Sunday, 30 January 2011

Friday (a day of emotional extremes) & W1S1

Last Friday was a day of highs and lows. I reached 200 followers and received awesome news - I've won a full manuscript critique (up to 90,000 words) by Maria Zannini. If you haven't heard of Maria, or read any of her books, she writes spicy science fiction, which, as she puts it, titillates some and torment others. I recently read True Believers and would highly recommend it. As you can imagine, I'm still in shock about winning a full manuscript critique.

But I had another shock of a more unpleasant nature on Friday. In the early hours, my best friend's husband (and my work colleague) and their dogs were involved in a car accident. He and the dogs are okay - bruised and shaken, but alive.

It was the kind of accident you read about all the time. The car that caused the accident was stolen, had no insurance, and both the driver and passenger were drunk; s0 drunk the paramedics refused to treat them at the scene. It was only my friend's husband's split-second decision to drive his car into the side of the road that saved his life, as the other car was air-born and would have hit him head on. I think the words 'lucky' and 'alive' are what need to be said here.

My friend Rachel has just revamped her blog and I would love it if you could pop over and say something to cheer them both up.

Now to January Juggernauts and Write 1 Sub 1:

The first four weeks of the W1S1 challenge are already over and all those who completed the challenge, including myself, received the January Juggernaut Award. Congratulations to all those who succeeded and to those who just missed out, don't give yourself a hard time; there is always next month.

If you don't know anything about this challenge visit the official website here.

That is it for today, but don't forget to check tomorrow's post, where I'll be launching my 200 followers competition.


  1. Oh, Ellie, your poor friend! What a terrible shock for all of them. I hope he doesn't suffer awful 'what if' flashbacks, it sounded so traumatic but really happy to hear he and the dogs are ok.

    Congratulations on winning the critique - fantastic!

    I'll pop back tomorrow to look at your competition.

  2. Yes, it must have been an awful shock. hope all will be well.


  3. Wow that's really scary. Glad they are ok!

    Congrats on winning the critique!

  4. Hi Ellie - I have gone to your friend's site and left a message. How frightening an event for both she and her husband. It is certainly a reminder of how precious life is, and how tenuous our hold on it can be.

    Congratulations on winning the critique! That is wonderful! I hope many good things sprout from this. :)

  5. Oh my stars!!! What a week!! Good grief!! Your poor friend!! What a thing to happen to her hubby and doggies - good grief!!!! :-( I'm so glad your friend's hubby and dogs are ok - my goodness. I hope these drunken idiots feel the full force of the law though. Bad, bad, bad people!! :-(

    Ellie I am so so so so happy that you won a fabulous critique from Maria Zannini!! Yay!!!!!! And another yay for your write1sub1 completion for this month!! Woo-hoo!!!! Onwards and upwards!! Take care

  6. Glad your friend and his dogs are all right! Driving drunk - some people are idiots.

  7. I'm glad that apart from the shock, that everyone was okay! Phew!

    And uber-congrats on the critique. That can be worth its weight in gold!! :)

  8. Congrats on the Critique and being a Jan Juggernaught. Oh heavenes! I am glad your friend and dogs are OK after such a horrid accident, though I can imagine the Insurance nightmare. I was hit in the rear by an idiot with only third party cover that ran out the day after (thankfully) the accident and he'd already written off another car in an accident the month before. It took a good lawyer and lots of photos to get compensation. Hope this next month is much better for one and all :O)

  9. Congrats! on the writing milestone and on the upcoming 200th follower. Those large round numbers are fun to reach. And I think drunk drivers should be beat mercilessly.

  10. I am so glad everyone is alright. Wow.

    I don't know if I will be signing up for the blogfest. I've had strep and a sinus infection and I also have to make a lifestyle change. My blogging will be reduced greatly until I figure out what I'm going to do and how I'm going to do it. Sounds like fun though!

  11. Congrats on your manuscript critique win! That is a fantastic prize. Also congrats on 200 followers, wow, that is awesome.

    I'm really glad your friends are okay. That is very scary.

  12. Thank you for pointing us to Rachel's blog. What a nightmare!

    I've been through it myself and I can tell you, it shakes you to the bone. I'm so glad hubby and the dogs will be okay.

  13. I'm glad to hear your friend's hubby is ok, and the dogs too. What a horrible shock that must have been.

    Congratulations on winning a full critique, well done!

  14. Thank you everyone for your kind words xxx

  15. I'm so glad to hear they were all right! They were very lucky to get away with some bruises and cuts.

    Congrats on 200 followers and the manuscript critique. That's awesome!

  16. Margo Benson - he's badly bruised and shaken but okay. Thank you for your caring thoughts; they were much appreciated.

    welcome to my world of poetry - he's getting there. Some nasty bruises. Thank you for your caring thoughts; they were much appreciated.

    Liz Pezzuto - he's getting there. Thank you for your caring thoughts; they were much appreciated.

    Lisa Ricard Claro - thank you for your caring and heartfelt thoughts, Lisa. They were much appreciated.

    Old Kitty - thank you. I'm sure your kind comments were much appreciated by Rachel and her husband. I still can't believe I've won a full manuscript critique!

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - they certainly are. It makes me furious.

    DL Hammons - thank you for your kind comments. I'm just starting to realise the ennormity of what I've won and what my friend so nearly lost. It makes you think.

    Madeleine - oh, no. Poor you. Some people are so irresponsible!

    Stephen Tremp - I agree. The sentences they receive are a joke!

    The Words Crafter - don't fret about the blogfest. Sometimes we have concentrate on the big picture to get the little things right.

  17. Kimberbly - thank you for your kind thoughts; they were much appreciated.

    Maria Zannini - poor you. Thank you for your kind thoughts; they were much appreciated.

    penandpaints - thank you for your kind thoughts; they were much appreciated. I still can't believe I've won the critique!

    Cherie Reich - thank you for your kind thoughts; they were much appreciated. I still can't believe I've won the critique!

  18. Hi Ellie - gosh well done on your critique - that's brilliant news.

    Not so clever your friend and his accident - I'm just so glad he's ok .. I'll be over to say hi to Rachel .. these things come out of the blue all too often, thank good ness all is well.

    Look after them and you - all the best for the weekend .. hope you can get some celebrations in .. Hilary

  19. Hilary Melton-Butcher - thank you for your kind comments, they mean a lot.


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