Monday, 29 November 2010

Confessions of a NaNoWriMo Muse - Part Four

I'm back and kicking some Nanowrimo backside, because 'The Author' has to write 9571 words by midnight tomorrow to be a winner. I've told Ellie that as long as she paces herself and takes plenty of breaks, she can do it.

For those of you working to deadlines here are a couple of quotes to think about:

'If things go wrong, don't go with them.' Roger Babson

'Real difficulties can be overcome, it is the imaginary ones that are unconquerable.' Theodore N. Vail

Don't forget to enter Ellie's Caption Competition. Bye for now, Little Wanda.


  1. I guess I'm lucky because, after 13 years as a journalist, deadlines just happen for me. I pace myself to finish ahead of time. It's just a habit these days. You can do it you know! Because you want to.

  2. Looooads of time left, as long as you don't sleep, eat, poop, skive, blink or breathe! No problem! Get on with it and stop making excuses...pffft women!

  3. Go Ellie! You will do it! ;)

  4. Go for it girl! Those pics on your caption competition look so sweet. Will catch up with it again later. :O)

  5. Well done - you're so close to the finishing line now. I'm sure that last sprint will be worth it. x

  6. Go Ellie Go!!!!!! I have my special Nano cheerleader outfit on IN THIS COLD! with my big pompoms doing my bestest cheerleader splits and star jumps!!!!! I hope that helps!! LOL!

    :-) Take care

  7. Neary there, can do it! x

  8. MorningAJ - 2899 words to go at 1.36pm!

    Steve Chapman - LOL. She did at least have a bath this morning.

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - it's 1.36pm and she's got 2899 words to go!

    Akelamalu - thank you!

    Talei - thank you!

    Madeleine - she's nearly there - 2899 words to go.

    Joanne - thank you!

    Old Kitty - Hehe...Ellie is just picturing you now and it definitely helps! Though I think she might have a stitch from laughing too much.

    Margo Benson - 2899 words to go at 1.36pm!


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