Tuesday, 16 November 2010

1078 NaNoWriMo Serial Killers

Did that title get you wondering? Don't worry; I haven't killed the muse. I am celebrating tonight because I'm 1078 words over my nanowrimo target, and I've found a home for a short story I wrote and then tucked in the 'what was I thinking?' folder.

Since nanowrimo began I've been trying to pass that magical barrier known as 'where I should be by today' and today I finally did it - I'm 1078 words over my target. Now I just need to remain there and I won't have to write an obscene amount of words on the 30th November.

Now on to serial killers. I wrote a short story around a year ago about a serial killer hitching a ride with a nice middle-aged woman called Fran. I was shocked by the fact I could write something of that nature, so I filed it away and forget about it. Why I was shocked, I don't know - I'm a huge fan of CSI: Las Vegas.

A couple of days ago I saw a call for a Serial Killer anthology and thought, what the heck? A quick re-draft, change of location, and a new title - The Vegas Screamer - and I submitted it. I received an email this evening to say it's been accepted. If nothing else, it will look interesting on my bookshelf. Perhaps if I hide it between Stephen King and Dean Koontz no one will notice?

How's your nanowrimo word count going? Are you killing the word target?


  1. Ah be proud of it- its getting published, a super fairy congrats to you!

  2. I'm not doing NaNo but congrats on your word count and super on the story.

  3. Congrats on getting into another antho Ellie, but damn you for pulling ahead of me in the word count race again! It's going to be a photo finish me thinks...

  4. Congrats!!

    I'm only 200 words over my target... I wish I was further, but I'm struggling this year compared to last year!

  5. Oh Ellie!! You really are amazing!! What great news!!! Congratulations with your story being accepted and your nano over the word count limit! That's just terrrific!!! Oh well done you!!!! Yay!!!!!

    Ooooh but did you have fun writing a serial killer story!?!? That's the best!! And of course it's all in the mind, right???!! :-)

    Take care

  6. Congratulations on the count! I've gone over twice, but mostly I'm just maintaining. And you have an award today, Ellie.

  7. Summer Ross - thank you.

    Susan Gourley/Kelly - thank you.

    Steven Chapman - which one of us will get there first?

    Chantal - thank you! Keep plugging away on your word count - you can do it!

    Old Kitty - bless you. I did have fun writing the serial killer story! What does that say about me? LOL.

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - thank you for my award! I love it.

  8. LOL! That's excellent Ellie. :O)

  9. Hi,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, and congrats on publishing deal with a Fran character! ;)

    Have snatched your blogfest banner: shall post it up right away.


  10. Madeleine - thank you.

    Francine - LOL. I just realised the coincidence with the character name! Thank you for promoting my blogfest. I'll be posting more details on Friday.

  11. Double congratulations on story acceptance and NaNo word count. Not doing NaNo but I'm cheering lustily from the sidelines.

  12. You're really doing well - on the published front and with NaNo.

  13. Hi Ellie ... I found my way here after hearing good things about you over at Alex's place!

    Well done on getting that short accepted!

    The South west is one of favourite parts of the country - I am particularly fond of the Dartmoor area. Now, that beach wouldn't be Budleigh Salterton would it? I stayed there for a summer holiday when my parents in law owned a flat there. I have vivid memories of being awoken in the morning by seagulls running on the roof!

  14. Christine - thank you!

    MorningAJ - thank you; that means a lot. Don't forget I need your email address to send you your £10 Amazon voucher.

    Dominic de Mattos - I'm glad you stopped by my blog; it's always nice to make new blogging friends. Yes. I was on Budleigh beach when that photograph was taken. It's a stunning beach, though not the kind you'd want to sunbathe on. Too many pebbles! I love Dartmoor too, espcially a place called Wistman's Wood. It's full of dwarf trees and looks stunning this time of year.

  15. That's awesome, Ellie!

    And well done on getting ahead of the NaNo game! Fantastic stuff.

  16. Talli - thank you. I keep plugging away!

  17. Yeah on your NaNo numbers! We will not discuss mine until I catch back up.

    And big congratulations on your short story acceptance.

  18. Nessa - thank you. Keep going; you can do it!

  19. Keep NaNoing!

    I'm not participating, but it's been nice hearing how my blogging friends are doing.

  20. Theresa - thank you! I'm having to take a forced break this weekend after the migraine from hell Friday :( Hopefully, I'll be back at it Monday.


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