Friday, 22 April 2011

Star Trek: Seven, Khan, Picard, Spock, & Kirk (A to Z = S)

Did you think I could go through the whole of A to Z without one post dedicated to Star Trek? I'm laughing at your superior intellect. Hang on. Isn't that supposed to be the other way around?

Back to the mission. Ensign Garratt's personal log, star date 2011.112:

Today's Friday Five is a run down of my top five Star Trek characters. The list could have been endless, but it's Friday Five and I'm sticking to the rules this week.

5. Seven of Nine. In my opinion her introduction to Star Trek Voyager in season four saved the series.

4. Khan. The ultimate villain. Does anybody know if that was really his chest?

3. Jean-Luc Picard. Step away from the hair piece because bald can be sexy.

2. Spock and Spock. I had to have a picture of both - Zachary Quinto is Spock.

1. Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

'Captain Kirk met me once. I was going to charge him £35 for my autograph but he gave me one of his legendary smiles and I parted with £35 for his.'

Ensign Garratt's, star date 2010.198

So who are your top five? Or are you one of few remaining human beings who have not yet enlisted in Starfleet?

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  1. I love, love these characters. I was huge into Deep Space 9 and loved Jadzia Dax. She kicked butt and took on those conniving Ferengis. My other four faves were Spock, Bones, Worf and Major Kira.

  2. My top 5 Star Trek characters?

    5) Beverly Crusher. Intelligent, self-possessed, and lovely. (I could have gone with Quark for #5, but for very different reasons.)

    4) Spock. He lived long, died, then lived longer. And we all prospered.

    3) Jean-Luc Picard. A more elegant captain, for a more civilized age.

    2) James T. Kirk. Master of cowboy diplomacy.

    1) Leonard H. McCoy. Without him, they all would have been dead, Jim.

    Nice post. I'm not so much into Trek these days. And I miss it.

    r: RSVP

  3. What? No-one mentioned Scotty? Has someone changed the laws of physics?

    (And Chakotay, Neelix, Rom, Quark... )

  4. My late husband was a Star Trek fan, this is a very good post and one I know you enjoyed writing.


  5. I enjoyed the original series and The Next Generation (series and characters), but admittedly I haven't seen them in ages. But those characters and story lines appealed to me the most. If I had to pick one favorite character it would probably be Nimoy's Spock (though Quinto did a great job in the new movie).

  6. Yes the two Spocks are great, seven of nine did save the series, though it did become about her and I agree, where's Commander Data ;O)

  7. Thank you so much for laughing at my superior intellect! LOL!!!

    Oh but seriously!!

    Top five Star Trek peeps? Apart from all of the Original Characters of course??

    1) Captain Sisko, First Officer Kira Nerys and Odo.
    2) Quark ;-)
    3) Queen of the Borg
    4) Gorkon and Chang!
    5) The humpback whales - George and Gracie!

    :-) Take care x

  8. Okay, I've never watched Star Trek. (don't throw anything at me) But I did enjoy the movies when they were out. :)

  9. *mouth open*
    You. Spoke. To. William Shatner??!
    *feeling faint, shakes it off*

    How do you like Chris Pine's version of Kirk in the 2009 movie? I could watch the movie everyday.
    "I got your gun," - Chris Pine/Captain Kirk

  10. I have never seen a star trek episode or movie.

    Gregg Metcalf
    Colossians 1:28-29

    Gospel-driven Disciples

  11. I don't know about a top five (maybe I should try harder?), but Miles O'Brien is my favourite Star Trek character. Colm Meaney grounds him so well and the writers on DS9 did a great job of showing us an ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances, which Star Trek had lost somewhere along the way.

    Dave Wrote This

  12. I watched Star Trek on and off - sorry to be so lukewarm - but I was busy doing other things that could not be ignored and only really remember William Shatner. (*sighs* failed again . . . )

  13. Not a star trek fan. I know I know but to make up for it I awarded you the Stylish blogger award :)

  14. *hides in shame* I am unenlisted. Sorry.

  15. I'd have to add Lt. Nyota Uhura. I always thought she did more than they gave her credit for. I wanted to be her.

  16. Excellent choices!!! Seven of Nine was sexy. So was T'Pol.

  17. I'm partial to the original cast: Kirk, Spock, Scotty, O'Houra, & Chekov.


  18. Not a Star Trek fan but surrounded by them as my boys were growing up. However I enjoyed your post on William Shatner singing.

  19. I am of the era when James T. Kirk was stumbling around strange planets on television, in "barely" color. Your list works for me.

  20. I love 7 of 9! I had a very early girl crush on councillor Troy (is that right, Diana Troy?! ) some to do with her hair. Have a grand weekend!

  21. £35 for an autograph? I'll send you a signed limb for that much money!

    Steven Chapman (writer)

  22. Wow, his autograph it framed?

    1. Captain James T. Kirk
    2. Both Spocks
    3. Scotty
    4. O'Hora and Borg Queen(creepy good)
    5. Jean Luc Picard I want to go watch the movie; when is the next one. I thought Chris Pine did well; Hubby did not. I said, he has to age to perfect his mannerisms. You will see more as we go into the next movie.

  23. Jean-Luc is, indeed, a very sexy man! In my house we watch an episode every night, going through TNG,DS9 and STV over and over and over. :)

  24. Sorry, I'm one of those few who haven't enlisted.

  25. Yes it is his chest.

    For a closer look try and rent out old Ester Williams movies, he can be seen swimming in a swimming pool with her in one of them.

  26. I am not a huge Star Trek fan. Happy Easter, Ellie.

  27. Never really convinved by Khan I'm afraid. I'd have to go for Worf, Data, Spock, Picard and Q. Just kidding about the last one! I meant Kirk, obviously.


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