Thursday, 24 February 2011

A Comment on Commenting - Bloggerland Speaks

Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer yesterday's question - how do you respond to comments on your blog? Judging by the number of responses, commenting is something you are all passionate about.

As usual there were a variety of answers. Some of you, like I, respond in the comment box and by email. Others enjoy the conversational aspect of just using the comment box, whilst some do not reply to a comment unless a question has been asked or they want to add something further to what they've already said. Others worried that by replying to comments via email they could be overloading already time-starved bloggers. But there was one point that kept reoccurring: the most important aspect of blogging etiquette is to visit the blogs of those who visit you.

By the time I'd finished reading all the comments this morning, I'd concluded that I like replying to comments by email. But I also realised that I don't spend enough time visiting the blogs that I follow and those who follow me. I need to find more time, without eroding the limited time I have for writing. This could mean cutting down on my responses to comments and/or posting more blanket responses, such as this one, and finding a better method of ensuring I regularly comment on the blogs I follow. I shall be experimenting with different options over the next few weeks.

If you decide to change the way you respond and/or comment, please pop back and let me know how you got on. Finally, don't forget blogging should be fun. It might be hard work at times, but if you're not enjoying it you may need to re-evaluate how and why you blog.


  1. Sorry, managed to miss yesterday's discussion! For the record, I always reply in the comments as it can sometimes help strike up a good sense of discussion. And it's polite. And I do really try to visit/follow the blogs of all commenters.

    I do think you raise some great points. Blogging is wonderful but can, potentially, be very time-consuning. How to interact with all the blogs we'd like to whilst still finding time to write? It's tricky at times and I'm not sure there is a right answer. I guess my level of activity ebbs and flows depending on what else is going on ...

  2. It was great to know what others thought and did.

    Best wishes,

  3. Yes bliggin etiquette is interesting. I do think the most important aspect is reciprocal cimmenting on others' blogs and like you I now try to reply by email to those who have supplied a contact address. Yes blogging should be fun, though I do feel terribly guilty when I can't get around to blogging and catching up with those who have taken the trouble to comment on mine. Happy Blogging. :O)

  4. I have gone to followers who have sign on but never heard from again, about fifty so far, half of those have no blog the others I read their post and commented then asked why the never reply.
    I do think it's only polite to visit followers but it has to be a two way procedure,

    Enjoyed your post,

  5. You raise some really good points and these have been concerns of mine too. I had no idea just how much time blogging could take up! I found this whole discussion very enlightening,thank you.

  6. I adore blogging and one of the perks is being able to hop from blog to blog and see what others out there are thinking. It's such a beautiful place to network. Find writers from all walks of life and all places in the world. It's sort of a magical place don't you think?

    I love answering people via email but my email gets tied up and when on a time restraint it goes first so I'm able to stop by others blogs and devote my time to reading their thoughts.

    I'm not perfect by any means. It's quite the task, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Far too much fun.

    Great posts on comments!

  7. Blogging does take time! But I enjoy visiting other blogs and visit as many as possible a day. Oh, and sometimes I'll reply to a comment on that person's blog in addition to my own.

  8. I know that for me the moment blogging becomes a chore, I'm off!!! :-)

    It's fun and hard work too, but mostly fun!

    take care

  9. Hi,

    I've seen some good discussions kick-off via comments, (mostly on group blogs)but one has to make the effort to return to see who responded. It's impossible to visit every blog we follow on a daily basis, and I tend to go by individual headings: grabs me or doesn't. And of course, some bloggers are just too prolific to keep pace with on daily basis. ;)

    I wish some of the "daily bloggers" would slow day to say three posts a week as maximum output and give others a chance to shine! Maybe if the prolific bloggers did blog rounds more often they'd have less time to post on their own blog.

    I don't do email replies I keep email strictly for one-on-one interaction.


  10. So true. I never prioritized this before as I made sure to get to every blog I followed. And I followed everyone who followed me.

    Unfortunately(?) I now follow 465 of them (and counting) so I now needed to find a system. Still working on it, but so far, I divided them into groups.

    And I now make it a priority to hit those who commented first.


  11. I missed yesterday, but I like to email back those I can and then I'll comment in the box for those I can't... And yes, visit those who visit you! It's the polite thing to do~ :o) <3

  12. Hi Ellie

    I missed yesterday's post - I was tied up with writing. Therein lies my problem - time. Having more or less avoid blogland yesterday, I have even more comments to reply to today! I have half a dozen or so blogs I like to visit on a regular basis, I have another dozen or so I will visit if I see something interesting in the blog feed. That's two hours down (when I visit I visit properly!) I don't visit my commenters as rigorously as I should. Sorry lovely people who commented. Will try harder!


  13. You are right- I think as long as we do what we can in the time restraints we have, no one is going to hate us for it. I just reduced my blogging, but on the days I blog I try to get to everyone I follow or those who have commented already on my post. On the days I don't blog, I don't have much time to read blogs. But I made sure to say that on my blog the other day.

    I only reply by email- I don't have time to go back and write a comment to every comment on my post. I just don't have enough time, and I'm not sure who actually goes back to read the comment.

  14. I have found that some people just like to get their followers numbers up then never visit again. In those cases I don't visit them unless they visit me and comment, sounds petty I know but one has to draw the line somewhere. :(

  15. I enjoy responding via email, but a lot of bloggers don't have their email connected to their comments. I'm horrible at going back and commenting back in my own comments. Shame on me, I know. But I'm doing better (I think) about visiting those who visit me. :D

  16. If someone leaves a comment on my blog, I always respond to the comment. I also make it a point to add their blogs to my reader. And while I don't always comment, (it all depends on the post) I do read them.

    I won't comment just to say "me too", but I make an exception when someone has a major kudo or is befallen by a tragedy. The whole point of the writing community is solidarity and support.

    And while it might seem there are a lot of writers out there, the community is actually a small one, a myriad of little circles inside big circles.

  17. A lot of feedback on this topic. visit those who comment and I visit as many others as I can and try to let them know i"ve been by.

  18. I enjoyed the discussion yesterday! I read most of the comments. I like to know what people prefer.

  19. I do try to reciprocate with a comment on the blog of everyone who comments on mine. Sometimes I may be lagging by a day or more, but I keep every e-mail notification until I've made the reciprocation.

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