Friday, 4 March 2011

Friday Five: World Book Day

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Thank you to everybody who offered advice for naming my MC; I shall be putting it all to use and will reveal more next week. Now on with today's Friday Five:

Today, as Old Kitty rightly pointed out on Monday, is World Book Day. So, I've decided to list a few facts and figures pertaining to the world of books:

1. The word 'book' comes from the Danish word for book, bog. Early Danes wrote on the bark from Birch trees, as opposed to the Romans who wrote on the thin layer between bark and wood known as 'liber'.

2. According to Google Books calculates the total number of books ever written as 129,864,880. It would take you 350,000 years to get through the TBR pile.

3. There have been 171,849 books published so far this year.

4. It is likely the question 'what is the oldest book in the world?' may never be answered. If you define it as being in printed form, some believe the Gutenberg Bible, printed about 1450, is the oldest.

5. The largest bookstore in the world is the Barnes and Noble bookstore in New York. It has 12 miles of shelving and covers an area 0f 14,330m squared.

Well, I'm not sure about you, but I'm planning a holiday to New York. In the mean time, as part of my own effort for World Book Day, I'm donating ten books to our work library - I've seen the same books doing the rounds for about five years now and it is in dire need of some new reads.

What are you doing for World Book Day?


  1. We had a work library too! Most of the gang was into mysteries though. I was the only one who donated fantasy.

    Ref: names
    I wouldn't worry too much about using similar (or the same) names. Unless you're using a name from a classic, like Harry Potter or LoTR, it's unlikely anyone will make the connection.

    One trick I use for creating futuristic names is to take a regular name and change the spelling.

  2. I worked at the 2nd largest BN for 12 years. You walk a lot!

  3. That's a big bookstore! And my TBR pile looks really small now.

  4. wow, imagine spending a whole day at that bookstore? that would pretty pretty cool.

  5. I love books it would be good to spend a day just browsing,


  6. I will spend the day reading. Need to attack my TBR pile.

  7. Yay for World Book Day!!!! Wow - that so amazing about "liber" and "bog"- I really like that!!

    I'm terrible at donating books. I can't donate any of my books, even ones I didn't really like and even if I have duplicate copies (especially when they were pressies from friends/family)!! I'm an evil book hoarder!!

    So I will endeavour to borrow books from my local library (especially this coming week) and give book tokens as pressies!! Yay!

    Take care

  8. Holy crap... I feel like I am drowning in the books published this year... let alone all of time!

  9. New York! Lucky you!

    I never knew that about the word 'book'. Fascinating!

  10. No 2 and 5 got my eyes popping, really? happy World book day to you too.

  11. 171,849 books published so far this year? My expectations for publication just improved. :) That's a lot of folks who didn't get rejections in the mail.

  12. I would love to visit B&N in New York. Wow that is awesome :O)

  13. Interesting fact...especially No 2!

  14. I love New York! I didn't hit that B&N though, I went to a smaller one. Bummer!

  15. I really like the World Book Day. An honour.
    New York is on my schedule again, I need to go to the BnN.

    Thanks for the facts.
    Nahno ∗ McLein


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