Friday, 3 December 2010

Friday Five

Some random writing bits that caught my attention in the last week:

1. Over at Write-Brained, Christine was inspired to use the titles of books to create a story. It looked fun, so I had a go with the short story anthologies I've been published in:

(I was) HAUNTED (by) 100 STORIES FOR HAITI (but) THE MYSTERIOUS DR. RAMSEY (had) PATENTED (my) DNA (and created some) CREEPY THINGS. (His) DAILY FLASH (and) FLASH! (news brought out the) FEM-FANGS (in me and my only escape was to hide with the other) TRUNK STORIES.

Check out Christine's post and you might also be inspired to create your own Titles Tell A Story.

2. Over at You're Write. Except When You're Rong, Elena Solodow is offering to read an excerpt from your current WIP. She's looking for submissions for her weekly slot. Here is what she says, "Join my weekly vlog posts, in which I'll read YOUR 250-500 word excerpt out loud! Send submissions to esolodow at gmail dot com."

3. Jane Wenham Jones's follow up to her warm and funny Wannable A Writer? is now out. I haven't bought Wannabe A Writer We've Heard Of? yet but I'm sure it will be full of the same wit and practical advice as her first book, and I've placed it on my Christmas wishlist.

4. C. Hope Clark posted about the 5th Annual International Short Story Challenge. I'm not going to say too much about this one, as Hope has done it already. If you want to enter a writing competition with a difference, pop over to Hope's blog.

5. Finally, a quiz for writers of science fiction. Find out which science fiction writer you are most like by taking Paul Kienitz's quiz. According to him I'm Arthur C. Clarke.

I am:
Arthur C. Clarke
Well known for nonfiction science writing and for early promotion of the effort toward space travel, his fiction was often grand and visionary.

Which science fiction writer are you?


  1. Fun questionaire! I was:
    E.E. "Doc" Smith
    The inventor of space opera. His purple space war tales remain well-read generations later.
    Which doesn't suprise me!

  2. You won the November contest...
    There is a prize!

  3. I am Gregory Benford, writer and scientist, for what its worth. Fun quiz. Thanks!

  4. Philip K Dick!

    :-) Take care and thanks for these fab links!!! I love your film title flash! x

  5. Fun quiz I was Ursala something...I'm not a sci fi person. (But it was still fun.)

    Have a good weekend!

  6. Hope you have recovered completely, Ellie! Thanks for the links. Have a great weekend!

  7. Loved your title story. Watch out for those fem fangs! You know, I just wrote about some of those a few hours ago. :)

  8. OOOh - so many goodies and it's not even Christmas yet!!

    I'm Arthur C. Clarke too. He seems a bit dour to me. Sharon - you're Ursula le Guin!! I'm jealous. Read her 'Changing Planes'

  9. Am I the only Robert Heinlein here? I'm afraid my students would agree.

  10. Alex J. Cavanaugh - LOL. Did the result surprise you? I was shocked when it pegged me as like Arthur C. Clarke!

    iZombie - a prize? Moi? Thank you! Hope you are having a great weekend.

    Stephen Tremp - glad you enjoyed the quiz!

    Old Kitty - I wanted to be Philip K. Dick! LOL. Glad you enjoyed the quiz and links.

    Sharon K. Mayhew - Ursula K. Le Guin; one of the greatest female sci-fi writers of all time! Glad you enjoyed the quiz.

    Rachna Chhabria - your welcome. I seem to be switching between good and bad days with my head. Thankfully, work are being really understanding.

    Janel - thank you. I'll be checking in with Fit Friends from Monday. No excuses!

    brokenbiro - I felt the same way when Arthur C. Clarke came up for me!

    Chris Phillips - I keep meaning to submit something.

    Susan Gourley/Kelly - it seems you are the only Heinlein, so far. Have a great weekend.

  11. Kind of you to mention my book,Ellie
    thanks very much

  12. janewj - your welcome. I loved your first book and I'm sure the second is just as good!

  13. Heheheh!! I did the quiz now! Sorry!! I'm Isaac Asimov! LOL!!!

    Take care

  14. Old Kitty - Yay! A great writer!

  15. Thanks for the shout-out, Ellie!

  16. Elena Solodow - your welcome.


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