Saturday, 30 April 2011

Zen & The End Of A Challenge (A to Z = Z)

A few tears will be shed today,
to mark then end of our writing zen foray.
The Arlee Bird challenge has come to an end,
no more sending our friends and family around the bend.

It seems an eternity ago,
since a distant Z first produced a faint glow.
When we began stalking the alphabet with a hopeful glee,
trawling other blogs to have a look-see.

Some of us were pantsers and others planners,
all of us trying to keep up with our blogging manners.
We made friends and laughed a lot,
and some of us cried or not.

This year we were over a thousand,
next year one million could be abound.
We'll be back for another April blogging marathon,
and perhaps we'll even have our own special challenge song.

So it's goodbye from me and and goodbye from thee,
See you on Sunday when I'll be back chasing aliens for a modest fee.

Thank you, Arlee!


  1. It feels a bit sad it's all over (until you remember how much work it was!). Well done. Time to relax (finally).

    Moody Writing

  2. Yippeee! We did it! I have an award for you!!

  3. Loved your post. I am sure you are experiencing mixed emotions: relief and sadness.

  4. Love the poem and the sentiments. Gave me a wistful smile Congrats on reaching the end. :O)

  5. Excellent, your words said it all.

    Thanks for the support you have given me.


  6. Yes, you've summed it up nicely: "no more sending our family and friends round the bend". Too true :)

  7. LOL...I liked your ending poem to eh challenge.

  8. Nice final post - very fitting:-)

  9. Super, super blog.

    You have received the Blog on Fire award. Come to my blog and pick it up.

  10. Oh gosh, don't say a million next year. I could barely handle the thousand!

    Great poem for the last post. Well done! :)

  11. Goodbyeeee lovely Ellie!
    Just for today-eee
    See you on Sundaeeeeeee!!!!

    Yay for you!!! Take care

  12. Congrats on finishing, Ellie. I didn't know you were a poet, too. =D

  13. What a wonderful way to end it! I'm happy to have made a new friend in you and I'll be returning.
    Pleeeeeaase tell me your one million prediction for next year is a bit exaggerated!

  14. Imagine an A to Z with a million participants: please, no. :-)

    Goodbye from me too, at least for today. :-)

  15. lovely farewell poem.
    and i told you you'd make 400 =)
    happy z day!

  16. This poem was beautiful and thoughtful...I loved it! I'm still slogging through, but I am so glad we connected. I look forward to coming here and seeing what you're up to.

  17. Hi Ellie, what a wonderful way to begin the day! I'm so happy that I have gotten to know you. I like your "Y" post too.

    Have a great weekend,
    Kathy M.

  18. Wonderful poem I'm so glad I had the opportunity to get to know you better. Congrats on finishing!!

  19. What a gorgeous poem!
    Eish, I don't know if I can do another challenge next year. On one hand it feels like a good time to take a month off blogging and focus on revision/writing (as some have done). On the other hand, I think I'd feel very left out if I didn't do it!

  20. Well done with the poem :) Congrats on finishing!!!!

  21. LOL! Good one! And perfect for the end. Congrats~ :D

  22. +1 from blog hop cool blog

  23. Great way to end this challenge. I'm so glad our paths crossed.


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