Monday, 14 February 2011

See and hear The Devil's Song at Movie Monday

An excerpt from my WIP, The Devil's Song, is appearing on Elena Solodow's Movie Monday Vlog today; please give it a view and thank Elena for me - she has done a stunning job as always.

Why not consider submitting an excerpt from your WIP? Elena is a truly selfless blogger, who wants nothing more than the opportunity to read and interpret your writing. Go on - give it a try.


  1. Took a gander over. She did a lovely job. I'm curious now. lol

  2. Yes, submit, submit! thanks for the shout-out, Ellie. Glad you enjoyed.

  3. Great excerpt! and Great vlog too. Hey, by the way, thanks for signing up for my blogfest. I can't wait to see your cast list. Cheers!

  4. salarsen - thank you! Elena is one talented lady.

    Liz Fichera - thank you!

    Elena Solodow - your worth it!

    Lindz - thank you! Your blogfest looks like lots of fun; anything to do with movies and writing and I'm in!

    The Myasthenia Kid - thank you!

  5. very cool--and have I mentioned I love the cover? nice~ Happy V'day! :o)

  6. Great piece Ellie and recial by Elena.
    Love the name Mowena Maddocks too ;O)

  7. Oh poop I'm at work and will have to wait till I get home!!! Take care! xx

  8. Oh??? That was yours! It was excellent!

  9. ELLIE!!!!!! That was amazing!! What a brilliant read - I was really really scared!! Wow!! Yay to Elena for bringing your fantastic words to such frightening life!!! Good grief!! Take care

  10. Fantastic! It's amazing how something already scary and sinister comes out as truly terrifying when read aloud. Excellent!

  11. Love the cover! Will go give a listen.

  12. Wow, that was cool!!! She did a really great job.

    Happy Valentine's Day :)

  13. Outstanding. I want to know more.

  14. That was wonderful! I haven't been read to in a long time. Good job to both of you.

  15. That was a very creative interpretation. I'll have to see if I can come up with something to send her way.

    the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

  16. Love love love that cover! I'm headed over to check out her interpretation now!

  17. Hello Ellie,I've spent a long time on your blog today. I LOVED the questions and answers. It sounds like you have some lovely places to visit quite close to home.

    Love the covers, esp the hand. Love that you've done your covers - what an inspiration to polish those WIPs.

    Loved that Elena did that for you. Just so good.

    Oh BTW while I'm here I'll tell you that you won the e-book from Lisa Maliga from last week's Publication Party! Yay! So deserved.

    New Pub Party starts tomorrow. Hope you can make it!


  18. Alex J. Cavanaugh - could be quite interesting; it would be a challenge for Elena to film something from CassaStar!

    LTM - thank you!

    Madeleine - thank you!

    Angela Felsted - thank you!

    Melissa - thank you!

    Old Kitty - thank you! I'm thrilled you liked it.

    Summer - thank you!

    Margo Benson - I know! Thank you for your kind comments.

    M Pax - thank you!

    The Words Crafter - you too!

  19. Mary Vaughn - thank you!

    Lisa Potts - thank you!

    RaShelle - thank you!

    Arlee Bird - you must!

    Jennie Bailey - thank you!

    L'Aussie - I won?! Yay! Thank you for the ebook, the publication parties, and all your wonderful comments.

    Christy - thank you!

  20. The cover looks awesome and the title sounds lovely. Will read your excerpt.

  21. Absolutely fabulous. You've teased us with this, now we want the book. Well done Elena and well done Ellie.

  22. Rachna Chhabria - thank you!

    Tony Benson - thank you!


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