Friday, 18 February 2011

Friday Five and Write 1 Sub 1 Update

It's been five weeks since my last Friday Five. Where did the time go? I've got an assortment of writing challenges to feast your eyes on today, from playing casting director to joining The Fictioneers.

1. Have you ever dreamed of your story or novel being made into a film and making the casting decisions? Well on the 25th April you can do just that by taking part in the Now Starring Blogfest, hosted by Lindz at Rapturous Randomocity. I've already cast Steve Buscemi as my serial killer in The Vegas Screamer.

2. Staying with April, I don't suppose many of you have not heard of Arlee Bird's A to Z Blogging Challenge. But in case you haven't, this marathon blogfest has (at the last count) 236 bloggers signed up. Whilst posting 26 times during the month of April will be a challenge, this will be the blogfest event of the year. You don't want to miss it.

3. There's still plenty of time to take part in Madeleine's Flowing Fonts Giveaway, in celebration of her reaching 200 followers. In fact she now has 264 and I have a sneaky suspicion she'll reach 300 before the giveaway ends. If you haven't visited her blog before, please hop over and say hello.

4. Two weeks ago I finally made the decision to take part in Lily Child's Friday Prediction, a weekly 100-word flash fiction competition, and ended up kicking myself for not doing it earlier. The two pieces I've written so far have already inspired longer stories and my second piece, Gravity, was runner-up last week. If you haven't visited Lily's blog or any of the February Femmes Fatales, I urge you to do so - you won't be disappointed.

5. Finally, Steve Chapman blogged about joining a group called The Fictioneers last week and I was intrigued to discover more about them. The Fictioneers are a non-profit writers' club made up of writers of science fiction, fantasy, and/or horror. There are different levels of membership, with different entry requirements, and you must apply to join. I emailed my application a few days ago and found out today I've been accepted. I shall be exploring the site in more detail this weekend and will let you know more about the organisation next week.

Write 1 Sub 1 Update - Weeks 6 and 7

Weeks six and seven have been a little disappointing for me. In week six I wrote and submitted Gravity to Lily's Friday Prediction, and though I was thrilled Gravity was a runner-up, I felt I hadn't done enough writing that week.

I started week seven with a list of seven writing projects to work on, intending to pick a couple to run alongside my other WIP, Dreaming of Sleep. However, work and other unforeseen events have left me leaving my submissions to the last day. By the end of today, even if it's at 11.59pm, I should have submitted to pieces to Pill Hill Press's Daily Flash and Daily Frights 2012.

So, how has your writing week been? Did you achieve all your goals?


  1. Hmmmm, I cast my nano novel. Would it be cheating to use that?

    I'm still impressed with all of the submission-worthy pieces you guys are managing to create each week. Wow! And congratulations one the runner-up and the acceptance!

  2. Duh! ON the runner up! Sheesh! It's early....

  3. Having been away I didn't realise there were 236 sign ups for the A to z blog fest, am looking forward to it, It was fun last year.

    Enjoyed your post forgive me for being short but am still a wee bit jet lagged.


  4. Yay for the blogfest of the year!!! I'm looking forward to the A-Z challenge!!

    Not to mention all the other awesome things you've listed here!

  5. I'll have to see what letter lines up with April 25. And hittinig the revisions again.

  6. I always try and cast people in the roles of my characters, it helps to visualise them and give them characteristics that make them more believable individuals. It’s easy to jump on the obvious actors when I have a certain idea for an MC set out in my mind, but I’m forcing myself to pick English actors. That way when my book becomes a multi million pound blockbuster I can suggest actors for the film version :D

    Hmmm, I might have to have a go at the A-Z challenge, it sounds fun.

    Welcome to the Fictioneers! Have you got your badge yet? Tis awesome :)

    Writing is going veeeery slow at the moment. I could do with getting some shorts done for PHP and SM, I suppose. I want to get more stories in Daily Frights than I did last year!

  7. Wow Ellie, thanks for the shout out!

  8. Thanks Ellie for all the information about so many blogfests.

    As for my writing goals, I have not achieved any for the month of Feb, but there are many more days. Hopefully I will catch up.

  9. Thanks for the A-Z shout-out! :) There is so much good stuff going on these days in the blog world. I can barely keep track of it, so thank you for sharing everything!

  10. Enjoy your blogfests and writerly challenges!!!!! I'll be putting on my bestest cheerleader outfit and getting the biggest pom-poms I could find and will be yelling my little heart out for y'all doing these blogfests and writerly challenges!!!! Yay!!!!!

    GOOD LUCK with your writing and well you with Gravity!! Yay!! Take care

  11. Lots of good links to explore! I'm not doing so great with submissions this week. Seem to be getting more rejections coming in than submissions going out!

  12. You had a pretty good week. :)

    Mine sucked. Only because I was three-quarters dead. But it should be better next week.

  13. The Words Crafter - I'm sure you can use your Nano novel. I think it will be great fun to read other people's choices. Plus, it will give more of an insight into the characters we are creating!

    welcome to my world of poetry - welcome home! When you get a chance to catch up with your messages, you'll fnd you won one of my 200 Followers prizes.

    Jen Daiker - I looking forward to the A to Z challenge, though I've no idea what I'm doing for it yet!

    Misha - LOL. You do make me laugh!

    Alex J. Cavanaugh - it's the letter U. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing!

    Steve Chapman - casting is a great idea; for all the reasons you suggest! I haven't got my Fictioneer goodies yet. As I'm in the UK I'm not expecting them for a while. Why don't you take part in Lily's Friday Prediction challenge? I'm finding it perfect for writing flash fiction for the PHP anthologies.

  14. Lindz - that's okay; it's a great idea for a blogfest!

    Rachna Chhabria - as I say, there's always next month.

    Talli Roland - I know what you mean. I'm having to force myself to not sign up for every blogfest!

    Old Kitty - could you get a matching cheerleader costume for Charlie as well? Just don't make it pink or he might not wear it. LOL.

    Janel - I had a story rejected this week, bah humbug. The secret is to keep sending them out and recycle the ones that are returned. I'm sending you story acceptance wishes in your direction!

    Maria Zannini - poor you. Sending you virtual hugs.

  15. Great sounding blogfests Ellie.
    Congrats on the runner up slot. I haven't submitted anything this week and I still feel rough with my virus which keeps coming and going like a pantomime! Well done you anyway :O)

  16. Hi Ellie,
    I'm a new follower. I'm planning on taking part in the Now Starring blogfest and the A-Z blogging challenge. Would you mind adding my Nifty Fifty blogfest to your list please?
    Here's the link:

  17. I had a not-bad writing week.. not great but not bad. And I figure that's not too bad.

  18. Madeleine - I need to send you get well wishes to chase the nasty virus away!

    Anstice Potts - it's lovely to meet you and thank you for following my blog. I will add your blogfest to my list today. Roll on April!

    Cathy Webster - a not-bad week is better than a non-week!


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