Saturday, 9 April 2011

Holiday, Hording, and Haiku (A to Z = H)

As from 6pm tonight I'm on holiday for ten glorious days. Just think of all the A to Z bloggers I can visit. As Old Kitty would say, Yay! 

Mr. G and I aren't going away. We're having a major de-clutter and then ripping out the carpets, ready for the new ones in May. Now I don't know about you, but Mr. G and I are clutterbugs. We have a habit of hanging on to everything. However, I don't have a problem with being ruthless when it comes to de-cluttering. Mr. G, on the other hand, doesn't like throwing anything away. He has boxes of stuff that he's not touched in the last 15 years. It drives me crazy.

So, I've made a deal with him. We're going to buy lots of plastic boxes and then he can transfer his 'but-I-might-need-it-someday' things to the garage. It's not going to be easy but I'm determined to do it. I will win the war against clutter!

I want to mention a special blogger today who inspired me to start writing Haikus. If you've not visited Madeleine at Scribble and Edit, please do. She writes beautiful Haikus and I'm always in awe of her talent.

A few weeks ago, after reading her Haikus, I decided to write some of my own and enter The Haiku Calendar Competition. There were a record 1138 entries and the standard was high. I didn't make it into the calendar, which I was expecting, but I was shortlisted. I never expected to get that far. So, I want to thank Madeleine for inspiring me to write something out of my comfort zone. You are a star!

Here are the two Haikus I entered:

Flowers blossoming
Lambs to fledglings finding voices
Hope of life today

Trees shedding their leaves
Sweep them up to start a fire
Swirling like amber

Do you have any tips to stop the clutterbug habit? Do you write Haiku?

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  1. I'm bad with the clutter. I had to go through overflowing cupboards and the garage is a mess. I'm pretty ruthless when it comes to de-cluttering, but The Hubster is worse. He tends to want to chuck everything and start over so I have to reign him in. Hurray for clear plastic tubs! That's what we're redoing the garage with.

  2. I don't write haiku, but I admire the art and I think you did an excellent job here. As for de-clutter, I think I may fall too much on the side of Mr. G. *hangs head* Maybe you can share some tips with me. :)

  3. I'm not a person that has a lot of clutter but I really get into throwing lots of stuff away in a massive clean up that normally takes place just before christmas. Feels so good.

  4. I am not as much of a clutter-bug as I used to be, having a marriage break up and moving across the Atlantic saw to that, because of the cost of shipping and also the cost of storage for all the unnecessary possessions that I had built up over the years.

    Sadly I wish I still had some of those, since you never know what to get rid of and what to not get rid of, but that's the nature of hindsight isn't it.

  5. Love the haikus!

    Happy vacation - fantastic, and such great weather, too. Hope you and Mr G get everything sorted!

    Have a great weekend, Ellie!

  6. Bless you for giving me a shout out.

    It seems quite hard to get haiku and poetry accepted. I love your autumn haiku the best.

    Good luck with the declutter and revamp, sounds liberating. :O)

  7. Nope, not a clutter bag, but I love writing haiku! I like to deviate from the traditional seasonal themes though :o)

  8. I like your flowers Haiku...very nice!
    Have a wonderful holiday and be safe...

    Happy A to Z~

  9. Yay for your amazing haikus!! Oh wow - these are lovely!!!! I love em!!! Well done you for getting shortlisted!! Yay!! I've just been over at the fabulous Madeleine's blog with her H for Haiku and she truly is amazing!!!

    GOOD LUCK with your de-cluttering!!! I'm a natural hoarder and cannot/will not/may never get rid of ANYTHING!! I grab my stuff to my ample breasts exclaiming "think of the memories!!!!". LOL!!! Ahem. Off I go!!

    Take care

  10. Ooh, I love Haikus. Good luck with de-cluttering. I have to admit I'm a bad clutterer. I never seem to get rid of anything I buy, even if I upgrade, I still have the old one sitting around the house (could be why I've got numerous old and broken computers lying around the house).

  11. Lovely haiku! And I agree Madeleine writes fabulous haiku!

    Good luck with the spring cleaning! My husband and I are pack rats ourselves, but like you, when it's time to clean and toss I'm less discerning with what goes. We have that collector mentality, so we keep things that we care about, and try to weed out the stuff that's just taking up space.

    Today we'll be cleaning out the garage (fortunately not in too bad of shape) and doing some yard work. Being the first really good day of the season, it'll be good to spend it outside!

  12. Wonderful post Ellie, most pleasurable to read.No I can't mast Haiku's


  13. Box it, date it and double tape it. If i hasn't been opened in year it's bye,bye.

  14. Clutter - aaaarrrrghhhhh! We start decluttering then get sidetracked and all the clutter ends up in one of the spare bedrooms and then fills another room . . . and then another and we never seem to get rid of anything. Every room is full to overflowing!
    I like trying my hand at haiku - well done to you for your success. Going over now to Madeleine's blog.
    Enjoy your holiday - a change is as good as a rest and all that;-)

  15. I have a whole blog dedicated to decluttering and organizing -
    Good luck on your missions :-)

  16. Congrats on shortlisting! I don't write haikus but I admire them.
    Good luck with the declutter. My husband is the save everything type as well.

  17. I am married to the worst clutter bug. I have been known to just toss the stuff and to this day he has never wondered where any of it is. I figure if he does not miss it than he does not need it. Of cource I can not do that with everything, but I say I get 50-50. I can not imagine what life would be like otherwise. As to haikus, need further study and undecided if I like them or not. I appreciate the effort though so good luck.

  18. Very nice haiku. I've written a few this week and hope to have them submitted ASAP; we'll see if they get accepted anywhere.

  19. Hi Ellie, that is a great idea about transferring stuff to the garage. My husband and I both keep things too, and our house is jammed full. You can still walk in it and it still looks nice, I was actually asked by a visitor the other day if I was a pack-rat! No, just a preschool teacher with no preschool, lol.

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your time at home.

    Kathy M.

  20. Good luck Ellie; I too need to do this. I am working on it slowly~ Your poems are beautiful and awe inspiring~ Off to visit your friend! Hope your weekend is happy!

  21. My mom is a clutterbug and consequently I tend to be the other extreme. Where oh where is balance? I enjoyed your haikus. I don't write them, but when I was still teaching, they were always part of our poetry cirriculum. The gifteness of many of my students always astonished me.

  22. I'm definitely known for hoarding (and for being a bit of a geek might I add - nothing wrong with that!) but I've learnt a lot from my partner who is a complete clean freak.

    My top tip now?
    Ask yourself if there was a fire, which possessions would you protect absolutely? Another way of saying it, which would you even remember missing?

    If you won't remember or miss it when it's gone, it's likely you don't need it now and will never look at it again. So get rid.

    Final tip: imagine how you would like your home to look when it's at its best. Typically, that means clean, tidy, welcoming and organised. So what needs to happen to get it there? Often, removing clutter can be the first step.

    Good luck! It's not an easy task and I empathise with your struggle.

    Hannah Roderick: People Watch

  23. once a clutterbug, always a clutterbug!
    I loved your Haikus - I used to write them at school - haven't for years. Better give it a try! Have a fab holiday

  24. beautiful Haikus..
    you rock.

  25. It is so hard to throw things out you never know we may revert back to dial up and the ten cards I have will be needed. or maybe those old hard drives that sit in their tub may come in handy...I know they are only 40 gb hd but still. lol

  26. I love to de-clutter. And I see that you have written some haiku poems too. :-)


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