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Meeting Luna Black - Melissa Shows No Fear

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Today is also my fourth blogfest in a row and the eighth this month! The No Fear Blogfest is hosted by the wonderful Dominic de Mattos at Writes of Passage and to take part you need to 'Post a passage in which your MC (or your favourite fictional character) shows their bravery. It might be in the face of physical danger, or peer pressure or personal sacrifice. It might be epic bravery or bravery that goes unnoticed by anyone but us, your devoted readers.' To read other entries, full details, and how to sign up, click here.

The extract Ive chosen is from my short story Luna Black, which appears in Pill Hill Press's Fem-Fangs anthology.

The MC Tessa Darksky (Melissa) has asked a close friend, Victory Dead, to arrange a meeting with a vampire. She's hoping to persuade the vampire to bite her boyfriend, so that she can claim an £1 million pound vampire insurance policy. They've met in the local museum and have gone to Luna Black's private office. Tessa must tell Luna what it is she wants but can she trust her?

“What are you scared of Melissa?” Luna asked, as if reading my thoughts. Her smile was unnerving.

“That you’ll drink my blood and leave me for dead.”

She laughed. Not the hard laugh of someone mocking another, but sweet and soft, like my mothers.

“And what is it you want from a vampire?”

So I told her my plan, and how I had asked for Victory Dead’s help, minus the details of the insurance policy payout. I doubted vampires had any real need for money, but the office did not look a cheap rental.

She stood a few feet away from me, watching. She listened to every word and didn’t deviate her stare for a second. When I finished she walked a little closer, and took one of my hands and placed it in hers. The coolness of her touch was soothing, and I could feel my heartbeat begin to relax. I was right - vampires were hypnotic.

“My sweet, Melissa. I cannot do it.”

“Oh . . .” was my pathetic reply.

“I cannot sire men. But I can help you.”


“Have you not thought yourself of crossing over?”

Her other hand reached up and skimmed my cheek again, before gliding down the side of my neck. I wanted to scream. And run. But I was mesmerized. Our eyes were locked together in an eternal stare.

“No . . .I mean I’ve heard it’s painful. And I don’t like blood. Faint and all that. God. I suppose its poor taste to talk about blood in front of a vampire?”

Taste? Could I have said anything worse?

“Look. I’m really sorry to have wasted your time, Luna. But . . .”

The fingers of her hand pushed against my lips to silence me and then ran back the collar of my jacket. As she reached forward and her teeth met the side of my neck, my senses heightened and terror was replaced with a feeling of pleasure so overwhelming I could barely stand. Just before she bit into my neck, she uttered these words . . . “I’ll take forty per cent of the insurance payout as my fee.”


So what did you think? Would you have met with a vampire this way? Was Tessa brave, naïve or just plain greedy?


  1. Ooh very delicious description. Loved it.

    I'd only have the nerve to meet with the Cullens at least they're vegetarian vampires! LOL! :O)

  2. Ooh I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS 200 followers YAY! Lucky Lisa M Potts :O)

  3. everyone is breaking milestones this week... congrats to 200 followers, lady! you have a great place and loved by millions...

  4. I loved this!!!! I'm going with the fact that Melissa was just plain greedy!!!

  5. Oh wow. Oh how sexy and sensual and lovely!! I love vampires!! they're so darned HOT!!!!!!!!! Love this snippet!!! Loved loved loved it!! I want to meet vampires this way too!!! :-)

    Take care

  6. Very cool.

    Ref: Was Tessa brave, naïve or just plain greedy?

    Probably a little of all three, and that make this very clever.

  7. Very interesting- I think she is a bit greedy and naive perhaps. Congrats on your followers.

  8. Big congrats on your followers! :) Have a great weekend.

  9. Oh, Ellie, this is fantastic! Wonderful writing. I think she's a little greedy and naive, although deep down she's really curious too. I love the sensual language and the voices.

    Congratulations on 200!

  10. Ellie, I was riveted! I love the passage and I love the way it ended. I hope you win the blogfest prize.

    Congratulations on reaching 200. I suppose 200 isn't that old for a vampire.

  11. First, CONGRATULATIONS ON THE 200! I'm inching my way there slowly.

    Second.... I really like this! Your description is right on, very believable. As for you mc. All of the above. lol


  12. Congrats on hitting 200. Woohoo! Go you.

  13. Love your character names. And a very juicy excerpt.

  14. $15 voucher? >_< Missed it by that much. *cries*

    Anyway, just dropped by from Lee's blog to say hi. Congrats on 201 followers.


  15. Hi,

    Great sense of place and Melissa's inner greed, but this line made me crack up “I cannot sire men. But I can help you.”

    Yee Gods, and it just got better as it went on! ;)


  16. Congrats on the followers!!

    And that scene is great, love the line Francine picked out, too! A little foolishness can be..ahem..useful in a MC, and I think Tessa miscalculated a bit, here... well, she didn'd do her research properly, did she?


  17. This was nicely done, made me want to know more about the story and the characters. Your MC clearly wasn't thinking straight, was she?

  18. Madeleine - thank you! Yes. I think I'd feel the same way, about the Cullens.

    welcome to my world of poetry - thank you!

    iZombie - Aah. Bless you. Thank you for all your wonderful comments and being such a great friend.

    Jen Daiker - LOL. She is quite devious!

    Old Kitty - LOL. I'll have to write you into a vampire story!

    Maria Zannini - thank you! She is a rather devious character and I enjoyed writing her.

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - thank you!

    Summer Ross - thank you!

    Talli Roland - you too!

    Margo Benson - thank you! She is one of my favourite characters so far.

  19. gideon 86 - I have a feeling it won't be long before you reach 200 followers! Thanks for your lovely comments. They are much appreciated.

    Tony Benson - Aah. Thank you! I hope you win!

    The Happy Whisk - thank you!

    M Pax - thank you!

    Misha - Aah. So close. Sorry! Stop by my blog Monday, when I'll be announcing another chance to win a prize.

    Francine Howarth - thank you for your lovely comments; they mean so much to me!

    Tessa Conte - LOL. Thank you! I think you are right about characters having a little foolishness; makes them more interesting!

    Mara Nash - LOL. Nope. She was only thinking of the pound signs!

  20. Sensual language and sultry, imagine being able to focus on money in the midst of blood-lust. Your MC has taken bravery to a strange and dangerous place.

  21. Hi Ellie - how odd, I could have sworn that I commented first time I came for a read!

    Anyway, a super smooth piece of writing! It fairly crackled with tension - this sort of ruthless hypnotic fascination is just what vampires should be about in my book! This meets my criteria for bravery - a conscious decision to stand in the way of danger - it doesn't have to be for altruistic reasons!

    Well done and thanks for joining my blogfest :)


  22. Myne Whitman - thank you!

    Elaine AM Smith - thank you; that was exactly the reaction I was after!

    Dominic de Mattos - thank you. I'm glad you approved. Can't wait for the voting to begin, though all the entries deserve a vote!

  23. Oh, what a delicious twist. Trapper turns prey. I'll go with brave, naive, and greedy.


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