Friday, 21 January 2011

The Significant Other Blogfest

There is no Friday Five today, as talented authors DL Hammons and Talli Roland are hosting The Significant Other Blogfest, where your significant other takes over your blog for the day or has been put under the spotlight and asked what it's like supporting The Writer.

My partner was a little reluctant to do a blog post all by himself, so I asked The Muse to interview him. Over to them:

1. What shall I call you?
I’m Stephen R. Grant but you can call me Steve.

2. Hi Steve. How long have you and The Writer been together?
Nearly 17 years. Crikey. Longer than a life sentence.

2. What is it that you do, other than supporting The Writer?
I’m a convenience store manager.

3. Do you write?
No. I don’t even read fiction. Film music and spaghetti westerns are my hobbies.

4. That sounds interesting, where did your hobbies come from?
I worked in several local cinemas in my late teens and early twenties and the spaghetti western films of Sergio Leone fascinated me. I’ve always had a passion for film music. Actually I like most types of music, except opera and jazz. Not to keen on most forms of modern pop, though I do like Lady GaGa. Don’t get me started on the new Take That album. Very disappointed.

5. Would you like to take part in next Monday’s Top Ten Countdown Music Blogfest?
Laughs out loud at this. I think he knows what a hard time The Writer is having choosing her own ten songs.

6. Tell me something random about yourself?
We once convinced The Writer’s family that Richard E. Grant was my cousin. It was quite funny because every time he was on television we’d make some casual remark about cousin Richard being on that night and that he’d phone us the other day. This went on for several years until they finally asked whether it was true.

7. And what was your answer?
That he was my cousin!

8. Would you say you’re quite a mischievous person?
Yes. Well, we both are. Our favourite thing is when people listen in on our conversations in coffee shops. When we’re aware of it we generally start an alarming conversation about one of us having a nasty contagious rash and that we hope the café cleans our cups thoroughly. It normally sends them running. Laughs again.

9. I’m beginning to see where The Writer gets her ideas. Do you read The Writer’s work?
Yes. When she lets me.

10. What do you think of it?
I’ve been telling her for years she is a talented writer and I try to free up as much spare time for her to write. I believe in what she is trying to do and I know she will have a novel published one day. Of course how much I like it depends on the genre; she’s written some quite dark stuff recently.

11. Does that worry you?
No. I think it’s a product of watching too much CSI and reading Stephen King. I don’t think she’s about to turn serial killer on me! He pretends to check the kitchen draws for any sharp knives at this point. Apparently they’ve been banned – The Writer is rather accident-prone.

12. What food or drink is guaranteed to return The Writer to a good mood, even after a bad days writing?
Kentucky Fried Chicken.

13. What one thing would you change about her writing habits?
Nothing. Though sometimes I worry she spends too much time writing and not enough time relaxing. She needs to learn to switch off.

14. Finally, how hard is it to sit by and watch someone you care for struggle to attain a dream...knowing there's very little you can do to help?
I don’t struggle with it because I know for her it is more about the enjoyment of writing than being published. Even if her dream never came true, she would still write.

Well, that's all the questions. Thank you to The Muse and Steve; it was very illuminating.

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  1. crazy fun... the photo is my favorite reeling it all in... as for question number 3.

  2. Great photo and interview! Now I'm craving KFC...

  3. He's a keeper! Writing would be tough without the support of our other half. Way to go, Steve!

  4. Aw! Great interview! I think the consensus is that us writers need an OFF switch!

  5. He is definitely a keeper!!! Great interview!!! I'm with Elena, now I'm craving KFC!

  6. What a fun, supportive hubby. :)

  7. Richard E Grant is your cousin - that's funny!
    And the Writer can do it! Ten songs. Help her, Steve.

  8. Nice to meet you Stephen R Grant! The Writer is so fabulous that I'm so happy to see just how fab you are!!! Yay!!!!

    Thanks for sharing! Take care

  9. OMG! KFC!!! I haven't eaten that since I was a kid!

  10. Great job. Fried chicken does it for me too. And chocolate. And popcorn. And really... any food will do. I'm always hungry.

