Thursday, 27 January 2011

Simply Hot Blogfest

I'm taking part in another hot blogfest, hosted by Erica and Christy. All that is required for the Simply Hot Blogfest is to post a picture of your favourite mug and, if you want to, share with everyone the story behind it.

I had quite a few mugs to choose from (I think that must be the case with all writers) - Star Trek (x2), NaNoWriMo, Kath Kidston Cowboys and a retro mug bought from a charity shop a few years back - but my number one choice was easy. Here it is:

My personalised Emma Bridgewater mug was a gift from a close friend the Christmas before last. She has always encouraged me to keep writing and not to give up my dreams, and whenever I drink from it I'm reminded of how supportive she is. Thank you, Rachel!


  1. That is one gorgeous mug and a very special memento of what sounds like a great friendship Plus it's a constant reminder that you are already a successful author! Fabulous. :O)

  2. Wonderful mug - all sparkly with stars and your lovely name!!! Yay for you and your very wonderful friend, Rachel! Take care

  3. Oh my gosh this is a wonderful mug!!! I heart it so much!!! Very personable, and I love stars!!!

    So I guess I could say I'm slightly jealous ;)

  4. Oh, that mug is beautiful and has such meaning, too! Gosh, I have quite a few "favorite" mugs, and that also pertain to my writing....don't know if I could choose just one!

  5. Sorry I can't join in on this one as I shall be getting ready to fly out to Nashville on the 10th and there will be much to do.
    Good luck with the fest.


  6. AAWW that is so sweet. Plus it's a really pretty mug.

  7. That's fantastic. Super sentimental and inspiring!

  8. Your mug is so pretty! Great picture of it too. Its wonderful you have such a supportive friend

  9. Encourage you to follow your dreams and let you know you are a star -- how perfect.

  10. Really nice mug.... Great lines. Stars are powerful images and will bring you luck!


  11. A splendid mug! It looks gorgeous, the stars are perfect and to have a meaningful gift from a special is so lovely.

  12. Oh wow! I love that mug!! It's got such a nice shape. I love that bottom and the shiny stars!!

  13. Nice mug! Love this, my A-HA friend.
    I find myself humming tunes to myself and "wonder what is that song?" Inevitabley enough, it's always an A-Ha song that I'd forgotten about. Mem Beach is AWESOME!
    Wish they could come out to Cali and tour.

  14. What a lovely mug and a wonderful reason for it to be a favorite. Encouraging your writing.

  15. That's a great gift!
    And twenty-two for the blogfest - cool!

  16. Beautiful mug, and beautiful sentiment. A perfect reason to drink lots of coffee/tea/cocoa from it :)

  17. What a great story. I love how a coffee mug can stand for so much!

  18. I love this mug Ellie. How cute! I'm glad your blogfest has a lot of sign-ups too.

    I'm late posting my mug shots. If you have time this is the link:
    Simply Hot Blogfest

  19. Wow, what a great mug! And a great story, too!

  20. omg!!! I love love love that mug! Me want one~ :D

  21. Sentimental and personal memories! That's a great mug! Thanks for dropping by today!

  22. Aww, that's sweet. Love the blue and white too. Thanks for sharing!

  23. EVERYONE needs a mug of encouragment! THANKS FOR PARTICIPATING IN THE BLOGFEST AND FOR SHARING. I'm getting such fun ideas for mugs. Soon I'll have to spend a weekend in a ceramics studio.... It's a good thing Christmas is over, otherwise everyone would be getting personalized mugs from me!

  24. Cute! I wish I had one with my name!

  25. I love the shape of yours and the stars! Blue's my favorite color! :)

  26. That is a sweet mug! Love the stars on it!

  27. Ellie!!!!

    You didn't tell me about this young lady! Ive been crying my eyes out reading what you wrote and all the lovely comments from people.

    I want you to know and you are the bet friend in the world to me!!! You are a brilliant writer I love you to bits.

    After the day Ive had today, car written off by a stolen car driven by a drunk driver. Jay injured due to the crash and two out of three dogs sustaining cuts and bruises. That just made a crappy day end on a perfect note.


    PS. Thank you to everyone that posted comments about the mug. It was a special mug for a special friend xxxxx

  28. Madeleine - I'm writing this at 7.20am before heading off to work. It's freezing!

    Thank you for the lovely comments about my mug; it is special to me and I'd be devastated if anything happened to it.

    iZombie - thank you blogfest buddy!

    Old Kitty - thank you!

    Jen Daiker - LOL. I guessed!

    Becky - thank you!

    welcome to my world of poetry - thanks for stopping by and enjoy your trip to Nashville.

    L.A. Colvin - thank you!

    Pk hrezo - thank you!

    Summer Ross - thank you!

    Mary Vaughn - It does! Thank you.

  29. gideon 86 - thank you!

    Margo Benson - thank you!

    Colene Murphy - thank you. It is pretty!

    Heather Spiva - Aha! Sadly I don't think any of us will have the chance to see them in concert again, as they've now finished their farewell tour :(

    Ann - thank you!

    Myne Whitman - thank you!

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - thank you. iZombie and I are thrilled the number for the blogfest is going up!

    Lindz - so true! Thank you.

    Sondrae Bennett - it is special.

    L'Aussie - thank you! iZombie and I are thrilled the number of people has gone up for the blogfest - should be fun. Ooo...I'm popping over to look at your mugshot. LOL.

  30. Su - thank you!

    LTM - LOL. Thank you!

    Danette - thank you!

    Lisa Potts - thank you!

    erica and christy - LOL. I bet they'd love their personalized mugs!

    Alexia - thank you!

    Donea Lee - thank you!

    J. C. Martin - thank you!

    The Myasthenia Kid - stop making me blush! I was going to text you about the mug post but, as you know, my phone was dying on me. Then I didn't want to mention yesterday morning with everything going on. I'm so pleased it cheered you up after your rotten day. And you're the best friend in the world!

  31. The Myasthenia Kid - LOL. It is!


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