Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Nanofantastic and Unusual Writing Opportunity

I've done it! I'm officially a NaNoWriMo Winner. At 18.35 I finished my last Dreaming of Sleep sentence, with a final count of 50,431 words. After a few nervous seconds waiting for the Nanowrimo bots to check my word document, I received confirmation I was a winner.

It's been a long month, which started off well enough and then became trickier with health worries. But I've done it. I now have 50,000 words of my Science Fiction novel. Will I do it next year? Off course I will.

Changing the subject, I have an unusual writing opportunity for those of you looking for a challenge. Pill Hill Press have announced a submission call for an anthology called The ePocalypse: e-mails at the end. The stories will be told through emails, with each story being written by teams of two or more writers. As some of you may know, I love anything different or unique. So, I'm eager to be part of this one.

Would you like to be part of this anthology? Apart from flexing those writing muscles, there are financial incentives too - one team will win the Editor's Choice Award ($150) and another will win the Contributor's Choice Award ($100). Please note: they are not looking for zombie stories, unless it is something unique to the apocalyptic genre.

If you are interested in this anthology, please read the guidelines and also check out the forum. My email address is available on my Contact page if you’d like to message me about forming a team.


  1. Congrats on completing NaNo! :o)

  2. Woo hoo! Well done on finishing nano!! :D

  3. Hi Ellie! Congratulations on achieving the Nano goal! :D

    I seem to be doing a lot of that today, I wonder why?!

    I'm shooting off to Pill Hill Press now to check out the ePocalype anthology. Back soon

  4. Congratulations on winning NaNo!

    The ePocalypse thing sounds interesting. I like the concept, but I'm not sure the subject is my forte. :)

  5. WELL DONE! It's good practice to work to deadlines and you had six hours spare. LOADS of time!

    ePocalypse sounds fun. If you'd trust me with the other 'half' of your story.

    Not got any emails from you btw. Not sure which email you're using.

  6. I e-mailed you Ellie ... were you thinking of a pair of writers, or a team?

  7. Fantastic, Ellie! Congrats on completing NaNo!

  8. Congratulations, Ellie. A wonderful achievement, particularly since you had a health setback!

  9. How wonderful, Ellie. Congratulations on reaching your goal. Now you can relax.
    Donna V.

  10. Fantastic, Ellie....congratulations on NaNo! Hope you're feeling fighting fit once more.

  11. WELL DONE ELLIE!! You are a winner!! Yay!!! Well done you - break open the champers and raise your glasses to the lovely Ellie!! CHEERS!!!!! Hip hip hoooray!!!!! Woo-hoo!!
    :-) Take care

  12. Yeah, you did it!!
    Interesting idea for the contest - I might have to check it out.

  13. Well done Ellie! I hope you are going to finish it off now and not just leave it lost and lonesome somewhere on your hard drive.

    The best advice I have had is to leave it a couple of months and then spend the next 9 editing and re-writing.

    And then what do you know. It's Nano time again.

  14. Jessica - thank you!

    Steve Chapman - I did it! Thank you.

    Dominic de Mattos - LOL. Thank you. I'll be congratulating a lot of people too.

    Janel - thank you. I'm really pleased I took part and managed to finish.

    MorningAJ - thank you. I've cetainly learnt how much harder writing a novel is than a short story. But, as you say, it's been good practice. Unfortunately, I've already found a partner for the anthology, but I know there are plenty of people who want to take part. Maybe we can write together in the future?

    Talli Roland - thank you. Enjoy your web splash. Fingers-crossed you get into the Kindle Bestsellers list!

    Christine - thank you. I was determined to finish no matter what!

    irishoma - I should be relaxing but I'm always looking for the next challenge!

    Margo Benson - thank you! I started taking new medication yesterday, so I'm hoping that helps.

    Chantal - thank you!

    Old Kitty - Bless you. Thank you! I'm going to print my winners certificate and frame it. LOL.

    Maria Zannini - thank you!

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - thank you! Definitely have a look at the anthology - it's unusual enough to be appealing.

    Liz - thank you!

    DanPloy - thank you for the advice. I'm going to put it aside until early next year and then re-write and extend. Hopefully, I'll have invested enough time in it to make it worth the effort!

  15. Interesting! I like anything new and different too, I must admit. I shall give the guidelines a read ...

  16. Wow congratulations Ellie. How did I miss this post? That's brilliant and despite being ill for part of it. Good for you. :O)

  17. Oh well done to you m'dear. Relax a little now. x

  18. Congratulations and celebrations! You must have really have 'wellied it' that last day - 9000 words OMG! Hope you're fully recovered now. x

  19. Congratulations on winning NaNo. I really like your book title. Hope you get it polished off, get a deal, and sell a billion.

    Tossing It Out

  20. Simon Kewin - did you have a look? I'm currently thrashing out a story with my writing partner.

    Rachel - thank you!

    Madeleine - thank you. It means a lot!

    Akelamalu - thank you!

    brokenbiro - my migraines are still troubling me but hopefully the new medication will help. I wrote the last 9000 in two days and I think it is the part that will need the most revision. LOL.

    Arlee Bird - thank you. I hope so too!

  21. Ellie,

    Yes, I'd definitely love to have a go. I see you've already got a team sorted out. I might post on my blog to see if anyone's interested in collaborating. Thanks again for the heads-up!



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