  11. KFC! YUM! It's been ages since I've had that.

    He sounds like a real keeper! :) Thanks for taking part.

  12. As I'm a huge fan of 'The Writer' I'm thrilled she has a partner as fabulous as you! Sergio Leone films are a must in our house too.

  13. Love his sense of humor! You sound like a great couple. Great getting to know you, and I look forward to reading more from you in future!

  14. Honey...we're having KFC for dinner!

    You two are a hoot and an awesome couple! Thank you so much for taking part today and making it very special. :)

  15. Interesting interview. I use the "bad gas' gag instead of a contagious rash to clear an area. Works every time.

  16. So great to get to you both you a Steve a little bit--he sounds like a lot of fun to have around!

  17. I love that picture, shows he's a fun loving guy - cue the cousin Richard prank, lol! Lovely interview all round

  18. You are such an understanding hubby! Love the support. TGW

  19. He looks like a character! And they say writers are weird.

  20. What a supportive hubby! Congratz! :)

  21. That was very illuminating! Sounds like Steve is a great guy, and you two have an awesome relationship! (Also, I like his name :-))

  22. Thank you Muse for letting us get an insight into the esteemed S.O. It sounds like you guys have a fun time.

  23. Gotta love Kentucky Fried Chicken!

  24. Nice post. You guys must be a hoot together.

  25. Pleased to meet you Mr Grant. Thanks to you and Ellie for the lovely post about you! :)

  26. and about Ellie, too. Sorry wasn't able to complete the sentence. Have a nice weekend!

  27. That photo is hilarious! Great interview, your husband sounds interesting

  28. Great post! Sounds like you two have a lot fun together.

    Dan - my wife's post.

  29. he sounds amazing, so supportive and so much faith in what you do. Great post

  30. Aw, what a fun, sweet husband! Congrats! :)

  31. The Richard E Grant this is so funny! Nice to meet you!

  32. LOL! KFC~ great stuff. I worked in the Union theater in college, and I am completely addicted to old movies. And old movie theater popcorn~ :o) <3

  33. Now I'm hungry for KFC - haven't had food from there in ages! Great post!

  34. I love idea for the horror movie quotes blogfest - I just signed up!

    Great interview, too! Your husband sounds like a lovely guy!

  35. Your husband sounds hilarious! And I am not allowed near the knives either. Sigh.

  36. Awesome Q&A! You two sound like a really fun/funny pair!

  37. Great post, Ellie. Your husband's responses had me laughing:P

  38. This one had me laughing the whole time. Mr. Steve should be a stand-up comic.

  39. What a supportive guy! My husband is worried about the "darkness" of my novels as well. But, he knows it's all part of the process.

  40. What a great post!! I love how you refer to yourself as The Writer. Nice job. This blogfest is so wonderful. Nice to meet you.

  41. You had me at the photo - how fun is that?! Really enjoyed reading about The Writer and The Cowboy, you sound like a fab pairing.

  42. What a hoot! I love spaghetting westerns too - especially while eating spaghetti :) So nice to meet your Steve.


  43. oh my gosh...#8 had me rolling in the floor laughing. Great to meet you. Both of you.

  44. Great post! What a nice hubby.

  45. Hi Ellie and Steve .. sounds a good combo to me .. have fun supporting each other .. and it sounds like a weekend off is on the cards - relaxing together .. cheers Hilary

  46. Hi Ellie,

    Have to say this post is genius! Love the picture of Steve too.

    Well done mate a classic! My parents have asked for your Blog address so I will be forwarding it to them today.

    you lots! Hugs

  47. LOVE the picture. And the post was great!

    (Don't whack me but I didn't know what a spaghetti western was...had to ask hubbers)

  48. Really enjoyed this. I liked the bit about conversations in coffee shops because I've done this kind of thing on the bus where we pretend we know the people walking along the road and talk loudly about their lives like some soap opera :O)

  49. iZombie - I know what you mean about Q3; how can someone not enjoy reading?!

