Monday, 25 April 2011

Unwritten: Shocking Western Titles (A to Z = U)

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Just when you thought the Wild West was tamed. Just when you thought you were done with six-shooters and saloons, along came this anthology call from Pill Hill Press:

And even worse, you decided to come up with some shocking story titles. Prepare to moan, groan, and shake your head in dismay. In fact some of these may actually cause your head to fall off. They are all mine and they are all unwritten.

Under A Few Graves More
The Ugly, The Uglier, and The Ugliest.
Fistful of Ugly.
The Way The West Was Un-won.
Return of Ugly.
Los Uglyios Amigos.
The Undead and the Damned.
High Vampires Drifter.
Two Body Parts Rode Together.
Lonely Are The Rotting Brave.

I did warn you. If you're still here and not upchucking, can you think of any of your own?


  1. I loved this wonderful,
    Have a good day Ellie.
    Hope mine will be better had some test results come back on Sat. which upset me.

  2. Er...

    Little Big Ugly Man
    A Man Called Ugly Horse
    An Ugly Man Called Horse
    Dances with Ugly Wolves
    Ugly Dances with Uglier Wolves
    The Ugly Outlaw Ugly Josey Wales - He was really Ugly!

    Ok, I'm laughing at my own silliness so much I have to lie down! LOL! Take care

  3. Funny enough on some other bloggers site they were bemoaning the fact that Westens were long dead so reading your titles raised a smile to my lips.

    Very funny:-)

  4. Oooh, you've stumped me. My bad. Thanks for the laugh. :) Enjoy your day!

  5. LOL! Titles are my downfall. Interesting antho by Pill Hill Press. I haven't written anything for them in awhile.

  6. The Cowboy and an Ugly Cow Pie
    These are too funny. Can't wait for the novels.

    Hello, fellow A-Z Challenger! Here's my latest entry. Come visit either of my blogs when you can and leave some comment love:

    T is for Troubador (A-Z)
    Twitter: @SolarChief

  7. Thanks for you comments on my T and U post. very much appreciated,

  8. OH my gosh, I just had a great giggle from those titles - thank you :D

  9. The Undead Ride
    The Undead Dead
    Unjoyous Occassion

    That's all for now....

  10. Drool Hand Luke

    All I can think of.

    Very funny post.


  11. I am smiling at Lucy's Drool Hand Luke.

    Good to meet you Ellie. Look forward to following your posts and writing in the future

    warm wishes

  12. Haha!

    My favorite is Under A Few Graves More because I'm all like "What's under a grave?" It's a little wordy, though.

  13. I see you have an ugly theme. I do like the fistful of ugly makes me smile :)

  14. ROFL I'll bet you had fun coming up with those!

  15. LOL, Ellie. This had me ROFL. Loved it. My fav? An Ugly Man Called Horse. Ahahahahahahaha

  16. Ellie, those are a scream. I pretty much came up empty except for: Bonanazalien (starring Lorne Greenskin). *sigh*

  17. The Ugliest Horse Under The Unbearable Cowboy!

    :) I really enjoyed reading all those, what fun!

  18. LOL!
    High Midnight at Zombie Creek
    The Mouldering Seven

  19. Hi Ellie .. love these ... I rather like

    The Undercroft
    Under the Mulbery Tree

    Cheers and hope you have wonderful weather for the rest of the week .. glorious up here .. Hilary

  20. Is unwritten the same as undead?

    How about:

    - Ack! to the Future III
    - True git
    - A fistful of intestines
    - A man called...braaaaaiiinsss

    Steven Chapman (writer)

  21. Lots of uglies in there, but I was LOLing at those titles. And brilliant! There was so much bad stuff in the Wild Wild West, I'm sure there's lots of material for angry ghosts, etc. :D <3

  22. aw, you have to write Fistful of Ugly!!!

  23. Its not something that you can see, but will triumph one day eventually!

  24. LOL, I love Two Body Parts Rode Together!


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