Monday, 28 February 2011

A New Weekly Schedule & The Week Ahead

I have decided to follow a new blogging schedule, which will hopefully free up more writing time. It is not a rigid schedule; blogfests will occasionally take the place of a set day.

On Mondays I will discuss my writing plans and anything that has caught my attention for the coming week. On Tuesdays I will post a teaser from my current read and another from a work-in-progress. On Wednesdays I will ask you a writing or blogging related question. Finally, on Fridays I will post my usual five writing related links and take part in a new meme called Book Blurb Friday.
It's Monday, so over to . . .

The Week Ahead

There are two exciting events starting this week. This Friday is the first Book Blurb Friday, hosted by the wonderful Lisa Ricard Claro. BBF is a new and unique meme that challenges you to write a book blurb for a set image. Here is how it works:

'Every Thursday evening I'll post a photo that we'll pretend is the cover of a book. In 150 words or less (length of the average book blurb) write the blurb that you think belongs on the back of the book. You create the story, decide the genre, fiction or non, etc. You'll post your blurb on your site with a link from/to this one so others can find you or come here to participate.'

'The goal: Write a book jacket blurb (150 words or less) so enticing that potential readers would feel compelled to buy the book.'

This week's book cover to tempt your creative taste buds:

The second exciting event is Wonders of the Universe, which starts Sunday 6th March on the BBC. This is a must see series for anyone remotely interested in science, astronomy or physics. Last year's Wonders of the Solar System was a huge success and launched Professor Brian Cox into the public eye - his enthusiasm and passion for physics is contagious, so don't miss out.

That is it for today's The Week Ahead. Is there anything happening this week you think we should know about?


  1. Your new schedule looks great!!

    I don't get BBC :( but I like astronomy!

  2. Sound like a great schedule.

    Not sure if this counts, but I have a competition on my blog. ;-)

  3. Sounds a good week ahead. nothing special happening this week.......still reeling from my Nashville trip.


  4. That sounds like a great blogging schedule - I'm going to check out the book blurb.

  5. WORLD BOOK DAY - 4th of March!!! :-)

    I love your new blogging schedule!!! Yay!!!

    And yay for Prof Cox!! I so enjoyed his series last year so will be glued to my iplayer for him for this new one too!!!

    Take care

  6. Like your new schedule. I hope you're able to get more writing done from it :D Love the book blurb idea! I'll check it out!

    Have a great week,

  7. Looks like a fun, new meme! Have fun with the schedule, but remember to be flexible. No need to stress if you miss a post or two for some reason. :)

  8. Oh yes, World Book Day, as Old Kitty has pointed out! Lots of great stuff going on!

    Happy Monday!

  9. Hi Ellie,
    Thanks ever so much for the warm congratulations you left on my blog last week. :P I'm excited for your new weekly schedule. I'm sure it will work brilliantly! As for myself, I've decided to extend the characters count contest where I'm giving away some fabulous character creation tools. Pop on over if you're free!

  10. Great schedule! The new meme is very intriguing. I tried to set a blogging schedule once. It ended up being: post twice a week. I couldn't even stick to that! *blush*

  11. A schedule helps. Keeps me on track. Sounds like you mapped out your blog very well. :) Hope you have a productive writing day.

  12. Hi Ellie I hope your new schedule works for you. I keep changing my mind about blogging schedules, I'm just an impetuous kinda gal, I guess LOL! I admire those who can stick to them :O)

  13. this week for me = bananas. But I'm doing my best to keep up. I like your new schedule. And that Eye... :D <3

  14. Hey Ellie - Thanks for sharing the news about Book Blurb Friday. I'm hoping it will be a lot of fun. :) Now if I can just get the Mr. Linky to work properly!

  15. Hi Ellie..your new schedule looks great.

    I am excited about a contest and Giveaway I will be hosting in the third week of March. It will be the first anniversary of my blog.

  16. I'm really looking forward to that new Brian Cox series. Hope your new schedule works well for you.

  17. The meme sounds like an interesting idea. Good luck with your new schedule. I like your week ahead idea.

  18. I announced a change up on my blog today (Tuesday) as well. It's good to switch it around sometimes to see what works best.

    Things happening? Did you hear about Charlie Sheen? Do you care?

    Tossing It Out

  19. Arlee Bird - I saw that. Yep, you are right about switching things up a bit to see what works. One of my frustrations was continually thinking what I could blog about each week. Obviously, I'll still have to put some thought into my 'set' posts, but at least I have kicking off point. Also, it means I can do them in advance via the schedule option. If I need to make any additions/alterations, I can do that nearer the time.

    Charlie Sheen. What can you say about him? I think it's very sad, and I often wonder what happens to someone with an addictive personality when no-one says no. I hope that he can pull himself out of the hole, as Robert Downey Jr did.


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