Sunday, 10 April 2011

Truths, A Lie, and Finding William Shatner

In Good Geeks! I posted five statements to prove I was a geek at school and then asked you to tell me which was the lie. Lots of you had a go and it was great fun reading the reasons behind your choices. Here are the statements again, with the answers.

1. I was in Q maths at secondary school. Q maths was for students with exceptional mathematical ability. True. I was in Q maths for the first year of secondary school, though I was moved down a class for the rest of school. I talked too much and lacked the much needed skill of concentration.

2. My best friend and I preferred knitting to going out. Lie. We could both knit, but we much preferred drinking and partying.

3. My first crush was on James T. Kirk. True. However, it did not last long; I fell into an unrequited love with a boy called Jon who was two years older than me. He was the coolest lad in school and had hair just like the 80s pop singer Limahl.

4. I once made a model of the Starship Enterprise with cardboard and stickyback plastic. True. It wasn't very good, but I had my own Starship Enterprise and that was what mattered.

5. I learnt how to draw a model of a nuclear reactor in case it came up in my physics exam. True. Unbelievably we studied nuclear fusion, learnt how to draw a diagram of a nuclear reactor, and it was one of my exam questions. Don't ask me to draw it now - I dismissed the memory long ago.

Congratulations to all the bloggers who correctly guessed the lie.

Now on to my Finding FEMA post and the $10 award offered for the funniest location of a Famous Enunciating Male Actor, who was of course William Shatner. It was a tough decision to make, as so many of your suggestions were hilarious. But the one that made me laugh the loudest was Liz P's 'Ellie, we all know he's with you!'.

Congratulations Liz. I shall contact you shortly to arrange your prize.

If anybody is interested, Mr. Shatner was really in Auckland over the weekend. Now that might make me look like a stalker but I read it on his Twitter account. Honest.

Have a fabulous Sunday.


  1. Loved the read, Congrats to Liz on her win,

    Have a peaceful Sunday.

  2. I guessed right :) This was fun, I hope you do it again. Congrats to Liz, couldn't beat that answer. So now I also know you have a thing for old WIlly. Ok, I get it...ha ha ha! Have a great and silly Sunday!

  3. Yay!!!!! I got it so horribly wrong! LOL!!!

    Yay to Liz - poor Mr Shatner!!! He was so framed! Take care

  4. Hi Ellie .. hey .. you're meant to be holidaying and hunting out declutter stuff .. not dashing off around the globe to visit Mr Shatner!!

    Me - I'm so clever .. I guess knitting and you definitely didn't go ..

    Good luck with the week ahead .. mind you if you're not sorting and Mr G is .. then - you'll have lots of time to blog hop - thanks for my visit today!

    Good luck with decluttering .. being ruthless is the way .. only occasionally have I regret the odd 'chuck' .. and oooh .. new clean freshly carpeted house by the sound of it.

    Cheers and I'll check in on Madeleine who introduced you to Haiku - enjoy the sun too .. Hilary

  5. Thank you Ellie! Glad that I made you laugh. :)

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  6. Go ahead and stalk him. At his age, he'll enjoy it!

  7. I knew it!

    Have a great weekend =)

  8. Hanging my head in shame. Of course, partying trumps knitting. Self-inflicted forehead slap. :)

  9. K is rapidly turning into Mr Shatner (or at least his character in Sh*t My Dad Says. He's got himself a fishing waistcoat - no lie!) And I always preferred Spock anyway!

    I didn't try the guessing - but I think I would have guessed the knitting one wasn't true. ;-)

  10. Physics....the thought of it makes my brain lock up! Wow, impressive.

    I agree with Alex, he'd probably love being stalked by you!

  11. I guessed right. Go figure! :-)

    Congrats to Liz. (I hope you and Mr.Shatner had a wonderful time.) *wink*

  12. Limahl is a name from the way back machine. I was in love with his hair, too. :)

    Congratulations to Liz. What a fun contest!

  13. I got it right! Do I win a big bag of money?

  14. I guessed wrong!
    Dang it! I knew I would make a mistake someday, but I never dreamed it would occur so early in my young life. Heck, I'm only 51!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  15. I was certain that you stayed at home knitting all the time. Who would have known. I think you may be a stalker :)

  16. Hey I was a math geek too. I always prefered Spock to Kirk.

  17. I will admit, I am much more into Picard then Kirk, but they're both pretty cool :) Great post!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  18. LOL! I was right, neener neener. :D Hubs was a bigger Picard than Kirk fan, but I'm Shatner all the way, baby~ :D <3

  19. Heh, most amusing Ellie. Limahl? Really?!


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