Friday, 24 September 2010

Balancing Blogging and Writing

How do you balance your time between blogging and writing?

In the four months I've been blogging, I've become addicted to it. No other word would better describe my feelings. I love the connection it brings with other writers around the world. I love being inspired by their creativity, and learning new skills. I love writing my own blog posts and the creative element that goes in to them.

But I'm also beginning to realise that I am spending a growing percentage of my free time blogging. This is not necessarily a bad thing, given the reasons I've already listed. However, I'm spending as much, if not more time, thinking about blog posts as with my writing. That is not good. My writing should come first. Which leads me to the question, how do you balance your time between blogging and writing?


  1. I tend to write posts in massive spurts and I don't feel guilty about it taking away from my writing time. I mean, it IS writing. So just think of it as practice. Also, when I come up with 3 or 4 post ideas in one day I just stockpile them in my Drafts file and post them when I'm busy and don't have the time or ambition to write a post live.

  2. It's difficult! I don't think there are easy answers...blogging is great, we all need a support network, and to have our name out there, but it can be a distraction.

    I think there are times when I just need to write, to get a story out of me and at those times it wouldn't even occur to me to write a blog instead. The creative instinct just takes over. Other times, especially if I'm blocked, it makes a huge difference to do a blog post and get responses and encouragement and banter.

    Janel makes a good point too - it is writing. Especially in this day and age where people supposedly have such short attention spans, blogs can be a good place to practise making a point succinctly.

  3. LOL!! Oh I don't! I have to admit that the blogging really overtakes the serious writing. And sometimes - well more often than not - the blogging uses up precious free time so much that I feel extremely guilty afterwards! And sometimes there are so many updates from bloggers that I am so overwhelmed with commenting that I often come very close to shutting down. But I don't. Cos I know I'll miss it and the pleasure I do get from the unique interaction that blogging brings!

    So the way I see it - the blogging may be a distraction but it's a positive one overall. And it's not that my writing suffers as such - it's more I try to get some quality (well quality for me - me being an extremely crappy writer) writing done rather than quantity. That sort of reads as an excuse or another means of procratination but honestly - I've been trying to re-write my first para of my first chapter since forever and it's only now that I seem to have hit the mark with it. I know that whether I blogged or not, I still would be in the same position as I am now with my wip. Does that make sense?

    And besides, it's with blogging that I've been introduced to all these helpful writing stuff/competitions. But yes, it's a very time consuming addictive online thing too. So maybe I do have a problem! LOL!!

    I'm now very confused! Take care

  4. Ha! When you figure out a healthy answer, PLEASE, please, please, enlighten me.
    So much I want to do, so little time. *sigh*

    I'm new here. Nice to meet you. :)

  5. If it's a choice between writing and blogging I always have to go for the writing.

    Although I try to blog at least weekly, I tend to wait until I am in a more bloggy frame of mind rather than have a set schedule of when to post. Some days I'm just in a more light-hearted, chatty mood and I tend to use those days to do the blog stuff.

    I would definitely miss blogging if I stopped altogether though. It's also really interesting and useful to be in touch with other writers in this way.

  6. Blogging has taken over the serious writing for me too and that does worry me. I am hoping the workshop I booked on tomorrow will set me back on track. I guess I should only blog in the evenings and write during the day, but it is addictive. :O)

  7. That's the question of the day. It can be overwhelming I tell you. And when you get the answer let me know :)

  8. Often blogging will jump start my writing. It's almost like a warm up before I let myself going fully into my work. I do think it is a balancing act because blogging can be addictive and fun :)

  9. Something I'm wrestling with at the moment. I think it can be a good idea to draft your posts as they come to mind, as Janel mentioned. But, your right, blogging can be addictive.

  10. Blogging is an important part of my platform. It's my ambassador when people aren't reading my books, so I give it the due it deserves.

