Saturday, 25 September 2010

Book Review: Night of the Living Trekkies

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If Shatnerquake by Jeff Burk is the low-budget third series episode from Star Trek: The Original Series, Night of the Living Trekkies is several classic second season episodes put together - think Amok Time and The Trouble with Tribbles. Night of the Living Trekkies is the superior intellect.

At 253 pages this is novel, as opposed to the the 83-page novella that was Shatnerquake, and is a book that appeals on many levels:

  1. Star Trek fans will love it. Think of a Star Trek convention where the characters are really put in dangers way; watch out all you redshirts!

  2. Zombie fans will love it - another zombie genre has been born.

  3. Star Wars fans may love it, but I doubt it. Know any Star Wars fans? Send them this for Christmas and really annoy them.

I would recommend this book as a must read for all zombie and Star Trek fans, and even if you don't know anything about either genre, you should still enjoy it.

tera'nganbej neH jIH 'ach 'e' vIQIjlaH! (I'm really only an Earthling, but that's a long story)


  1. Will be on the look out for this Ellie, sounds great :)

  2. On my x-mas list that I;m gonna pass round to all my lovely friends and family and they better take the hint darn it! LOL!!!!

    Take care

  3. Steven - it was an enjoyable read!

    Old Kitty - LOL. I hope they do.

  4. Thanks for this lovely review, Ellie. Lots of books are jumping into my TBR pile. It will probably bury me underneath its enormous weight. :)


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