Thursday, 29 March 2012

It's a book Jim but not as we know it . . .

My friends I have sad news. The Tribute to the Stars anthology I posted to James T. Kirk . . .I mean William Shatner has come back unclaimed. Where it's been since August 2011 I don't know - perhaps on an eight-month voyage into the unknown to seek out new readers and new film deals. Perhaps in a dark damp corner of some sorting office.

All this time I was excitedly awaiting a thank you letter from Mr. Shatner (well, his publicist at least) and he hadn't even received the anthology or read the story I'd written as a tribute to him. So, what now? Re-send to the same address? Send him a twitter message asking him for the correct address? Given he has 994,995 followers, the odds are high he won't even read it.

All I can say at this moment is:


  1. Have you tried his agent? Please don't give up... Maybe he has a facebook page?

    Keep on until he gets it :-)

  2. Sorry to hear that, but if at first you don't succeed etc.

  3. Twitter!! Twitter!!! He can't escape you!!! You have KHAAAAAAAAAAAAN on your side!!!

    Go boldly forth!!

    Take care

  4. Well that sucks! Don't give up - find a way to get it to him.

  5. eight months is nothing... give it like more time... trust me... it's celebrity in dog years it's only been eight days in their world. he has a schedule and you are in it, just he needs ten people tell him...

  6. Hi Ellie .. that is a bummer isn't it - and a khaaaaaam agh agh agh .. et al - sorry for you ..

    Don't give up .. especially as you have a story to write now around its journey ..

    I'm emailing you a link - enjoy! Not Mr WS .. but someone else ..

    Cheers Hilary

  7. Perhaps you can slowly feed it to him through tweets.


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