Wednesday, 17 August 2011

William Shatner Letter Advice Needed!

I know I said I would only post once a week but I need your help. As some of you may know I had two stories accepted for the Tribute to the Stars Anthology, which has just been published by Static Movement.

The anthologies theme was to write stories which if made into a film would have a specific actor in mind. My acceptances were Night of the Therapist, starring Ben Stiller, and Why Do Aliens Love Iowa? starring William Shatner.

On Tuesday I received an email from the editor, Chris Bartholomew, to let me know that the anthology was now available, and that Ben Stiller would be receiving a copy soon. Unfortunately, due to a close family bereavement  Chris is not able at the moment to arrange sending a copy to William Shatner. Understandably, she needs to take time off to be with her family. So, I asked if she would like me to forward a copy to him. She has said yes, and sent me what I assume is William Shatner's agent/ publicist's address.

I now have to write a suitable letter to go with the anthology, and given that William Shatner has been one of my all-time favourite actors from a young age, I am a bit starstruck. I have no idea whether he will ever read the anthology, but what if he does? What if my letter is the only thing standing between him receiving the anthology or not? I don't want to be too gushing in my praise but I do want him to read my story.

So, my blogging friends, what should my letter say? I've already decided I need to make mention of the editor and all the hard work she has put in to making the anthology a success. Other than than that, I've been to nervous to think of another thing to say.



  1. make it to the point and try not to over step your love for the man... maybe you admire his body of work and have been following his career for sometime now... not you are a trekkie. he is a very cool person, and most likely has minutes to oversee you book, if it makes it past his agents desk. not that what you have done is not good, he is shatner. you might be surprised and get a nice letter from him. i know i am telling you things you know, but i have talked with him and he is very solid.


  2. I have nothing to add to this discussion except: SQUEEE! William Shatner!

  3. Can you tell him I have a "T is for Tiberius T-shirt" and that if my husband is willing I'd totally have his babies?

    Or maybe something more professional. Up to you really.

  4. that is aMAZing! awesome! how thrilled you must be!

    i would write a generic letter to start, then add a few personal touches to show your voice. professional but wonderful, like you! remember not to overdo and have someone else proof it =)

  5. What a conundrum to have.

    The best you can do is be yourself. Your passion and admiration for him will show through.

    I hope he does see your letter. His number one fan ought to at least be given that privilege.

  6. Yeah, just don't scare him. Be honest and level in your praise, mention the editor and the purpose of the anthology, and thank him.
    Oh, and don't mention tribbles...

  7. Yeah, definitely no tribbles...
    Congrats on the anthology!

  8. just avoid mentioning you want to have his babies and you'll be set ;)

    huge congrats on getting your stories published!

  9. Just don't utter the phrase "I'm not one to gush...BUT...", and try and resist the urge to write KHANNNNNN!!!

    Oh. And...don't...takethepiss. With. Fullstops.

  10. Ask him why he's such a pussy. I called him out in my book Jonesboria Discordia, and he never replied.
    I'm ready for him anyday. Let him know.

  11. Ellie!! OH how EXCITING!!! Yay for you!! How lovely!! YAY!!

    My letter would be something like:

    Dear Bill,


    Love, Your no.1 fan. xxxx

    Oh but seriously!! Good luck Ellie!! Enjoy writing to the God that is Shatner! Yay!

    Take care

  12. Eek! Just to know you're writing to Shatner has me juttering with anticipation. From all the interviews I've seen he's an easy going guy. I wouldn't go overboard on the praise (don't drool on the letter) but I'm sure he won't freak out if he knows you like him. What a wonderful opportunity. Buckle down. You can do it. :)

  13. Ellie be yourself, don't over praise but let your letter read as genuine as you can without going over the top. I know you will write a wonderful letter.
    Best of luck.

  14. Holy cow -- this is cool! And with the Star Trek blogfest and all -- perfect timing.

    I'd say keep it direct; you can show appreciation for the man without it sounding like you're a crazed fan -- even if you are. =]

  15. Wormholes! Gotta mention wormholes. He's Captain Kirk!

  16. @ Steven Chapman - Awesome!

    But seriously, Ellie, I'd like to first say Congratulations on the anthology and wish you the utmost success. Also, the advice about being yourself is the best. I'd like to add that there must have been a reason, beyond your undying fandom and love for him, that you chose him. Perhaps summarizing these reasons will make for good letter content. Something like:

    Dear Mr. Shatner,
    Blah blah, great editor, anthology, blah blah.
    I chose you as the star for "Why Do Aliens Love Iowa" because your acting skills have extensive depth and display your versatility. From the original Star Trek to Over the Hedge, you've lent a style that others, in their admiration of you, try to imitate. Yet, only you can do this story true justice.

    Maybe at this point...try not to beg and plead...and I wouldn't recommend kidnapping his pet and put it up for ransom.

  17. Be polite and funny. Canadians like that.

    Congratulations on the anthology.

  18. Thank you to everyone who has offered me both serious and funny advice - it is much appreciated!

  19. Wow, tricky! Yes, short and polite would be best I guess : he probably gets a lot of mail ...

  20. If you need to get it out of your system, do a fake practice letter first in which you gush all over the place. Then for the real letter:

    The format of the letter must be professional. Address him as you would a co-worker you respect. Mention you have a blog that hundreds of people read.

    Look up some recent project of his, and include one sentence that you are looking forward to seeing it.

  21. I think the more professional you keep it the better- make mention of the anthology of writers using their favorite actors and your idea of the editor. keep it short and to the point I'd say.

  22. Exciting Ellie
    I agree I'd write something, then sit on it for a day or so and go back to it, then you'll see if it sounds too gushing and awful and you can edit it. :O)

  23. You've got some great advice here already, so I wouldn't know what to add. I hope he responds!!

    I also hope your WIP is going well.

    I've teamed up with 2 other writers for a Writer's Blogfest tentatively scheduled for October. It's in the planning stages, but I'd love for you to include it in your blogfest list when we're up and running :-)

  24. Don't gush. Make it professional, short, and business-like, but leave an opening for him to communicate back to you if he so desires. Sounds very cool. I hope he reads it--and likes it a whole lot.

    Tossing It Out

  25. Try really hard to avoid anything that will cause him to take out a restraining order! It'll be tough! I'm so excited for you - what a thrill!

  26. I would write a brief, professional letter. It would be hard not to's William Shatner.

    Have a great weekend.

  27. Wow!!! Congratulations! two stories, that is awesome beyond words and William Shatner...That is holy hell amazing. I am so happy for you.

    I would be professional and try not to gush, though I imagine it will be difficult because of your admiration for him. I would have a hard time, too, were the situations reversed. I would also make sure that you included things about the anthology and be as brief as possible without being vague or minimalist. I hope I am making sense. Good luck with everything. :)


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