Friday, 29 October 2010

Zombie and NaNoWriMo Dating

Actually, I didn't. It's day five of Zombie Week and I'd planned to tell you about my adventures on Zombie Harmony, a zombie-dating site. Perhaps I'm naive but I thought this site was purely for fun. However, I realised yesterday that it is a real dating site, albeit with an apocalyptic theme. In the interests of my living partner, I decided not to even sign up; I don't think he'd appreciate me receiving emails from Lonely Bill or Luvs2cuddle!

If you are single and fancy meeting someone via a more unusual route, sign up here.

It's not all bad news, though. I'm going on my first NaNoWriMo date today. I use the term 'date' loosely, because it is one of three meetings for NaNo members in the Devon region. But I do have to wear something red to distinguish myself!

It looks like there will be at least 20 of us attending, which is a good number. So, if you happen to be in Exeter from 3pm, and are passing The Boston Tea Party, pop in and say hello. For my foreign friends, just fuel up the private jet and I'll provide coffee and cakes when you arrive.

I have one major concern as I approach today's meeting and the weekend - I still haven't decided which novel to write. I've made notes for all three novel ideas, but as NaNo starts in four days, I'm beginning to panic. I have not filled out my novel page on the NaNo site and I'm worried about appearing totally disorganised for the meeting. How do I decide? At this point I'm seriously considering sticking the three ideas in a hat and pulling one out.

Have you been to a regional NaNo meeting before? If so, what should I expect? Have you decided what your NaNo novel will be this year and how much preparation have you done?

The final day of Zombie Week will be on Halloween, when I promise I will have made a decision and you'll get to see what happened to me when I was bitten by a zombie fish.


  1. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the invite but I don't think I can get there in time. 2 hours to the airport, 13 hour flight if I fly direct and then 4 hours from Heathrow to Exeter. Will you wait?

    I only had one idea for a novel that qualified so the choice was easy. I have drafted out the synopsis for each chapter and at about 2500 words/chapter I am 7 chapters short.

    I am sure it will work itself out. Or not as the case may be.

  2. More goodies for Zombie Week:

    'Zombies: The Truth: Episode 1' at 9:00pm on the National Geographic Channel tonight!

    It begins as an outbreak: humans exhibiting an extreme level of violence, entranced states and a descent into madness. Within days, the epidemic has spread, with fear and tales of the walking dead gripping the planet. But while these tell-tale zombie characteristics are more blockbuster Hollywood movie than real-life pandemic, is there some truth behind the zombie myth?

    The premiere of Zombies: The Truth airs on Friday 29 October at 9pm and explores the origin of zombies, their religious roots and whether mutated virus strains could cause devastation of zombie proportions. With commentary from zombie enthusiasts and cult experts, virologists and mathematical epidemiologists, this unique show separates the truths from the fiction that surrounds one of popular cultures most tangible monsters.

    By the end of this programme you’ll know how to survive a real-life zombie attack!

  3. I'm much more organised this year than I was last year. I've got a synopsis and a plan and I think I'm going to have 24 chapters (there's one that I'm not really sure I need......) so at 2000 words a chapter (or so) I'm pretty much there. All I have to do now is write it!

    I know you're worried that you haven't decided - but four days is a long time in NaNo Land. Go to your meeting and talk to the others about it. They might even help you to decide.

    (Though the ideas in a hat thing sounds like a great start to a short story to me.... three options and one choice gives you two "what if" to play with.......)

  4. Wow!!! A dating site for zombies?!!? :-)

    I hope you enjoy your nano meet and be the bestest lady in red!!!

    Good luck deciding what to write - would you believe it's only a few more days to November?!?!?! Good grief!!

    Take care

  5. DanPloy - how about I beam you over in the transporter? LOL. You sound so organised! After reading your comments, I'm thinking I should go with the science fiction novel I started 13 years ago, purely because I already have the first four chapters in my head. I hope your novel goes to plan!

    Steven Chapman - I want to watch but I can't! I haven't got the National Geographic channel because I'm not on Sky. Going to sulk in the corner now. . .

    MorningAJ - OMG. . .you are way more organised than me! After reading yours and Dan's comments I'm thinking I should do the science fiction novel I started 13 years ago - at least I know the first four chapters. I'd be writing them from memory but that's okay. NaNo Land. LOL. I like that name!

    Old Kitty - I think you can find anything on the internet if you look. LOL. Thank you for your words of encouragement for the meeting!

  6. Imagine the people one would meet on a zombie dating site! Sorry, I've not attended our regional meetings. Come Monday, just start writing whichever story strikes your fancy. You can always change to another one later - it still counts in the word total!

  7. Alex J. Cavanaugh - are you saying some of the people may be a little unsavoury? Sorry, I couldn't help the pun. I guess you are right about changing novel during NaNo, but I'd like to stick with one if possible. Thank you for the advice!

  8. Oh what fun a nano tea party I didn't realise there were such things. It is good you have a choice of things to write. Good luck and enjoy your meet. :O)

  9. zombies need love too. not always looking for brains, but someone to share brains with....

    so if you are lonely contact: Chet Flippo over at the zombie who lives in the lab. i will post his stats soon. lol

    great job to all!

  10. I have done no prep for NaNO. I meant to. really...but time has gotten away from me. I'll sit at my computer Nov.1st and type whatever is there to type. Hopefully it's a Good luck!

  11. God, Zombie Dating or whatever it's called is just begging to be made into a novel!

    Good luck with the NaNo meeting. Have fun!

  12. Last year I went to some regional events/write-ins. It was fun! I didn't get much work done because I just chatted the whole time, though. ;)

    I've plotted a bit of my novel to get some things straight. But really, I'm just jumping in and seeing what happens.

  13. I agree with Talli, Zombie dating... that would be a hilarious novel!

    I've never been to regional events or write-ins. This is my first year and to be honest, I didn't even really know about it!

    I'm cheating because I'm FINISHING my novel during NaNo.... I say the hat idea is a good one.

  14. Madeleine - thanks. The meeting went really well, though I still don't know which novel I'm writing. LOL. An added bonus was they were mostly speculative fiction writers. We may even be forming a writers group!

    iZombie - you are too funny! Can't wait to read your stats!

    Summer Ross - I bet it will be brilliant!

    Talli - thanks. The meeting went really well, though I still haven't decided which novel I'm writing. LOL. We might even be forming a writers group after November! Yes. Zombie dating could be the start of a novel!

    Chantal - we sound like we're in the same position, only at least you know what you're writing! Yes. I can imagine you'd need to be very strict when meeting up during NaNo, or nothing would get done.

    Melissa - I need to write a speculative western story for next year and I'm now thinking a bordello with Zombie whores! Emm. . .maybe not. Got a month to think about that one. LOL.

    I only read about the regional meeting a few days ago and was lucky to get the time off work. I had to agree to work an extra day Christmas week! Good luck with your NaNo - a great way to finish your novel.

  15. Good luck with your decision. A game of darts might help. :)

  16. Hubby and I had a Costa coffee in Waterstones and brainstormed an idea for a story, maybe you need to go somewhere else to make your decision. I saw a Zombie book and thought of you :O)

  17. Janel - LOL. What a great idea! I just hope I score a bullseye with the one I've chosen.

    Madeleine - Costa coffee. My favourite! I've finally made my decision, which I'll be revealing tomorrow.


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