Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Trekkies and Blog Hoppers Take Note!

Look what I’ve found to tickle the taste buds . . .

The world of Star Trek meets George A. Romero. Are you salivating yet? I know I am. I’ve already ordered this one from Amazon and will post a review during my ongoing blog mission to boldly not, well, get eaten.

But I’ve not finished. On the 20th September Alex J. Cavanaugh is holding a Top 10 TV Shows Blog Hop. What do you thing are the odds of me not listing any of the Star Trek shows in my Top 10? This looks like a must for TV Junkies. Visit Alex’s blog for further details and to sign up.

But I still haven’t finished. If a zombie Star Trek book and Alex’s TV Blog Hop aren’t enough to satisfy your ravenous appetite, Angela at Jaded Love Junkie is holding a Blogfeast on the 23rd September. As she puts it, “Not only is it a blogfest of food, but it’s also a feast of blogs.”

Have I satisfied your appetite yet?


  1. Oooh! Night of... looks great! Hurry up and review it :D

  2. it looks you are having fun ...
    blog feast!
    cool idea.

  3. Food and blogs! What could be better -- except for maybe some wine, too?

  4. September must be THE party month.

  5. Well I'm certainly salivating!!

    Trekkers and Zombies - a marriage made in sci-fi/horror heaven!

    Take care

  6. Steve Chapman - I've ordered it from Amazon but they are giving a dispatch date of the 27th September. Might be a while before I'm able to review it!

    Jingle - I've only done one blogfest before but enjoyed the experience of it. It's a good job I'm on holiday the last week of September!

    Talli - some wine would be nice!

    Nessa - I think it is!

    Old Kitty - It's my idea of a perfect read!

  7. I'll be away for these two, but remind me to ask you what a blogfest is...

  8. brokenbiro - that's a shame. Perhaps next time?

    A blogfest is where one blogger chooses a day and blog theme, and then other bloggers sign up and post about that theme on the chosen day. So for example, Alex is holding a Top Ten TV Blogfest on the 21st and all the bloggers who have signed up will post about their top ten tv shows on that day. Hope that makes sense!


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