Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Celebrations and Competition Update

Update: I'ved reached 100 followers. See my blog post on the 10th October 2010.

A moment of profound realisation passed over me last Saturday: I'd made my 85th post and I had 85 followers. Okay. Maybe not that profound, given that this is my 87th post and I have 87 followers. Maybe spooky is more appropriate. Or she's-been-spending-too-much-time-on-her-blog-again.

Anyway, as it seems to be customary to celebrate your 100th follower and 100th blog post, I thought I couldn't let either pass without doing something. So I decided on the following for each milestone, and which one comes first will be up to you:

  • When I've reached 100 followers, I'll put everyone’s names into a draw via random.org and one person will win . . .a surprise! Evil laugh. It’s a nice surprise, honest.

  • When I reach my 100th post (only 13 to go), anyone who comments on that post will get a special new blogging award. Hint: it has something to do with commenting.

Just so you know, when I reach my 1000th follower, I’ll post a short video of William Shatner and I acting together. Seriously, I will. Trekkies honour and all that.

Competition Update

As you may remember, part of the prize for the first place winner of my recent competition was to have a character named after them in one of my short story submissions. I sent the winner an email last night letting her know how that part of the prize is progressing. Currently, Jen Daiker is lost in a post-apocalyptic world and her boyfriend is desperately trying to find her. He's given up the chance of one kind of survival with aliens because he can't live without her. Where is she and will he find her? I don't know yet.

I'll let you know more as the story is written!


  1. I love the idea that you don't know the outcome when you start the story. I find I get the answers part-way through in my writing! (Even when it's non-fiction)

  2. I'm with Morning AJ: how cool that your engine's running at full throttle, yet you don't have any idea where you're going to end up! That way, too, there's no danger of jinxing your own story's success by veering off the path because you've decided to go with another ending, instead of the one you'd pre-established. *pant-pants out of breath*

    TODAY'S FORCAST: Wordy with a mild case of too many bad metaphors going on. Not to mention mildly superstitious and a tad (<--that's being generous!) OCDish. But HEY, that's the magic that is me! (I'm not opposed to surprise giveaways, though, so I ain't all THAT bad. LOL! Count me in? Thanks!)

  3. Ref:
    William Shatner and I acting together...


    I'm going to have to tweet this.

  4. Regarding the giveaway, can you be buttered up? WAIT! Hear me out: I could have enough of my relatives and a few of my new neighbors (<--Those not yet "on" to me.) and possible the mailman, maybe the guy who changes the oil in our car, etc. --whoever it takes to get your count up from 87 to 100, is what I'm saying--> I'll have them open blogspots accounts, afterwhich I will neighborly or kindly, whatever the case may be, ask them to click on your Follow Button!

    What do you think? Shall I be changing my username to Shoo-In? LOL!

  5. did you know that 85 adds up to 13?

  6. MorningAJ - I can't do it any other way. Sometimes I'll have the beginning and part of the middle, but that's usually it!

    Maria - LOL. How do I delete posts again?!

    SparkleFarkle - you really are the funniest person I know. I love your forcast - "Wordy with a mild case of too many bad metaphors going on." Genius.

    No. I can't be buttered up. Unless you can offer me direct access to William Shatner? Or one of his relatives. I'm working on this genius of an idea for a film and I simply must have him as the lead star. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

    Suz - now I am starting to think there is some major cosmic re-alignment going on. Anyone have the number for NASA?

  7. The whole Follower/Post thing is freaky. Too bad it isn't Friday to be Freaky Friday! Have fun with that story!!

  8. We may be able to work something out. Bill Shatner's my father.

  9. I live with a Tribble. Does that help?

  10. Janel - Freaky Friday. Why didn't I think of that?!

    SparkleFarkle - stop being so funny! It simply won't do. So (in true Horatio Caine style) here's what we'll do: at 18.00 hours GMT, on Stardate 2010.101, I'll transport to your co-ordinates and have a conversation with The Shatman, I mean your father, and in exhange I'll give you my finest dilithium. Does that sound like a honourable trade?

