Monday, 15 November 2010

Blog Network Saves The Day

Panic over, my friends. Thanks to her blogging buddies, the person formerly known as 'The Author' has been found alive and well in . . .the little Welsh village of Pen Yn Inke. It's close, but not quite close enough, to the rea(l)m of Paiepyr.

I can tell you Ellie had quite a day before she found safety within its walls. After beautifying herself with one of Madeleine's gorgeous facemasks, she had intended to meet up with Maria Zannini for a few shots of Tequila. Unfortunately, whilst beaming to America, William Shatner took control of the transporter and she ended up at Gretna Green with a marriage proposal. She thanked The Shatman for his offer of wedded bliss and told him she needed to go the mall to buy a wedding dress (which would be paid for by her nanowrimo book advance).

As often happens when you go to the mall, she decided to meet up with old friend, Elvis, and see the new Harry Potter film. During the film, she and Elvis were replicated and seen in multiple locations across the globe. The original Ellie materialised in Rachel's airing cupboard before finally turning up under Stephen Chapman's desk. I can tell you that was a frightening experience - flangorples and cheesewelders were attacking her from all directions and Stephen's suggested solution was to beat her! Next time you see him, shout "Liz is behind you!" and then throw a few flangorples at him.

After a quick sleep, and spending some time in the special place, she made it to Maria Zannini's favourite bar. Yes. She did drink far too much, shook her bits at all the men, and passed out on Maria's sofa. Not a thumb? What will that woman think of next?

Finally, Maria packed her into a cab. After a $10,000 taxi charge, she made it to Pen Yn Inke and MorningAJ located her. Thank you, MorningAJ. A £10 Amazon voucher is heading your way.

Little Wanda.

A note from the author: thank you to everyone for your hilarious ideas. I cried with laughter at each one. It was difficult choosing a winner but in the end MorningAJ’s Pen Yn Inke won the day. Also, this blog post will make a lot more sense if you read the one immediately before it.


  1. And all it took was a map, a pin, a quartz pendulum on a silver chain and a forked hazel twig. :)

    Glad I found you!

  2. I think I must read the one before this one! I'm a wee bit confused... :)

    Happy Monday, Ellie!

  3. LOL!! Little Wanda!! You are one brilliant Muse!! Yay that you've located Ellie last spotted in Pen Yn Inke!! LOL!! Yay!!!

    Congratulations to Morning AJ!!! Take care

  4. Oh that Little Wanda! I'm glad said author has been found. Hoping little author is back tapping out her NaNo novel. Congrats to Morning AJ too!

    My nano? Over 24,000 which is under the radar but I hope to settle a bit more once I get over the middle of the novel hump where I'm drinking a whole bowl of suck..:)

  5. Oh and Ellie, if you accept awards, please come back to my post and take at least the Versatile Blogger award!! Please!!

  6. Haha, this is excellent! :)

  7. Congrats, MorningAJ.

    Ellie, you need to get out more. :-)

  8. She had a great adventure to recharge her batteries.

  9. MorningAJ - I always knew you had special powers!

    Talli - I should have put a message at the beginning telling people to read the other post first. LOL.

    Old Kitty - from one one muse to another, thank you!

    L'Aussie - I'm back working on my nano, but I'm flying under the radar like you. I'm hoping to be ahead of schedule at least once this month! Hope your writing is going well. Ellie x

    Liz - thank you!

    Maria Zannini - after what happened last time?! Seriously, I'm going Christmas shopping tomorrow. Need to do double my nano today, though. LOL.

    Melissa - thank you!

    Nessa - it was fun.

  10. Brilliant. I love this and the previous one with comments. It's like an impromptu blogfest. Hilarious! Glad you've been found. :O)

  11. Madeleine - glad you enjoyed it!


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