    Elena Solodow - did you get KFC? I'm being super-healthy at the moment so I'm resisting. LOL.

    Lisa Ricard Claro - thank you from Steve and I.

    Candyland - you're right. We are all a little too dedicated sometimes!

    Jen Daiker - Oops. . .I think KFC has been busy the couple of days. LOL.

    Janel - thank you from Steve and I!

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - it was the fact none of my family could bring themselves to ask! I've narrowed it down to 32 songs. Getting there!

    Old Kitty - bless you. Steve and I thank you!

    Jessica Bell - since a kid? Now that is will-power!

    Talli Roland - KFC is the best. Must resist. Must resist.

  50. Stephanie M. Loree - your making me hungry. LOL.

    Margo Benson - Steve and I thank you!

    Nicole Ducleroir - Steve and I thank you!

    DL Hammons - you had KFC?! Noooo....I didn't. Must resist. Must resist. LOL. Thank you for running such an awesome blogfest. We both loved it.

    Stephen Tremp - LOL. Steve and I thank you!

    Elle Strauss - he really is a great guy and got such a sense of humour. Thank you for stopping by!

    Myne Whitman - thank you! It's one of my favourite pictures of him.

    The Good Wifehood - Steve thanks you!

    L. Diane Wolfe - I know! I'm sure he's a lot crazier than me. LOL.

    Mysti - Steve thanks you!

  51. Sangu - LOL. He appreciated the part about liking his name!

    Tony Benson - The Muse and Steve thank you!

    Angela Felsted - I know. Must resist. Must resist.

    Wendy Tyler Ryan - we try to be!

    Len - Steve and I thank you!

    Melissa - Steve and I thank you!

    Dan - thank you. We do try!

    Summer Ross - Steve thanks you!

    Meredith - Steve and I thank you!

    Lydia K - it was. I still can't believe how long it took my parents to ask if it was true!

  52. LTM - you and Steve would get on so well!

    Nicole Zoltack - KFC. Yummy. Must resist. Must resist. LOL.

    Lisa - Steve thanks you. I'm thrilled you've signed up for the movie quotes blogfest. Yay!

    Elizabeth Briggs - Steve thanks you. have the knife problem too. I do everything with a bread knife; it's the only thing I can't cut myself with. LOL.

    Colene Murphy - Steve and I thank you!

    LReneeS - Steve and I thank you!

    walk2write - I keep telling him that!

    Clarissa Draper - Steve thanks you!

    salarsen - Steve and I thank you!

    Kath - Steve and I thank you!

  53. Donna Hole - Steve thanks you!

    L.A. Colvin - it always amazes me how we both manage to keep straight faces! Thank you for stopping by.

    Alexia - Steve thanks you!

    Hilary Melton-Butcher - you are right. We're on holiday the week after next and promised each other we'd get a few days away.

    Rachel - hi hun. I just got your text from earlier - I forgot to charge my battery and it flatlined on me. LOL. Glad you liked the blog post. You're the best mate ever!

    Vicki Rocho - Steve says thank you and how could you not know what a spaghetti western was?! LOL.

    Madeleine - thank you!

  54. I love his answer about how it's not hard to watch because he knows you write more for the enjoyment of it than getting published. I feel that way too, but I have to admit, I can get pretty preoccupied with the publishing piece of it from time to time.

    Great post - thanks for sharing!

  55. Love this interview. #8 made me giggle a lot. I doubt I'll be able to sit in a coffee shop without thinking about it.

  56. This was very fun! The coffee shop situation was really funny. Lucky to have each other.

  57. Wonderful interview. 17 years is a long time. Since I like murders in my stories my husband always jokes that he can't make me made or I might do away with him.

  58. Susan Fields - I can be the same as you, despite what he says!

    Kari Marie - yeah. I'm sure we've put a few people of for life!

    Patricia A. Timms - Steve and I thank you!

    Nessa - LOL. I knew the murder angle would come in handy!

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