    That said, I limit my blogging to 3 days a week unless something important comes up like a virus alert or getting a new puppy. :)

  11. Hi everyone. My name's Steve, and I'm a blog a holic. (Everyone say "Hi Steve" in unison). I need to balance my time better, and that means getting an early start on the day, waking up an hour before anyone else, getting that cup of coffee, then visiting friends old and new. Then I do 15 minute quickies throughout the day. A few blogs here, a few blogs there. By the end of the day I've visited 30 - 50 blogs.

    Stephen Tremp

  12. I have to constantly readjust my priorities! I'm like you, I LOVE blogging. Sometimes, I just have to take a day off from blogging and remind myself I'm writing a BOOK to get published, not a BLOG to get published. Good luck!

  13. Um... I DON'T balance the two!
    But I like to tell myself that blogging is at least WRITING and writing is good...
    But, like Shallee said, I'm trying to get a BOOK published, not a BLOG!

    (I should disconnect my internet...)

  14. Janel - Maybe I need to become more organised, like you, and write a few in advance? The only problem with that is my posts tend to come about as a result of what is happening that week or day. But, as you say, it is writing!

    Joleen - you are right. Last night I put the laptop away and spent two hours writing a story by hand, because it needed to come out. But if I'd used Word, I would have been tempted to keep checking my blog. Maybe I'm viewing this the wrong way round - is constantly thinking about my blog just an excuse to procrastinate? Thank you for your helpful comments.

    Old Kitty - what have I done? I've ended up confusing you, too. LOL. I think you've made a very important point - blogging is on the whole a positive experience. So why not use that to fine tune your writing talent? And whilst we're on the subject of writing, from what I've seen on your blog you are not a crappy writer!

    Lola - thank you for stopping by my blog. One of the joys of blogging is meeting new people, so nice to meet you too. I have the sneaky suspicion that answer to my question is one of those 'million-dollar' answers!

    Joanne - you sound much more disciplined than me. Or perhaps more devoted? I need to prioritise!

    Madeleine - Oh, no. You sound like you're at the same stage as me. I hope the workshop re-inspires you!

    Thom - I have the sneaky suspicion the answer is one of those 'million-dollar' answers!

    Septembermon - it's definitely a balancing act!

    Martin H - good idea. Perhaps I should set aside certain days/times to write blog posts? The only problem is that I also spend a lot of time, which I enjoy, reading and commenting on other blogs.

    Maria - it sounds as if you've got the balance just right. I might try following your example.

    Stephen - LOL. Thank you for making me laugh. My name is Ellie, and, yes, I'm a blogaholic! Do I get a button or anything?

    Shallee - LOL. You are so right, unless of course your one of those lucky people who hit on an original idea for a blog and get a book out of it!

    Rachel - you too? So I'm not the only one struggling to balance the two. Deep sigh. We'll get there in the end. Either that or we'll find our blog posts equal 100,000 words and our books 10,000!

  15. Uhm, I don't know, Ellie, LOL. I'm addicted to blogging, too. It takes up a lot of my time but I get a lot of pleasure from it, I learn a lot from fellow bloggers and writers and I discover lots of things - take for example your story in the magazine, Yours. I found out about it through your blog and now have a copy of Yours...I enjoyed it by the way, it was a very nice short story, funny too! :)

    I am so guilty right now that I spend more time blogging and blog-hopping than writing. I know! I must write more! :(

  16. I'm still trying to find the right balance! Blogging has become not only an addiction but also a procrastination plot! Discipline and a routine is key I suppose and I have to get both...

  17. Len - repeat after me, my name is Len and I a blogaholic. LOL. I'm glad you enjoyed my story - thank you!

    J.C. Martin - if you find them, can you send me a copy! LOL.

  18. Hmmmm that's a good question!I love the journeys blogging takes us!....that's how I came to visit you! lol! Nice to meet you!

  19. mrsnesbitt - you are so right - it is a journey. Nice to meet to you as well!


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