Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Creation Blogfest and Happy Birthday Summer

Today is the New Creation Blogfest, which is hosted by Summer at My Inner Fairy. It is also Summer's birthday.

Here are the blogfest rules:
1. Pick one ending sentence from last years stories, your favorite one that you wrote. (Only one, and yes it has to be an ending sentence)
2. Write one brand new starting sentence for a story you have been thinking about, or something off the top of your head. But it must be your first sentence. (Yes only one, and yes it must be new.)

For further details and to sign up, click here.

I found it quite difficult choosing a last sentence from my 2010 projects. I managed to narrow the list down to ten, and then three. But choosing between the final three was agonizing - I loved them all for different reasons. In the end I settled for the last sentence of my short story Hometown:

Make the right choice; become part of the 2013 programme to repopulate your species.

I chose this sentence because Hometown is unlike anything I have written before - it does not follow the traditional short story format. I was also thrilled that Hometown was chosen as the first piece in the 2013: The Aftermath anthology. If you have a copy of the anthology, I think you will understand why.

My new first sentence for 2011 was easier to choose. It is from the first draft of a short story that I am writing using only dialogue and no speech tags:

"I put it to you, Miss Moon, that you did not believe your husband was a zombie, but in fact set out with the express intention of murdering him in a cold-hearted and premeditated fashion."

To see the other blogfest participants, click here.


  1. Hi,

    1) Lots of fun to be had, then!

    2) ROFL: I'm lost for words . . . ;)


  2. someone say zombies, fairy zombies!
    nice post!

  3. Both leave me wanting more...I laughed out loud at No 2...excellent!

  4. Your first line is BRILLIANT! I totally love it. Great job!

  5. Something for you, well deserved!

    :)-Welcome in the New Year!
    Jeremy [iZombie]

  6. Together they would be one heck of a weird story!

  7. Sounds like a very interesting blogfest! Love both your lines! Creative drama!

  8. I love both quotes. The second one raises the question of how much the intent, and whether she knew, makes a difference whether it was a crime or not. I suppose part of the fun is that you're the author, so you decide what the laws are. Hmmm! I'd like to read both stories.

  9. Both the lines are really gripping.

    Congratulations on the story being accepted, and I do think the premise of the other is great.

  10. ROTFL on the first line!

    Am following your blog :)

  11. Wow.. how deliciously wicked! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Nice to meet you. Cheers!

  12. Wow, I adore both of these, Ellie!

  13. I loved these sentences!! The first one was just jaw dropping in its mammoth concept!! And the second one had me laughing with childish glee - excellent!!!!

    Thanks for sharing! Take care

  14. beautiful fairy to include!! Wow- your last sentence is very intriguing. Congrats also! Your first sentence sounds so very interesting- almost a sherlock holmes type of feel. great sentences. thank you fairy much for the birthday wishes and participating!

  15. Both great lines, Ellie.

    I can see why you had a hard time to choose, but you made the right choice.


  16. Hey there,

    two great lines you've got there! Nr 1 is fascinating and I'm intrigued by what you say about it not following 'traditional' concepts. Nr 2 made me grin. Court room drama and zombies? That's gotta be great.

  17. Wait, are you saying we can't get away with murder by using the zombie excuse. Man, I am so screwed.

    Great sentences.

  18. Wow- that first one made my hair stand on end! Amazing!!!


  19. I love your choices. I forgot I'd signed up to this one and so am scheduling a post tomorrow with my lines, I'll be away from the computer most of that day though. Hope you had a great Wednesday :O)

  20. These are great. Of course I'm intrigued about the call to repopulate a planet...what the heck happened there? And zombies? Who can resist zombies?!

  21. What a fun blogfest. I loved your sentences!

  22. Interesting ... I'll have to work my opening sentence from my next book. Oh, and I have a pic and quote from Dr. Brian Cox on my blog today. If that doesn't entice you to come over I don't know what will.

  23. Courtroom drama of the undead variety! :) Very funny.
    The end sentence was my favourite I was really interested in reading the story that went with that ending.

