Sunday, 31 October 2010

Don't Look! T-minus 12 hours.

This is what happens when you take an innocent stroll along Exmouth beach on Halloween. Take heed and beware the zombie fish!

Thank you to everything that joined in with my impromptu Zombie Week and special thanks to Jeremy, also known as iZombie. The picture you see above is his work and if you want to see some more of his genius, click here. If you're a Trekkie you'll particularly enjoy his zombie versions of Kirk and Spock. For a small donation, you too can become a zombie.

Now to NaNoWriMo, which for those of us living by GMT, is now only 12 hours away. Yikes. I had promised to let you know which novel I'd be writing, but I'm going to do that tomorrow. I have decided. Honestly. I just need to make a few last minute tweaks, fill out my NaNo novel page, and I'll be ready.

Friday's regional meeting went well and I really enjoyed myself. Being in the company of other NaNo's both inspired and motivated me to succeed. Some of the writers attending were first timers, like myself, and others have done several.

One of the things that motivated me was finding out most of the planned novels have a speculative angle, with genres covered including fantasy, historical, horror, murder mystery, and science fiction. All the novel ideas caught my interest. Of course some of the writers have planned their novels in detail and that did cause me to feel a little unprepared, but then I reminded myself I'm not a plotter. I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants writer, according to NaNo guidelines.

What about you? Do you prepare detailed plotlines and character notes? Do you have chapter titles and scene notes before you start writing? Or do you start with a rough idea and see where the characters take you?


  1. Glad to hear the regional meeting went well!

    I've outlined my entire story, so I pretty much know what I'll be writing. Though, it'll be interesting to see how closely I stick to it. I'm looking forward to the unexpected things to unfold while I'm writing.

    Good luck!

  2. :)... did i mention i loved you... in a blogger brother to blogger sister kind of way.
    Happiest of all Halloweens...

  3. I really like that picture!

    Good luck with Nanowrimo. It must be nice to get together with some other participants. My nearest meetings were a bit impractical to get to, but if I did Nano again I think I'd make the effort to go along at least once or twice.


    Good luck with your Nano!!!! I just know you are brimming over with such fabulously spectacular ideas!!!!

    Take care

  5. That's a fantastic pic!

    I plan out the turning points and then fill in the rest. I find the first draft is really a way for me to get to know my characters more.

  6. Great picture. Would look good on the cover of your novel.
    I am a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants writer trying to become a plotter. Good luck with Nanowromo.
    I have a Halloween party over at mine. DO drop by and say hello. :O)

  7. Those darned zombie fish! I wonder if they have those in the Great Lakes in the US?

    Good luck with NaNo!

  8. I had a pretty good idea of the general concept when I started writing Breakthrough. Then I just wrote and let the characters help define conflict and togehter we moved forward.

  9. I'm still at a complete loss of what I'm writing for naNo- Love this picture- and zombie fish! awesome. reminds me to tell you since you are my number one Zombie Lady- I had a zombie dream last night- but in my dream the Zombies could walk through walls, almost like a ghost but it took them longer, so it was slow motion walking through walls and you could see their faces coming through at you- so freaky! I'll never write it, but if you like the idea- feel free to use it.

  10. I'm ready to get started! :D

  11. Liz - thank you. You sound very organised! Just remember that if you decide to change something, don't worry about going back to make any necessary alterations in earlier chapters/scenes. Just make a note, otherwise it might stall your momentum. I think I might end this nano having learnt a very important lesson, plotting!

    iZombie - i'm blushing. You are a sweetheart, in a brotherly-zombie-blogger way!

    Joanne - it was like an injection of motivation!

    Old Kitty - thank you! You (and Charlie) keep me motivated!

    Talli - I'm hoping my characters will start talking to me; preferably on day one. LOL.

    Madeleine - I saw your party. An awesome idea! I think if I put that picture on my novel potential readers may just put me back on the bookshelf. LOL.

    Janel - I hear the zombie fish are spreading, so I wouldn't dip your toes in ANY lake. LOL. Thank you for your encouragement.

    Stephen Tremp - your comments have made me feel a lot better. I know in my head where I want to start and the direction I'm heading in. After that it's down to the characters! Thank you.

    Summer Ross - what a fantastic idea! Zombie-ghosts. Thank you for offering it to me but you need to keep it - one day you may want to write it. Glad you liked the picture. Zombie Lady made me laugh.

  12. Chantal - Good luck. Not much longer to go now!

  13. Ellie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, too. I'm glad you liked my cameo story. That actual cameo is in my possession now.

    Good luck on NaNo. I thought about doing it, but I'll be away the last week of November so I'd never make it.

    I write the same way as you. Just go for it. Ideas rush through my head all the time, I could never find the time to write them down or form an outline. I'll drop back and see how you're progressing. And, please, the next time you do join my friend line.


  14. Great picture!

    Have a great time with NaNo! I'm not participating this year...I've got too much going on in, trips, etc...I can't wait to read everyone's progress!

    Have a wonderful Halloween!

  15. Yes and yes - I have details, characters, and an outline ready. And iZombie's work is really cool.

  16. 3.5 hours to go and I am still undecided. I have the 'bones' (mwha Ha HA HA) of the sequel to the one I'm three quarters into and a bit stuck - may still join you... what shall I dooooooooo?...tick tock tick tock

  17. gideon 86 - thank you! I really appreciate your comments and it's nice to make a new friend.

    Sharon K. Mayhew - Thank you! Maybe next year?

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - I thought you would! I thoroughly enjoyed CassaStar and didn't want it to end. Bassa's final words will haunt me. Can't wait for your next book.

    brokenbiro - do it! It will be just the push you need to finish.

  18. Good luck Ellie. Being motivated and sharing with others seems to be the best way to write this month.

    I'm not participating in NaNo. But, I write from a general idea - usually starting with the end, and working up to it.


  19. Over from Sparkle's, and I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of writer, baby!



  20. Hi, Ellie -- I'm a combo writer. I have a rough outline, but I don't stick to it. The characters change the story sometimes. Good luck with your NaNo! I'm a newbie too...

  21. I definitely think that picture on your novel would *encourage* people to buy a copy. Glad you enjoyed the blog party. Hope the coffee and bikkies have set you up for Nanowri:O)

  22. Guess I should be writing now, and not blogging. But somehow I just can't force myself........

    Must........ do.......... novel......... NOW!

  23. Firstly, that is a FAB picture! ;)

    I'm a planner, plots lines, character templates, scenes, chapter titles usually come with the first line. ;)

  24. Donna Hole - thank you! I like the way you start with the end. An interesting technique, which I might have to try.

    Pearl - yay! Good for you!

    Lisa Ricard Claro - I like the sound of the combo writer (it reminds me of the combo platter meal you can buy at a Harvester restaurant). I'm thinking my characters will lead me in the right direction, too. Good luck with your NaNo!

    Madeleine - nothing like biscuits to fire up the imagination. LOL.

    MorningAJ - I . . .shouldn't. . .be. . .answering. . .blog . . .comments. Opening. . .word. . .document. First line. . . LOL. How much have you managed to write?

    Talei - thank you! I thought I might get another one done for Christmas LOL.

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