Sunday, 3 July 2011

WIP Update: Slow Progress, Blogging Authors Wanted, & A New Blurb

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends!

In the last two weeks progress on my science fiction novel Dreaming of Sleep has stopped, run around in circles screaming, before finally realising it should be placed in the 'you-weren't-well-so-give-yourself-a-break' category. My grand word total was an amazing zero. Nothing. Thankfully, the main characters were very understanding - neither of them gave me a hard time. Of course they offered lots of advice. One suggested sleep. The other suggested not sleeping. No surprise there then.

I have a few announcements to make:
  1. I have decided to cut my blogging schedule to three posts a week. Friday Fun has gone, and question of the Week has moved to Thursdays. Four posts a week, along with the occasional blogfest, is too much to sustain on a weekly basis. I need to give my poor eyes a rest.
  2. I am putting together a Blogging Authors page, where I will list bloggers who have published a book. If you want to be on this list, please leave a comment here or email me via my contacts page. Each author will have a picture of one of their books and a link to their blog. Please note: you must be the sole author. No anthologies.
  3. I've finally re-named my two main characters from Dreaming of Sleep. Myron and Talia are now Landon Monroe and Blue. There is a very good reason for Talia becoming Blue, but I can't explain why without giving too much of the plot away. Sorry. But if you follow the link, you can read my new back cover blurb. A huge thank you to Alex J. Cavanaugh for reading the original and offering advice - I hope you approve of the new version. 

Finally, I have re-written my blurb for Cosmic Seed Book One, Daughters of Velika. A huge thank you to everyone who read my original blurb and offered advice. Although a few of you liked the blurb as it was, there were too many who were confused by it. Worse still, it failed to get across that there were to two female main characters - The Keeper and the daughter. I think only one person picked this up.

This new blurb is a complete re-write, and could probably still do with some tightening up. I've also had a major re-think as to the direction the novel was headed in, so there are a few changes:

Two daughters. Two races. One will fulfil a prophecy; the other will stand in its way.

Bria’s birth was kept secret from the people of Velika. The ancient Prophets foretold the birth of a male heir to the planet’s throne, a son who would bring new life to the dying planet. But Bria was female, her existence proving the prophecies false and endangering the people who preach them. Her true identity must never be known.

Kaylan's ancestors have served the Velikians for longer than history is told. Like her mother before her, she is a Keeper and a scientist, positions considered beneath the race they serve. But the Velikians are dying - their life-giving seed finally depleted - and they look to the Keepers to save them. To re-seed the planet Kaylan must risk exposing the very secret she swore to uphold - Bria.

How have the last two weeks been for you? Did you make any progress with your writing?


  1. happy 4th of July weekend to you too. I'm also thinking of cutting back on blogging, I wrote only 2,000words in 2 weeks. Not good, lol...

    And I'd love to be included in the blogging authors list. I have two books and my blog is

  2. I love the blurb! Sounds interesting!

  3. I clicked in the "white space" and my whole comment disappeared. Errgh!

    Have a great holiday weekend ellie.


  4. happy happy happy to the forth... to you
    i am finally putting my book together, i am not published yet... soon. so i am waiting in the wings of your site.

  5. Hey, the blurb is much more clear now!! And you know I'm an author. Do I need to send you anything???
    I only blog three days a week for a reason - and now you understand why.
    Congratulations again on the breakthrough with both books!!

  6. Ooooh! This is much gooder.I Like it. Makes wants to read the book.

  7. Hi Ellie! How sweet of you to wish us Yankees a Happy 4th of July! :)

    I totally understand your writing frustrations. I've been going through quite a few, too. I haven't come up with "the answer" yet, but I'm trying to be more patient with myself!

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

  8. Me! Me! I've got eight books already out, but am looking at a brand-new, squeaky-cool release of "Missing, Assumed Dead" from MuseItUp Publishing on 7/29.

    I've got a blog tour set up and hope folks will find my host bloggers and leave comments. Prizes award on every blog for comments AND you're eligible for ebooks, print books, and a gift certificate for a grand prize.

    This covers the schedule and the prizes.

  9. My writing consists mainly of my blog. It's very casual. I'd like to get into writing more formal articles such as editorials and satire. I'm loving getting back into writing, went over 12 years without writing anything. Feels good to be back into it again.

