Sunday, 6 March 2011

Wonders of the Universe - BBC2, 9pm tonight

In honour of the return of Professor Brian Cox (Wonders of the Universe, BBC2, 9pm) here is a spoof opening to Wonders of the Solar System. The visuals are real but the dialogue is dubbed. The accent is pretty near, though.

Warning: this contains a four letter swear word throughout.


  1. Very f8unny Ellie, there's an award for you at my blog named Friends for the journey.


  2. The spoof is hilarious (pauses to wipe away the tears). Thanks for the reminder - 9pm. I won't be able to watch it without thinking if this video, though.

  3. "What the f*** is going on?!?! Everywhere is covered in s***!" LOL!!!!!! This is brilliant!!!! LOL!!!! I see the Harry Hill one is next!!! My Sunday viewing is complete!!

    Yay for Prof Brian Cox!! Take care

  4. That is very funny. Brian Cox is a star but he'd be even better if he swore this much for real!

  5. F**ing beautiful imagery though.


  6. Talk about putting words in his mouth. LOL.

  7. Funny!


  8. That is absolutely priceless! I did a post about him last night but I'm just about to add a link into this post... made me laugh so much I've started coughing again... *shakes fist*

  9. Ellie,
    Finally managed to load your blog and I have to say its Fu**ing brilliant!

    I think he looks like he comes out of one of the bands from the 1990's like the happy Mondays, the farm or the stone roses!

    He has the accent.


  10. I find it sad that people can only be captivated by science in this context. Why is this funny? Because you've reduced a brilliant scientist willing to share his inspiration to sounding like someone with such a small vocabulary that he really has nothing at all to say so he just swears -- every other word -- and you can sit there and laugh like Beavis and Butthead?

  11. Anonymous - Actually, you couldn't be more wrong. I have an immence respect for Professor Cox and the way in which he has made science and physics cool and accessible. With a relation who is on the board for the Norman Lockyer Observatory, I know how much of an impact Wonders of the Solar System has had, and still is, on visitor numbers.

    I watched the second episode of Universe last night and was in awe of how understandable Cox made such complex science seem simple and it brought back fond memories of GCSE chemistry.

    I do find the Youtube clip funny, not because of the language used, but because it shows just how much of an impact he has had. I can see how you might find the clip offensive. If it were me appearing in it, I would find it funny. But then I don't tend to take myself too seriously. But again, I guess I'm lucky that I don't have to.

    If you found my post offensive, then I apologise.

    One last thing, it would be nice to know who is addressing me. Please don't be frightened - I don't bite!

  12. Hello Ellie

    It was I who made the spoof and indeed I have made another for the new series. Hope you enjoy! No offence was ever intended with these vids. Lots of respect to the original and hopeful a chuckle at this:


  13. Anonymous - how awesome to meet the man behind the videos. I love the new one - especially the bit about his school photo! I hope you don't mind but I've posted it on my blog today, but because I've only just read your email, I put you down as LLP81. LOL.

    Mr. Anonymous never replied to my email. Guess what I had to say rung true!


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