Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Write Space

A huge thank you to everyone who has welcomed me back so far this week - it means everything to me that the community I grew to love is still there and still rocking. You are the best. Now, on to today's topic - The Write Space.

 As promised, a peek at my new writing space.

I've always believed if you are passionate about writing, you can write anywhere. At the kitchen table. In bed. On the train. In a cafe. On the loo. Okay that last one is pushing it a bit but we read magazines on the toilet, why not write? My point is, nothing should stop you because few of us have the dream location - an office with a stunning view, large mahogany desk, open-fire, and wall to wall shelving, or whatever else fits your perfect writing room. 

However, I do believe carving out a space that is for your writing and nothing else does creates two tremendous advantages, no matter how small the space. Firstly, it focuses the mind. It lets the business part of your brain know that when you go to that space the creative part of your brain is taking over. You are there to write. To dream. To conjure up imaginary worlds and people. Nothing else should matter.

Secondly, you can keep all the tools of the trade out and ready to use. When you may only have a few minutes spare, time spent unpacking your writing tools and then re-packing at the end is wasted time. If your latest project is out and ready, you can start writing the moment your behind hits the seat. 

So, do you have a writing a space? If so, how has it helped you? If you haven't, why not? What is stopping you? Can a little creative thinking solve anything standing in the way? As always, I would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I must have a writing space but it has to be immobile!! And must have a comfy chair and a cat! And silence!! If none of these exist my karma is ruined, I tell you, ruined! LOL!

    :-) Take care

  2. I like my space. It has floor to ceiling windows where I can see my forest. But the most important apparatus in my writing space (aside from my computer) is my balance ball. I use it as a chair. Best thing I ever bought.

  3. The tools of the trade? A flash drive and any computer that I can press into service. My latest WIP was thrashed out whilst drifting off to sleep. Not that I am any kind of writing expert, most of my published work is technical and that is another ball game entirely, but still requires some creativity if you want it to be interesting.

  4. My writing space is in the corner of the living room. I have a comfortable chair, my laptop, a box full of office supplies like colored pens and sticky notes, and a bookcase full of books on writing - all at hand. It isn't the most private of spaces, especially in the summer when the kids are home, but it least until I can convince the hubby to build me an office. :)

  5. My writing space is my computer desk, but I play games and do other things there as well.

  6. My usual writing space has been highjacked by my 23-year-old daughter who moved back in. I write either at my kitchen table, the sofa, or the bed.

    Glad to see you.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  7. I like your writing space - very neat - and are those stuffed toys in the background?
    My writing space is a corner of our sitting room, my laptop on a small table, my reference books on shelves around. I have a second screen that I can swing out attached to the wall - very useful when separate 'pages' are needed.

  8. welcome back!
    nice to see you up & writing!
    when i went desk shopping, i found a pretty writing desk, like alice in wonderland i was! (still wish i knew the punchline, what's the difference between a raven and a writing desk?! maddening!)

  9. I do have a space for it at my PC. With lots of pens and paper, too.

  10. Old Kitty - sounds like heaven.

    Maria - your writing space sounds divine. I haven't got quite a nice view but I do look out over the Exe Estuary. A balance ball? I'd never thought of using one as a chair before! Must work, though.

    Snafu - many a masterpiece is written half way between awake and asleep. I'm sure of it.

    Janel - you can't have enough sticky notes and pens

  11. Shelly - chocolate and hugs. Just what all writers need. Glad you can still find spaces to write.

    Jabblog - they are stuffed toys. All handmade and bought off etsy over the years. Well, apart from Beaker. He came from Amazon. Your second screen sounds perfect and an idea I have pondered. Terry Pratchett works with three!

    Tara - your writing desk sounds lovely. You'll have to share a picture with us. The raven and a writing desk mystery, eh? I'm afraid I don't know the punchline either.

    M Pax - glad to hear it.

  12. I write where I can; I actually find that moving around helps with ideas during some stages of the writing process.

    Great picture. :)

  13. What a cozy little writing space. I love it!

    I agree. As an interior designer by trade, a featured space to write, illustrate, blog, etc. is super important.

    I created a section of my living room for my designing and illustrating. I love it. As for my writing, I have my favorite sofa... adjacent to my drawing table where I create my stories and blog.

    Welcome back again,


  14. I'm just getting a chance to run around the blogosphere so first, glad to see you're back at things. And second, you've got a great writing space.

    I have a tiny desk that I work from sometimes, but I'm a bit space-challenged in my apartment so I make due with what I have. The bed does a find now :-)

  15. Nice to see you back, Ellie.

    I do have a writing space, but also a short attention span. This means I move around the house and garden with my notepad, doing bits here and there. If I run out of steam working in one spot, moving to a different one will usually start me off again.

  16. I have a writing space, but it's new and i have not used it yet. I think because I've been overly busy. But I'll get there and creativity can fix almost anything in my world. :)
    Have a great day!

  17. I don't have a fixed writing space, Ellie. I write at my desk, on my bed, at the dining table. I can write everywhere and anywhere.

  18. Oh wow you're back!

    I love your tidy writing space.

    I've tagged you for tomorrow's post BTW.

  19. Golden Eagle - I like the idea of changing locations helping creativity - it stops the 'I-can't-write-unless' syndrome.

    Michael - the sofa sounds good. Comfort is important!

    Angela - I understand what you mean about space. My flat is tiny but the box window, wide enough for a desk, is what made me take it.

    Joanne - I'm the worlds worst procrastinator, so I can sympathize about a short attention span. The two seem to go together with me.

  20. Summer - writing really can soothe away all troubles. Hope you get to your new space soon.

    Rachna - I'm insanely jealous. I need to make myself write in different locations!

  21. Hi Eliie .. so pleased to see your desk .. looks bright and light - and encouraging .. writing comes with peace of mind ... and now you can start again ..

    Have a great end of Summer and then Autumn - time to get settled and accomplish much writing ..

    Cheers Hilary

  22. I love your space. Mine is a nice tidy little cubicle that has all the important stuff. I also like to take my notebooks and write longhand. There's something very soothing about the scratch of pen on paper.

  23. Hilary - my writing is space as near to perfect as I can get it, with a lovely view of the Exe Estuary. I'll have to post a picture of the view. I'm getting settled as you say, and planning on getting my novel finished this autumn. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Melissa - there certainly is, which I why I write a lot by hand using my favourite fountain pen.


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