Thursday, 10 February 2011

Dear Author - A Rongdoers Special

Over at You're Write. Except when your rong, Elena Solodow has posted another of her fill in the blanks letters. If you have time pop over to her blog and have a go; the letters can be quite amusing.

Here is mine (my words are in italics):

Dear Author,

I am writing in response to your suggestion Mr. Shatner should play the lead in Trek Stars. While I’m sure he would be flattered you thought of him for the part, as his agent, I really don’t think he should play another captain of a starship or that you can be sure Paramount will not sue when they notice the similarity between Trek Stars and Star Trek.

This is a subjective business, you know, and it’s really important to come up with something original, which clearly you haven’t.

While this may seem like a huge kick in the teeth, please remember Mr. Shatner will normally take any role offered to him and will happily consider anything else you have to offer.

Oh, and a level two diagnostic does not include cleaning the engine manifolds. Thank you.




  1. Hahaha I enjoyed that one.


  2. i heard a funny, not sure where it was from... Bill is on the new hit show "Shat, My Dad Said"

    i was laughing, and with your post...

    Happy Shatner Thursday!


  3. I loved your piece!!! I read it after I created mine!! Elena is so creative, this is one of my favorite segments!

  4. As I said, this is so great, Ellie!~

  5. You had me at Shatner. That was great!

  6. LOL!!! Please beam him anywhere but here!! :)

  7. LOL!!! Mr Shatner has a great agent there!!! Oh go on one more time:


    :-) Take care

  8. Sarcasm, my favourite. This has a great comedy in it. Wonderful.

  9. tee hee loved this.

    So much so, I had to visit and have a go myself!


  10. Madeleine - thank you!

    Misha - thank you!

    iZombie - I heard that rumour too. I shall have to google it!

    Becky - thank you!

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - he is!

    Jen Daiker - all the letters I've read so far, including yours, have been hilarious. Elena is a star!

    Elena Solodow - thank you!

    Janel - your welcome!

    Colene Murphy - thank you!

    Belle - thank you!

  11. DL Hammons - you make me laugh!

    Old Kitty - LOL. Thank you!

    Nahno McLein - thank you!

    Dominic de Mattos - thank you. Loved your letter!

    Rachel Morgan - thank you!


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