your other problems!

  3. Sorry I'm rubbish at the technicalities. I've also been having problems trying to format my latest blog post. Took me ages longer than it should have.

    Look forward to reading the interview on Wednesday! x

  4. Old Kitty - The follow option is now working. Hooray. Must have been a one-day thing like you said. As for the cursor thing, arggh. Oh, I could have elliemariegarratt or elliemgarratt for Twitter, like you suggested. I must do that before it goes.

    Thank you x

    Janel - Can I borrow your husband? LOL. Unfortunately, restarting doesn't take the problem away. We'll get there in the end!

    Joanne - Blog posts can sometimes be a nightmare, especially if you are using more than one picture. Glad you sorted it out in the end!

  5. How about EllieGarrattWriter for a Twitter name? Okay, so it's not perfect, but it will suit its purpose. (This comes from an experienced, two accounts Twitter person)

    As for the cursor thing, I think it is the actual harddrive, as when I plug in a flash drive sometimes, my mouse dances all over the place. Or, it could be your mouse. Not sure...

    As for the blogger follower, I haven't clicked follow for a while, so I can't help you there.

    But, I hope I have helped somehow. But well done with the interview!

    Pixie x

  6. I think WriterEllieGarratt or AuthorEllieGarratt would be a good idea for Twitter. If anyone tries to find you they'll get all variants and that way they'll know which one you are.
    Can't help on the other things though! Sorry.

  7. Pixie - Thank you for the Twitter suggestions. I think you are right to have writer in there somewhere.

    I hope it's the mouse and not the harddrive, as just spent £120 on a new one. Blogger follow option now working, so that's one of the two solved!

    AJ - Thank you for the Twitter suggestions x

  8. I would say what MorningAJ said, or EllieGarrattNovelist?
    My laptop had a crazy session with the curser the other day, I got really cross and shouted a bit, then shut down, it's been ok since I restarted. Also had the Follow problem yesterday, but all is fine now as you've already found :)
    Will look forward to your post with Jessy Marie Roberts, exciting stuff!

  9. Hi Ellie - Looks like you got some great solutions for the Twitter problem, so I'll opt out of that. The cursor problem flummoxed me (I'm preternaturally technology challenged) so I'm no help in that regard either. Third...hmm, refer to my response to problem #2! Good luck!

  10. penandpaints - I've got so many good suggestions for a Twitter name now. I need to make a decision! Hope you enjoy the Jessy Marie Roberts interview.

    Lisa - LOL. Thank you!

  11. Your Jessy Marie Roberts interview sounds really exciting Ellie. Enjoy!
    Madeleine x

  12. Madeleine - thank you. I hope you enjoy it.


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