Thursday, 28 July 2011

QOTW: Who's Your Best Book Friend? Novel Films Blogfest & Deadly Intent

I have to admit I copied the idea for this post from Laura at Daily Dodo. In yesterday's inspired post she asked the question, Who is your best film friend? My answer was A Fish Called Wanda because it makes me laugh every time I watch it, even though I know the plot and dialogue by heart. Do pop over to her blog and let her know who your best film friend is.

My question is who is your best book friend? You know the one. The book you've read several times, and will return to again in the future. The book that makes you smile, or scream in terror if you're that way inclined. The book that makes you caress the cover fondly, and quote lines from when someone asks you about it. The book that you insist your friends and family should read because they don't know what they are missing.

For me that book is The Tales of Olga da Polga by Michael Bond. I know this is probably the last answer you'd expect from a science fiction geek, but I first read this book as a young child and have re-read it numerous times. It's witty, clever, and just plain adorable. Here's a teaser:

"From the very beginning there was not the slightest doubt Olga da Polga was the sort of guinea-pig who would go places."

Sticking with the theme of books and films, Madeleine at Scribble and Edit is hosting the Novel Films Blogfest from August 1st to 3rd, where you can discuss films based on books. Pop over to her blog to read the details and how to sign up.

I'm pleased to say Laura Eno's new book Deadly Intent is now available in paperback and ebook format. You can read the first chapter of her horror/thriller novel here.

Finally, I've now completed 94% of my current WIP Dreaming of Sleep. I'm hoping to have finished the final scenes by the weekend. I feel a celebration coming! Any suggestions?


  1. Well done on so much progress on Dreaming of Sleep!

    My best book friend would probably be by Anne Tyler, though I'd have trouble choosing which particular book.

    I loved Michael Bond's Paddington books, but I don't remember Olga da Polga!

  2. Hi,

    If we're talking children's books then my favs are Swallows & Amazons and Picts & Martyrs, alongside Black Beauty and Lorna Doone. All the characters old and dear friends. ;)


  3. I am so going to borrow Olga de Polga now from my library!!! Yay!!! How utterly adorable is this book!??!!? Brilliant!! Take care

  4. Well done on the WIP progress.

    Best book friend? Tricky. Wind in the Willows is a contender - although it would be two specific chapters (well three actually. Wayfarers All should be read regularly by anyone who writes.) Dulce Domum and Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

  5. My best book friend would have to be Paul McKenna PHD, his books have been a great help and inspiration over the years.

    Loved the read.
    Have a lovely day.

  6. Thanks so much for mentioning my novel!
    Best book friend - I think I finally burnt myself out on them but for years it was the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne Macaffrey. They were like family.
    I'm lifting a glass of bubbly to Dreaming of Sleep!

  7. Tricky one, I have lots of book friends. The one that instantly springs to mind is Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keys. I have read that most often. But there are plenty of others. Wind in the Willows being one, Passage by Connie Willis being another. I could go on all day, plenty of my book collection show signs of excessive use.

  8. Yes, you're almost done!
    I don't tend to reread books, but I have read Terry Brooks' Sword of Shannara more than once.

  9. Olga Polga, how cute! Thanks for the shout out for my blogfest.

    I should return the favour, maybe I'll even show everyone me in my uniform ;O)

    Congrats on the word count. You put me to shame! :O)

  10. Good for you! I've been rewriting some of scenes leadin to the end of Secondhand SHos per my editor and fellow critters.

  11. Books by C.S. Lewis are ones I read over and over. The Problem of Pain, Surprised by Joy, and A Grief Observed are my favorites.

  12. I have two: THE STAND by Stephen King and A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN by Betty Smith. Yeah, I know - could two books BE more different? :)

  13. It has to be 'Cider with Rosie', for me.

  14. You could celebrate with a chocolate overdose... ;)

    My best book friend would be Lord of the Rings. It's the only book I've read more than twice. LOVE it.

  15. I tend not to reread books very much and I don't recall any characters that would be my best friend.
    But I do have my post prepared for the book to movies blogfest.

    Tossing It Out

  16. I like reading but sorry that I cant say which my book friend is.Pity..

    Strapless Dress Purple

  17. What a great question my best book friend would have to be Rapture by Amanda Quick. It is a comfort read and I turn to it whenever I am stressed or scared or just need to dive into a good memory. I read it cover to cover ten times after my father died.

  18. I have Olga da Polga and I try about once a month to convince my kids this should be the next book they read. I'm going to have to force it into a bedtime story. Fabulous to see someone who knows.... who just knows.

  19. Anne Shirley, from Anne of Green Gables. Without a doubt!

  20. I actually don't go back to books I've read. Might sound funny, but there are very few books that I read that I'd reread again. Chronicles of Narnia and LOTR come to mind. But I'm not even sure if they'd count as book friends.

    I'm weird like that. :-)

  21. What a great and thought-provoking question! It is difficult for me to narrow it down to one, but one title is Dorothy Gilman's Kaleidoscope for the way it shows how everyone and everything is connected in the universe.

    P.S. I’ve left a response to your comment on Bird’s-eye View at

  22. Ice cream and cake and cake!


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