Friday, 10 December 2010

Friday Five: Secret Christmas Wish Lists

Do you secretly wish for something every Christmas but you’ve always been to embarrassed to ask anyone? Well now is your chance; if you feel brave enough. Share those gifts you’d like to receive but probably never will, because friends and family would never let you forget them.

Here are five of mine:

The entire Barry Manilow back catalogue and membership to his fan club. I want to be a Fanilow!

A teasmaid. You remember, the clock that also made you a fresh cup of brew in the mornings. I think they were last seen in the 1970s, along with our metallic green Ford Cortina.

A shopper trolley. I would look like an old lady but it would make carrying the shopping home a lot easier.

Technically this is not a gift, but I’ve always wondered what happened to the boy I sat next to in Primary School. His name was Rory and he would suck the ink out of his fountain pen every day during class; there was always an ink stain around his mouth by the time he went home. He lived at the bottom of my road and was the first boy who tried to kiss me. I was mortified and ran home. I’ve often wondered what happened to him.

A Space Camp uniform and patch. As a child I wanted to go to Space Camp, and if I owned a uniform I could pretend I did.

What are your secret wishes and will this be the year you finally pluck up the courage to ask for them? (Please feel free to use the image above on your blog)


  1. Oh Ellie that is so sweet.
    When I was a little girl I always wanted a rag doll but I wanted my mum to know without me telling her. She never knew, I never told her and now I make cloth dolls and figures ( And last year my friend bought me the Holly Hobby rag doll off Ebay I'd always hankered after in the 1970's LOL! maybe one day you'll get your wished for gifts :O)

  2. This morning, I would wish for more time to call my own, more funding to enable that to happen, and for the understanding for the need of both.

    I know that won't be in my stocking this year!

  3. I still want more guitars - but where on earth would I put them? And I don't want to be the crazy guitar guy who has dozens but doesn't play in a band.

  4. Hope you get your gifts, Ellie. I have too many things on my list: starting with a 30 hour day to do justice to all the work I undertake, and ending with a publishing contract for my completed books.

  5. I love my granny trolley!! I never ever ever go shopping without it - it's the bestest thing I have ever!!! And I so too have a teasmaid!! Oh yes!!! Ahem. And I'm a Fanilow at heart!!! Swoon!!! Gosh!!!! I love your post!!!

    I hope you do find out what happened to Rory - wonder if he's got a blog too?!?!?!?!

    My secret santa wish??? A kitten please!!!! LOL! Take care

  6. Great topic, Ellie, I hope you get your gifts :)

    I'd love some thermal underwear (we're just recovering from a major cold snap here in Ireland, temperatures down to -10 most nights - we're not used to that, we get lukewarm rain!). But no one I know would be willing to be seen buying it for me.

  7. would really would like to feel the spirit of christmas, it has been a long time... not that i am evil or something... just have been sort of anti-holiday since 2001... it has just been a bad ten years... ahhh maybe next year?

    ps. a hugo doll from the 70's

  8. Poor Rory - you should totally write him into one of your stories.

    Hmmm...I don't know if I've ever wanted anything too crazy for Christmas. Can I ask for a book deal?

  9. This is the best I can find for the space camp badge:

    I always wanted to go as well :)

    Oh and sod the teasmaid, this one makes bacon!!


    Well... I always wanted some of those slippers with the animals on the feet. THat and fuzzy flannel PJ that are all one piece with feet. Can you tell I'm sleepy and cold?

  11. I've never been reserved about asking for what I want unless it's something that is really, really expensive, then I don't.

    Hope you get what you want. :)

  12. Lego. I have a few bricks but everyone thinks they can buy me one small figure and the joke is satisfied. But I want HUGE tubs of bricks that I can build stuff with!

  13. Rory had to have died young from ink poisoning. Adults used to always tell me that I'd get ink poisoning if I wrote on my skin.

    My gift? I wish someone would pay off my student loan for me.

    Tossing It Out

  14. I suspect an early demise for Rory as well, but we'll keep a positive outlook for a reunion.

    I would like a new tattoo, pretty please.

