Monday, 22 November 2010

Confessions of a NaNoWriMo Muse - Part Three

The muse was supposed to be posting today but after my traumatic weekend, I've given her a few days off. It was a good job I was ahead of the Nanowrimo target word count by Friday, because I got to cross off an item on the 'things you don't want to happen' list - I had a ride in an ambulance Friday night.

Don't panic, I'm okay. I either had a severe migraine or an allergic reaction. Hopefully I'll find out more when I see my doctor this morning. I had all my usual migraine symptoms - numbness in face and leg - but my tongue also swelled up and I couldn't speak. Apparently, I'm a medical mystery. I always knew I was a bit odd but this just proves it (I recently had an MRI, so I know it's not anything more sinister).

I've been told to take it easy, which is a bit difficult when you're in the middle of Nanowrimo. But Friday night did scare me, so I'm taking note of the advice. If I take longer than usual to reply to comments or emails, please bear with me.

I hope everyone's Nanowrimos or WIPs are going well. Keep writing!


  1. Hope everything is ok Ellie!
    Take it easy for a while, nano can wait.

  2. Hi Ellie - Goodness!Relieved that you're feeling better, but that kind of thing is scary. Please rest. I agree with Mr. Chapman...NaNo can wait. Get better!

  3. Oh dear! Hope everything is ok!

  4. Holy cow, Ellie. That's a heck of a bit of news to deliver.

    --just out weren't bitten by anything, were you?

    I remember a story about my grandmother. Her tongue swelled up. She was bitten by a spider. So the diagnosis of allergic reaction kind of strikes a chord.

    Please do take it easy.

  5. zombie spider! it's the beginning of the end!

  6. Oh my! Glad to see you are feeling better. That does sound like some kind of allergic reaction. Please take it easy and let us know how you are doing when you are up to it. Just chalk the NaNo writing up to an interesting experience and get better!!

  7. I'm sorry! Hope it was just an allergic reaction.

  8. Oh my goodness!! Ellie!!! Please please take care and take things easy and please please please rest!!!!!

    What a shock!!! Take care

  9. Oh dear. I've had a few of those (rides in ambulances) in my time and it's not really something to aspire to! Hope all's well and that it was a hiccup caused by over work.
    Take care!

  10. Oh do take care Ellie. Your health is more important than anything. It sounds a very disturbing experience. Hope your doctor is able to identify the cause of this.

  11. What a scare! Do take care of yourself.
    Best wishes.

  12. Bless you Ellie, take it easy and stay well :O)

  13. Woah! Don't let NaNo kill you! ;)

  14. Ellie! Take care of yourself! That sounds very scary. I'm glad you're okay, but still...

  15. That sounds scary! Do take care, and keep yourself well.

  16. Steven Chapman - thank you. I'm feeling better today, so I'm going to try some more of my nano.

    Lisa Ricard Claro - thank you. It was scary! I'm feeling better today, so going to get on with my nano.

    Liz - I'm feeling better today, thankfully.

    Maria Zannini - I couldn't find any evidence of being bitten and when I saw the doctor Monday, he didn't believe it was an allergic reaction. So, I'm a bit baffled. Feeling a lot better today, though.

    Steven Chapman - Hey, that would make a good story! LOL.

    Janel - I'm feeling a lot better today, so I'm going to do some nano. I saw the doctor yesterday and he doesn't think it was an allergy. Very confusing! Thanks for thinking of me.

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - thank you. My doctor doesn't think it was an allergy, so I'm a bit baffled. Will wait to see what my neurologist says about it.

  17. Old Kitty - I didn't do anything over the weekend and I'm feeling a lot better. Going to do a small amount of nano today. Thanks for thinking of me. Ellie x

    MorningAJ - poor you. The ambulance staff were lovely, but it was a scary experience I'd rather not repeat!

    Joanne - thank you. My doctor doesn't think it was an allergic reaction, so it's back to the migraines again. It's very frustrating!

    Christine - thank you. I'm taking it as easy as possible.

    Madeleine - will do. Thank you.

    stickynotestories - LOL. I love your sense of humour!

    Talli Roland - thank you. I'm feeling a lot better today, but still going to take it easy.

    Tony Benson - thank you. I'm doing a minimal amount of nano today . . .hopefully!

  18. Scary indeed. Do take it easy! That rather puts my current slightly throbbing headache into perspective.

  19. Get well soon! Sorry to hear of your experience. Maybe you could use the experience in your writings.

  20. Too bad about your health scare, Ellie. It sounds like am allergic reaction. Take care and take it easy. Will be sending you lots of healing energy. Hugs.

  21. Wow, you have your own neurologist. Where do you keep him? Does he need much feeding? Does he leave little surprises around your house? We have a dog as my wife wouldn't let me keep a neurologist as she says they smell.

    Don't overdo the Nano!

  22. Ellie, glad to hear you are better. I also wanted to congratulate you on your acceptance into Dark Things V. Looking forward to reading your story when I get my copy!!

  23. Simon Kewin - I'm back to work today, but I'll try not to overdo it.

    Stephen Tremp - thank you for your kind comments. Funnily enough, the main character in my Nanowrimo book suffers from migraines!

    Rachna - thank you for thinking of me.

    DanPloy - LOL. He has own kennel at the local hospital!

    Charlie - thank you. I can't wait to read yours!


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