  24. Interesting... very very interesting! LOVE THEM.

  25. Haha! These are great, and so very different! Especially love the first one. Killer! Happy New Year, dear.

    ~ Bess

  26. Ellie- Thanks for swinging by my blog and commenting as well as turning me on to Pill Hill Press, very impressive. Your stories are the kind I really dig and I'm going to take some time to check them out. Thanks.

    #1- Trememdous. The sentence, plus your commentary make me want read this story.

    #2- While zombies and vampires aren't my thing, unless of course it is Joyce Carol Oates' version of a zombie, I am very intrigued to see why Miss Moon killed her husband and want to know more. Would love to read the story when it's complete.

    Best of Luck!

  27. Here for the Blogfest! Your first one was definitely an eyecatcher! "Repopulate your species"! And the second-- well, murder and zombies!!! Sounds exciting!

  28. Wow! That last one really got me interested. Zombies and murdered husbands rock!

    The first one was unique, and left me wondering what the rest of the story encompassed. Might have to give that a read. Thanks for sharing!

    I'm following now.

  29. Ha, ha, ha! That second sentence is so funny! Can't wait to see what follows. Your first sentence is so unique. Congrats.

  30. Francine Howarth - thank you.

    iZombie - Zombies everywhere! Thank you for my award; I think it is a scream. I'll be over to your blog tonight, when I get home from work

    Margo - thank you.

    Melissa - thank you. I finally received my two copies in the post yesterday. Yay!

    Greyscale Territory - thank you.

    Tony Benson - thank you! I've attached Hometown for you to read. The other story (no title yet) is still at the ink on paper stage. LOL.

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - they would! LOL.

    Rayna M. Iyer - thank you. I finally received my two copies on 2013: The Aftermath yesterday and I'm really pleased with whole anthology.

    Damyanti - thank you!

    Elena Solodow - thank you!

  31. Old Kitty - thank you! The second one is supposed to be a comedy, so seem to be along the right lines (sorry for the dreadful pun. LOL).

    Pk Hrezo - you too!

    Summer Ross - your welcome. Hope you had an awesome day.

    gideon86 - thank you.

    Tessa Conte - thank you.

    Erin Kane Spock - I'm afraid so. LOL.

    Madeleine - thank you.

    February Grace - thank you.

    Mara Nash - Zombie are my favourites!

    Janel - thank you.

  32. Stephen Tremp - Hehe...I did go straight to your blog! You know me too well.

    Wendy Tyler Ryan - thank you.

    Elaine AM Smith - thank you.

    kelworthfiles - thank you. I'm still working on exactly how Talia's society functions in the 41st century, but I'm getting there.

    Margo Kelly - thank you.

    Bess Weatherby - Happy New Year to you!

    Sean Patrick Reardon - thank you for your great comments. I only just received my two copies of 2013: The Aftermath yesterday and can highly recommend it. Pill Hill Press really do an outstanding job of choosing writers, proofing, and cover design. My new line story (no title as of yet) is still at the ink on paper stage, but I'll let you know if it gets accepted anywhere. Nice to meet you!

    Danette - thank you.

    Mysti - thank you! 2013: The Aftermath is out now, if you are interested.

    Clarissa Draper - thank you.

  33. LOL! Love the last sentence! Sounds like a book I'd like.

    The first sentence is quite shocking, and therefore perfect for the beginning of a story. Nice to meet you!

  34. Katrina L. Lantz - thank you. My copy of 2013 only arrived yesterday!

  35. Last sentence - very cool. Is the species being referred to human, or are those words being spoken to aliens/supernatural creatures??

    First sentence - also great. It sounds like a lawyer confronting a defendant who's on the witness stand to tell her story. Does the court accept the existence of zombies??

    Thanks for sharing your New Creations words. I signed up for the blogfest late, but I'd love to know what you think of my entry.

  36. kelworthfiles - thank you for your comments; it's always great to meet a new blogger. I shall pop over and read your entries after sending this email.

    The last sentence does refer to humans, though I guess it could it be adapted to suit any species!

    In the last sentences the defendant is in court and during the story is questioned by both the prosecution and defence lawyers. And yes, they do accept that zombies exist. At least in my first-draft. LOL.

  37. welcome to my world of poetry - thank you. I'd forgotten all about this post; it seems an age ago now!


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