    MorningAJ - definitely. Tribble-lovers get extra points.

  11. *maniacally pages through Rule Book* If I'm not mistaken, a Papa Shatner trumps a Tribble.

  12. SparkleFarkle - is your Papa Shatner a Captain or an Admiral?

  13. Oooooh!!!! You and Mr Shatner!!! Oh please also have a duet together - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.. Rocket Man..??? LOL!!!

    Congratulations with your ever growing followers - yay!!!!!

    I like the surprise blogprize!! Cos I like surprises!! Esp from trekkers!!:-)

    Take care

  14. Old Kitty - I'm afraid Shatner and I singing together would be too much for the world to take. LOL.

    SparkleFarkle - whilst I agree he is worth an ace, in the hallowed halls of Shatner Card Trading, due to a temporal anomaly, even a baby Tribble is worth more than a Papa Shatner. I believe Captain Janeway has formed a temporary alliance with the Borg Queen to correct the problem before the very fabric of Blog space is torn apart.

  15. What great ideas you come up with Ellie. Brilliant. I bet your character Jen Daiker will rock. How exciting! :O)

  16. Is it wrong that I sort of hope that Jen Daiker's boyfriend will never find her? I seek out the tragedy! LOL

    Nice work on the followers and the blog, Ellie. You're an inspiration to the rest of us!

  17. How exciting! I love a competition. You are doing so well with your blog, I bet you'll get to 100 really soon.

  18. Congrats on 87! You gave me goosebumps, especially when Suz noticed that 13 is how many more you need. It's not even October yet!! Stop with the freaky!

  19. Madeleine - thank you! I just hope it gets accepted once it's finished.

    Joleen - no. I'm the same. LOL. But I think as the prize was for Jen to star in a story, he'll have to find her some how so that we can meet her. Thank you for the kind comments about inspiration - you're too kind.

    Joanne - thank you!

    Elena - it is spooky! Two days until October and then who knows what might happen? LOL.

  20. OMG an other Trekkie in the midst? pffft...I'm getting surrounded by them. Spock help me help me...oh wait, maybe I should have Yoda do that part. Who the hell knows. Scotty...beam me up!!!

  21. Bahaha I'm all about the 1000 follower one! Let's get you on your way!! I need to think of something super cool like that... Hmmm, I'm close to 1000 (NOT) but I am climbing... I need to think!

    I choose surprise then the special award! Then again it doesn't matter they both sound EXCITING!

  22. Wow that is rather spooky! and i hope you get to 1000 then! also this seems like fun i will have to stay on my toes and read more often so i don't miss that award :)

  23. Hi Ellie, now that I have added myself to your followers list you are just a wee bit away from 100. Hope you reach that magical figure soon.

    And I love the thought of 1000 followers. Hold that happy thought.

    I also love the idea of that special new blogging award!


  24. Thom - Yoda! Noooo. . .I'll send Spock round to save you. LOL.

    Jen - it's a long way to 1000, but why not aim high? LOL.

    Kelly - thank you!

    Rachna - thank you for taking me nearer to 100 followers!

  25. I love this idea, Ellie - and you've done brilliantly well to get so many followers. I've only got 39 after 103 posts - What is your secret.... apart from being really nice and interesting, and commenting on other blogs and yada yada yada (yoda?)

    ...and EVEN WORSE I forgot to pay attention and missed my own 100th post. DOH! ...and double DOH!

  26. Oh, I gotta stick around for the promised William Shatner episode!

  27. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award on my blog :-)

  28. brokenbiro - you are too kind! You should have a belated 100th post celebration or make sure you do something special for your 200th.

    Margo - LOL. It is funny!

    Rachel - thank you!!!

  29. Looking forward to seeing you act with His Wonderful Shatnerness!

  30. Lisa - LOL. The legend that is The Shatman.


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