Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Write Space

A huge thank you to everyone who has welcomed me back so far this week - it means everything to me that the community I grew to love is still there and still rocking. You are the best. Now, on to today's topic - The Write Space.

 As promised, a peek at my new writing space.

I've always believed if you are passionate about writing, you can write anywhere. At the kitchen table. In bed. On the train. In a cafe. On the loo. Okay that last one is pushing it a bit but we read magazines on the toilet, why not write? My point is, nothing should stop you because few of us have the dream location - an office with a stunning view, large mahogany desk, open-fire, and wall to wall shelving, or whatever else fits your perfect writing room. 

However, I do believe carving out a space that is for your writing and nothing else does creates two tremendous advantages, no matter how small the space. Firstly, it focuses the mind. It lets the business part of your brain know that when you go to that space the creative part of your brain is taking over. You are there to write. To dream. To conjure up imaginary worlds and people. Nothing else should matter.

Secondly, you can keep all the tools of the trade out and ready to use. When you may only have a few minutes spare, time spent unpacking your writing tools and then re-packing at the end is wasted time. If your latest project is out and ready, you can start writing the moment your behind hits the seat. 

So, do you have a writing a space? If so, how has it helped you? If you haven't, why not? What is stopping you? Can a little creative thinking solve anything standing in the way? As always, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I'm back! Did you miss me?

It's been five months since I last blogged. Can you believe it? I hardly can. I don't know where to begin updating you on how life has been since the end of March. Hectic. At times difficult but at others revitalizing. I've moved and have my own place now, which is different but good. I won't pretend it hasn't been scarey or that I'm never worried about the bills, but I'm adjusting.

I have been spending my time off with friends and my new partner, Mr. M. We've done a lot of walking and reading, and generally trying to enjoy life. However, now I'm starting to focus again on my writing. I have two writing desks - one at Mr. M's and one at my flat. So, no excuses for not being able to write. I shall give you a peek in my next blog post. I shall also tell you what I have planned for the next few months, but for the moment I just want to say I'm back, I am okay, and that I've missed you all.

So, how has life been for you?