  15. I hope you get what you'd like! I would love an iPad but I doubt I will get it, sniff.

  16. I would really love to get the entire TV series, Magnum, on DVD.
    If I'm going to dream big I would ask for maid service for a year.

  17. Madeleine - I love your site; you are so talented. I've tried making softies before but they always end up a bit malformed! How wonderful of your friend to know you always wanted a rag doll and buying one for you. Very kind.

    Gail - wouldn't it be great if we could bottle it up and give more time, money, and understanding?

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - LOL. You sound like my biological father (long story). He had quite a few and he lived in a bedsit! How many do you own? You don't need to be in a band to want more guitars. Perhaps you could keep them in the garage? Or display them on the walls, which some people do.

    Rachna Chhabria - more hours in the day; how wonderful would that be?

    Old Kitty - you've got some of my wishlist items!!! I'll be around later to check them out. LOL. A kitten? Bless. Charlie might be a bit jealous, though.

    Ellen Brickley - -10? I thought -3 was bad enough. Ouch. I don't think you should wait for someone to buy you thermals. Put on a suitable disguise and buy them yourself. LOL.

    iZombie - you need to get the festive spirit back! Throw a huge Christmas party and drink way too much punch! I just had to google the Hugo doll. He's a little scary looking. LOL.

    Elena Solodow - I think I should write him in to a story; it might be quite funny. Of course you can ask for a book deal!

  18. Steve Chapman - you are a star! I wouldn't normally wear pink, but the T-shirt is awesome and the right year (I was 14 in 1986). I'm going to show my other half tonight. LOL.

    A bacon alarm clock?! You are right - forget the teasmaid.

    Talli - LOL. You would never be cold again! I think you definitely drop hints about the slippers and PJs.

    Akelamalu - you have the right attitude! Who cares what other people think.

    MorningAJ - LOL. I love it. We have some huge tubs at work! Buy yourself one and say it's from the Christmas tree.

    Arlee Bird - oh, no. Poor Rory. I had a student loan for a few years, so I can sympthise.

    Lovy Boheme - I hope Rory is okay, even though he was a nightmare to sit next to in class. You should definitely get another tattoo!

    Lydia Kang - I think there must be hundreds of thousands of us wanting an iPad. We can dream...

    Susan Gourley/Kelley - Tom Selleck. Sigh. Leave a post-it note with your request next to the computer! Maid service would be amazing. No cleaning. No cooking. Think of all the time you would save! We can dream. LOL.

  19. As a kid I always wanted the mop tops hair shop - to try and explain its plastercine and plastic figures that you make silly haircuts on. I came close as my sister wanted to get it for me on my 21st birthday (now 37!!LOL) but my mum told her no as I would get it on the carpet! If you dont know plastercine and carpets dont mix!- Mum clearly forgot that I was now 21 and could be trusted LOL

    The other thing I always wanted as a child was a Mr Frosty - the crushed ice drink machine - think slurpies/ slush puppies before they got big. I wasn't allowed as it was full of E Numbers! I lived in a house that was strictly vegetarian and no E Numbers!

    Although I would still quite like those two as gifts my secret desire would be horse riding lessons, Ive dropped the hint numerous times to hubby. One day it will happen. I will just ask for lottery tickets now so if I win the jack pot I can have the horse and b*gg*r the lessons!

  20. Rachel - I've never heard of mop tops hair shop, so I googled it to have a look. I can just see you with it! LOL. I can't believe your mum told your sister not to get it for your 21st! Parents, hey.

    Your mum was good with the E-numbers, though. Even though half the things my mum made brought me out in a rash (they were dad's rep products that fell out of a van) she still cooked it!

    You should know by now, men never listen!!! You could drop hints about horse riding lessons forever and he would still be known the wiser. Hang on a minute, what if I told him? Emm...I'm thinking a bit of bribery or blackmail. Muhahahahah.

  21. Cheers hun, it will take years. So far 14 LOL!

  22. Ellie -- your "I always wanted" list is lovely. What a wonderful post for Christmastime!

  23. Lisa Ricard Claro - thank you. I saw a lovely shopper trolley in town today, and I've asked my other half to buy it for me. I don't care if I look daft!


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