Friday, 11 March 2011

Good News, Apologies, and Friday Five.

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Firstly, the good news. My laptop and memory sticks have been cured. I don't have to buy a new laptop or re-type my WIP. I can't tell you how relieved I am. It took the computer shop some time to find the virus, which kept moving and hiding within my Word documents, and they almost made it sound like it had a life of its own. They got it in the end, though.

Secondly, an apology. I need to apologise for not having visited any of your wonderful blogs in the last few days or replying to emails. I had a horrendous migraine Wednesday. Although I felt better Thursday, I didn't dare spend any time at the computer. Even my Write 1 Sub 1 mission got forgotten about this week. I shall be catching up with my blog reading on Sunday.

Now to Friday Five, which today has the theme of Five Things I learnt This Week.

1. Use every available option to back up your work. Memory sticks are not enough and can in fact spread viruses around with ease. Do use recordable discs, external hard drives, and email to keep your work safe.

2. Don't buy ink cartridges from a high street store - they cost too much. Shop around online and use places like eBay to save money.

3. Canned laughter doesn't work. I watched the pilot of William Shatner's new sitcom, S**t My Dad Says, and it was awful. I'll correct that, it was funny. But the funny moments were ruined by canned laughter; it seemed the producers thought canned laughter with every line of dialogue worked. It didn't.

4. You can make a living from self-publishing but only if you do it right. I had an interesting chat with Tony Benson this week about the pros and cons of self-publishing, after he told me about a writer who is earning four-figure sums every month from self-publishing. But going down that route is not the easy option. Your writing must excel. You will need the services of a good editor. You will need the right cover. You will need to promote yourself. And all of those things cost money. But if four-figure sums are achievable then the outlay may just be worth it.

5. I couldn't be without blog scheduler. The only reason my Tuesday and Wednesday blog posts were published this week was because I pre-wrote and scheduled them.

So what things have you learnt this week?


  1. I learned that tracking down an iPad 2 today will be a challenge!
    And I always back up my work on an external.

  2. Really glad you got your work back. Something similar happened to me a while back and it's pretty chilling. So, yep, back up, back up! Forgive me for referring to my own blog but I posted on this a while back and the advice remains good.

  3. I'm glad that you got your work back safe!

    I learned that my own family will never understand the way I write. Also, that people sadly tend to think that their way is the only right one.

    Have a great weekend! :-)

  4. I learned that I must watch five channel on you tube tomorrow!!! :-)

    Glad all is save in the techno dept with you Ellie! Phew!!!

    Take care

  5. I like the idea of Five Things I've Learned This Week, so here are five things I'm reminded of this week.

    1)To keep my mouth shut :-)
    2)Too much sugar makes me feel like I'm in a coma
    3)Care taking is more exhausting as I get older
    4)Being grateful for my health
    5)Don't forget to hide papers that cat likes to tear up

  6. you have had a rough week, i wanted to let you know we are all fans of you and your work... you could have taken a month off and we all would have still come, making sure you were okay... daily

    the five for friday is a good learnt experience...

    thank you,

  7. No apologies needed we all get a run of misfortunes hope all is well now.


  8. You had a hard week. Nice to know that your problems with your computer are over, you must be relieved.

    I need to try the blog scheduler. It will make my life easy.

  9. Thanks for the tip about memory sticks and viruses!

  10. Backing your work up everywhere is VERY important. I lost everything once and now I am very careful.

  11. Hi Ellie .. glad all is well and good lessons you've recommended or told us about .. have a good/better weekend .. Hilary

  12. Wow, I'm so glad all your stuff is safe. I just went a whole round with technical issues and finally got back online yesterday.

    Love the 5 things learned, btw.

  13. ooo--so sorry about the migrane. :o| And the Shatner thing wasn't so great? Too bad... As for learning, well, as I'm in San Francisco at the moment, I've learned that things can happen when you least expect it! Zoikes!!!

    Take it easy~ :o) <3

  14. I learned the hard way to back up multiple places. I'm glad they hunted down the little beastie.

  15. I like the list of things you've learned. Sorry you've had another dreadful migraine. I hope you are much better now and glad all your computer stuff has been saved.
    I've managed to mess up the hosting of 2 of our websites which is frustrating. :O)

  16. Pleased to hear that you are now virus free - your pc, that is - and I hope your migraine doesn't return. I enjoyed reading what you've learnt.

  17. Excellent suggestions and a timely reminder...I haven't backed things up in a while!


  18. I would recommend backing up your work to Google docs which you can access from any computer. Glad your work is safe anyway.

  19. So happy that the virus was sorted! I've only learned about the blog scheduler, which couldn't have happened at a better time.

    I also learned that meeting with you and Madeleine was fabulous, we could have talked for hours and must do it again soon!

  20. I use multiple forms to back up my work. I email it to myself, there's a copy on my ereader, flash drives and two external hard drives. It was a learned lesson though...

    I love my scheduler! I wouldn't be able to post as much without one. I usually write my posts on Sundays or the night before.

  21. I'm glad your computer and your work are safe and sound. Thank goodness for backups - even when we don't need them we sleep better knowing we have them.

  22. So glad you're feeling better! Migraines are the worst. And good news about your computer. :)


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