Saturday, 16 July 2011

WIP Update: When A Writer Takes A Vacation . . .

Are they always flooded with new ideas? 

Mr. G and I had a wonderful few days away eating out, relaxing, and buying yet more books. But whilst we were away I had two more novel ideas. Yes. That's ideas number four and five for anyone who is still counting.

I did my best to dismiss the post-apocalyptic and space-opera tales from my mind by making a few hasty notes on my phone. Alas I failed. Over the next three days characters, scenes, and story arcs popped up in the most inconvenient locations. Ever tried making a quick note of something whilst programming a satnav, looking out for a Harvester restaurant, and listening to Mr. G ranting about Bournemouth's seemingly impossible road layout? Not easy, I can tell you. So when we got back Friday I did what all worthy writers would do, I opened up a new Word document and made detailed notes.

Unfortunately, I now have several more people - I mean characters - demanding my attention. There were enough voices in my head already! But I guess that's all part of the profession, along with copious amounts of coffee, eye-strain, carpel tunnel syndrome, and spreading behinds.

Changing the subject, did you know you can now visit the End of the World?

The Worlds End turned out not to be the doom and gloom we've all come to expect, or falling off the edge of the planet into space, but a pub near Weymouth. Who would have guessed it involved a ploughman's lunch and pint of cider? Of course The Muse took it as a sign that I should be writing my post-apocalyptic novel. But when we drove a few hundred yards around the corner and saw The Botany Bay, I just shouted Khaaannnnnn!

So, what's been happening with you over the last seven days?


  1. Only real science fiction geeks will get that last one. Older geeks I might add.
    Please send those new ideas my way. I could use a jolt of inspiration.

  2. Hi, Ellie. It sounds like it was very good to get away. My family and I will be doing the same in a couple of weeks and I can't wait..
    When I saw the Botany Bay photo, my only thought was... *whispers* "Botany Bay. Botany Bay. *raises voice, knowingly* Botany Bay! Oh, no..."
    Thanks for that. Wrath of Khan is my all-time favorite of all of the Trek films.


  3. Inconvenient muse? I wrote that Shoreline poem in the dark a few nights ago. I keep a notebook and pencil close by the bed and I opened a page in the middle and wrote it without turning the light on so I wouldn't wake up K!

    I know what you mean.

  4. I recently got a shiny new idea, too-- right after finishing my first draft. It's so hard to put them on hold until you have time for them!

    And that has to be the coolest name for a pub EVER. :)

  5. Loved the read, I've been thinking of new ideas whether they come to fruitation is another matter,

    Have a good week-end.

  6. Loved Wrath of Khan also. I always wondered where the world would end. Cute pub.
    I've been getting a few ideas for my blog. I seem to think of things when I am just about to go to sleep, so I keep a pad and pen next to me and write down the idea so I will remember.

  7. This last week I've spent time with family and the blog post ideas started flowing like a small waterfall. Thant's fine by me. I write and save and then edit to post. Gives me time for other things. Doing the blog that way sems to clear my min for the WIP.

  8. What better place to end up at for shouting "Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!" LOL! Yay for a fantastic holiday to the Pub at the End of the World - very Hitchhiker's Guide but with booze! Yay!!!

    Yay for more people demanding attention!!! Good luck and happy writing! p.s. Harvester's are still around?!?! Wow!

    Take care

  9. Sounds like you had a good break, Ellie. I did the same with my family last week too.

    I don't always find new ideas crowding my head while I'm away, but I do find quiet time away from distractions is a prerequisite. I usually get ideas for stories, scenes, plot twists etc. while sitting on the beach or cycling.

    @Old Kitty - I seem to remember The Restaurant at the End of the Universe involved copious Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters, didn't it?

  10. Let me be known from this day forth as a 'real science fiction geek'.

    My favorite quote from the movie other than, "botany bay...BOTANY BAY!!", is "...but like a poor marksman, you keep missing the target."