  10. Love the blurb, especially the first paragraph. It makes the book sound exciting.

  11. I know what you mean about over-blogging and I've hung on to just those which help ME by honing writing skills in some way or planting story seeds.
    I've had ~7 days break from my novel and hope to continue it to as to come back fresh, In the meantime I'm reading ...
    and yes I've already written three novels (each larger than the preceding one) and a couple of illustrated tales too: Blurb tags at the side of
    Keep up the good work Ellie

  12. That's a great Idea linking authors, will my poetry book count? I know I don't write novels as such but it is a book.
    I wish you well with your book.

  13. I like the way you set up the conflict in the first sentence of the blurb. It's an intriquing story.

    Great idea to have a published authors page.

  14. I talked about doing an author page with a fellow blogger a few months ago. Never got around to it. Typical of me. When yours is set up, I'm wondering if maybe I can post a permalink sending people to yours. Or would that be really lazy and rude? (Be honest!!!!) I have written very little and subbed nothing for 3 weeks - it's hard to concentrate when you feel like crap. But you just have to cut yourself a break and allow for some down-time. Better than burning out! Hope you are feeling better. :))
    Love the new blurb, BTW and the name change to Blue is intriguing.

  15. Oooh I like your new names!! Blue and Landon!! Wow!! Sexy!!!

    And yay for your new blurb. It's got more of a story to it now - especially as you have the two women's povs. Great stuff!!!

    I hope you are feeling better from your awful migraine attack!! Keep resting and enjoy the weather - cos it's just lovely and very summery!!! And don't worry too much about Dreaming in Sleep. The story's there and it will never leave you!! Yay! Take care

  16. i like the new blurb =)

    and i know how blogging can interfere with life and writing.

  17. I purposely started out just writing a few times a week. I really don't know how these young mothers can run their lives and blog/FB/Tweet so much. Especially, the ones with outside jobs! You're going to feel so much better. Do cookbooks count? (I'm just finishing up number two in a series) My cook books are NOT cut-and-paste recipes from the Internet books, but original recipes and research into my niche for mainstream cooks. Have a happy Fourth!

  18. Oh, and I couldn't find your other one on Alex's blog. Perhaps he hasn't posted it yet?

  19. Good idea to back off the blogging. If I get any busier, I may do the same. Good luck getting some much needed rest and good luck with the writing!

  20. Honest comment about the names? I love Blue, but I can't hear the name Landon without thinking of Landen Park-Laine (Which isn't going to give the right atmosphere at all!)

  21. It is so important to prioritize and I think you are doing a great job with that. The new blurb's sound great good job with those. Hopefully some day I can be on your list of published authors :)

  22. Wasn't there an actor, Michael Landon in 'Bonanza'? I'd be seeing him - well, to begin with, anyway;-)
    I think you're very wise to cut down your blogging schedule:-)Good luck!

  23. Sounds like you are doing well despite the zero word count. That happens sometimes and it's best not to fight it. I'm stuck on the editing wheel going round and round. hehe

  24. Hi Ellie .. I can understand the blurb now .. so that makes more sense. Great thought to add a tab for the authors and their books ..

    Cutting back to create more time makes sense too .. enjoy the creative process .. cheers - Hilary

  25. Thanks for your reply.
    My book is entitled "Negative V. Positive"
    Poems of Life's Expereiences.

    It has been sold on Amazon and the ISBN number is:978-0-9558258-0-4.

    There is a picture of the book on my blog page but don't know how to put it on here,


  26. The blurb is definitely improved! I'm sure the book itself will fall into place just as well.

    I've actually made some progress with a few short stories this week, and I wrote the first chapter to "Mystic Selwood," the sequel to my Fantasy Western "West of the Warlock," which will be coming out in book format this September. That'll be #5 for me.

    I'd love to be on your Blogging Authors page. If you need anything for that, let me know.

  27. The blurb is even better, for sure. But, darn, I have no book published to appear on your author's page. Yet!

  28. where do you get the images for your book covers like Dreaming of Sleep and Cosmic Seed?

    *gotta, gotta know*

  29. I never read the other blurb for Cosmic Seed, but I like this one. It sounds very interesting.

  30. This is much cleaner and clearer!

    You might try playing with the verb tenses. I'm wondering if it would sound more immediate if it were told in present tense rather than future.

    PS Thank you for including me on your author page!!

  31. You're amazing! How do you find the time to blog as much as you do AND work on TWO WIPs at the same time?! Incredible. I cant' even find the time to keep up on READING the blogs. :/
    That author page is a stellar idea and thank you so much for including me!

  32. Sounds like you've made some good progress in the editing department. I'd like to be included on your Blogging Authors page. My blog is at
    Have a good weekend.


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