Monday, 15 November 2010

Confessions of a NaNoWriMo Muse - Part Two

It seems I’ve lost the person formerly known as The Author. She decided to have Sunday off from nanowrimo and she’s gone AWOL. Anyone aware of her current whereabouts please contact me at the earliest opportunity. I can be reached by the following methods:



The comments section below.

A reward will be offered for the most original and amusing location.

Thank you,
Little Wanda


  1. My lips are sealed, though I did hear she'd disguised herself with a chocolate face mask or was it fudge? LOL!
    I hope your muse returns soon. I can empathise, my muse hasn't really been with me for some time for my WIP, though blogland keeps it occupied.

  2. She's under my bloody desk mumbling about synonyms attacking her. I think she's gone a bit la-la to be honest, she keeps batting away imaginary words that she says are floating round her head.

    I keep trying to tell her ‘flangorple’ and ‘cheesewelder’ are not real words but she’s in a world of her own.

    Could you please come and collect her miss muse, and bring some form or restraint with you – maybe a dictionary or a thesaurus to calm her nerves. Either that or you can beat her into unconsciousness with the heavy volume.

  3. She's at the mall spending the prize in advance!

  4. OMG - She's right behind you! ::queue dramatic music::

    BTW I love stalker cat...

  5. She is within you, in that special place where time does not matter.

  6. I think she's in that little Welsh village Pen Yn Inke. It's close, but not quite close enough, to the rea(l)m of Paiepyr.

    Or perhaps she's lost in a good book.

  7. i saw her standing next to elvis in a line for the newest harry potter movie... she claims that she wanted good seats and elvis was to get the attention off of her... but the strange thing was i saw her and elvis in at least 20 different sightings in the world... i guess next i will find her next to waldo... wait it might not of actually her... but it was elvis...

  8. Ellie called me and she was hysterical. You pushed her too hard!

    So we went Christmas shopping. Then we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant and drank margaritas all night long.

    I think Ellie had a little too much tequila. She was dancing with every guy in the restaurant and even jumped up on the table and started shaking her money makers. I got her down in time. (We collected $103)

    Now she's passed out on my sofa. But don't wake her. She looks so cute with that thumb in her mouth.

    Too bad it's not her thumb.

  9. Oh my gosh Ellie this is the cutest thing!!! I loved it and I loved all the comments, I shouldn't have read them until I posted my comment, now I'm at a loss of words!

  10. She's in my airing cupboard!

  11. She's eloped with Mr Shatner. Last. seen. going. to. Gretna. Green.
    take care

  12. That's funny. Maybe she's still in bed that's where I'd be.

  13. Write? Right!
    Heck, I'm still like the hippies back in the 60's and trying to find myself.

    Keep at it.

    Tossing It Out

  14. Thank you to everyone for your hilarious suggestions!

  15. Well, the last time I saw her, she was cruising Mulholland Drive with Andy Anderson in his old green pickup truck and they were both smoking cigars and loaded from drinking way too much beer.

    I wish she would stay away from Andy - I think she's a bad influence on him!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  16. LOL. I can't stop laughing. Poor Andy; he's never been the same since he met me.

  17. I know! You took a perfectly nice guy and corrupted him completely. Now he smokes cigars and drinks beer. You're TERRIBLE!

    Hey, I just noticed you live in Exmouth, Devon. I don't know how populated that is, so this might not be all that odd, but I actually have a friend who lives there as well. Haven't seen him for decades but we still do the "Christmas card thang" every year.

    Have you corrupted him, too?

    Just stay away from my friends, will ya?!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  18. I went to the obvious source: Looney Toons! Elmer Fudd said, " vewy, vewy quiet...she's out hunting wabbit!" :D

  19. She must be off with my Author. You give them peoples an inch, they take a mile.

  20. Stephen T. McCarthy - if he lives in Exmouth then it's already too late for him - my powers of corruption are spread wide. Muhahaha! (Exmouth's population is probably about 40,000).

    Lisa Ricard Claro - LOL. Thank you for making me laugh!

    Nessa - It was nice spending time with you, Nessa!


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