    Strange how the Muse hits and when. After our little Miss Kid-killer got off scott-free, I came up with one: a protag who can tell when someone is lying!

  11. I don't mind the voices -- I do mind people thinking I'm crazy because sometimes I have to hear what they're saying out loud! You'd think people could just keep walking... Glad you got your rest. Now, back to work. I will be having a mini-vacation, next week, with attached notebook #37 by my side...

  12. ha! i had the same thing happen!

    i sent one as a mini "sippable story" and started two more as email drafts, but mine are just short stories...for now =)

    vacations are inspirational!

  13. You are lucky that your muse wanted to go on vacation with you, mine went on vacation without me. All I seem to do these days is wait for news and pictures. Lucky thing the beach is near by and the sun has finally decided to visit.

  14. Can I tell you how much I love the fact that when you see Botany Bay you think Kahn? You seriously rock, Ellie. Of course, that's what comes to my mind, too. =D

    Now, when you said Eye of the World, I thought Wheel of Time.

  15. I love the idea of a pub by that name; how fun!
    Wow, isn't it amazing when inspiration strikes~ Good for you!

  16. I get those wacky characters in my head and I run red lights, and drive past my turnoffs.
    I really shouldn't think about writing while I'm driving :)

  17. Hahahaha...Khan! The Shatner just had a b-day, but I'm sure you know about that.

    I think muses like flexing their muscles sometimes. Mine has done that to me, too. It's frustrating, but lots of fun, too. Enjoy the ride:)

  18. Your holiday was just what your muse wanted LOL! Glad you're still brimming with ideas and had a well earned rest :O)x

  19. Did you see your award on my blog BTW ;O)

  20. What must your husband think when you shout "Khaaannnnnn!"


    Though I think I probably would've done the same thing.

  21. Sounds about right, the more inconvenient, the greater the flood of ideas.

    Moody Writing

  22. My muse always does the same... it must be something to do with us relaxing...hehe

  23. hahaha so funny. I believe it's the nature of ideas to strike at the worst possible times. Happens every time.

  24. I missed the Kahn reference but felt that the Worlds End was akin to the Restraint at the End of the Universe.
    Regards Alex J. Cavanaugh’s comment about older SF geeks. What is his criteria of ‘older’?
    I have been a SF geek since I was taken to see Destination Moon by my parents in 1950 and have read and watched SF as it changed from something marginal to a big money spinner, but I have forgotten most of the Star Trek movies because they were, in my opinion, not always brilliant or memorable and I have only ever watched one of them more than once. I certainly had forgotten the Botany Bay reference, but maybe it is old age creeping up on this ancient geek.

  25. The new ideas don't line up nicely in a queue, do they? ;)
    I love British signs and sayings - some of my favorites are 'live children, dead slow' and 'cats eyes removed'. I think about the dead children we can speed up for and the poor blind cats...

  26. Ideas have the habit of striking at the worst possible time. Lovely pictures.

  27. Khaaaaan! Heh, yep, not my fave ST film but still good. And I certainly identify with your approach to note-taking. Sounds very familiar.

    I worry about "The Worlds End" though. Either there's an apostrophe missing or it means all the worlds, right?

  28. It would be so much better if writers and muses could coordinate days off! That way, both me and my muse could come back from vacation refreshed and ready to work (instead of her whispering to me when I'm trying to sleep or to shower/bathe, or to read, etc.) :)

  29. Now I'm going to have to put The Worlds End on my list of places to go... it is so close to where my Sweetie is from. He'll be like, "Ok Darling, if you want to".

    I've been busy with physical therapy and projects at work, mostly with the marketing department. I run the customer relationship manager (CRM) so I do a lot of troubleshooting, customizing and finding solutions for the various departments' needs.

  30. My brain never seems to shut off since I started writing. It's always working it's way through plots and characters foibles. I've never tried making notes on a sat nav though! :)


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