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Michael Offutt - Speculative Fiction Writer

Today I'm thrilled to introduce this week's Speculative Fiction Writer, Michael Offutt. I'm a huge fan. If you haven't read Slipstream or Oculus (Books one and two from his A Crisis of Two Worlds Series) you must. Over to Michael...

The stories we tell shine like stars in the sky 

First off, I want to say thank you to author Ellie Garratt, not only because her awesome book is coming out on March 11th and I was one of the privileged few that got to do a cover reveal, but because she’s back to blogging again after a huge hiatus and I missed her!


I think that sometimes you meet a person and you just click—you’re comfortable with them, and you don’t have to pretend to be anyone or anything. 

I also think that good writing starts this way. You pick up a pen (or in the modern age you sit down at a word processor) and if you have the correct character for you in your head, the rest is easy. A bond forms between a writer and their protagonist and there are no pretensions…only story.

I call this the magic of make believe. 

I (just like you) am a writer of stories. Everyone has one inside them. The ones that I create are 100% fiction despite the fact that some readers will inevitably pull little tidbits of this or that from what I might write or my characters might do. But I can’t deny that when you pick up one of my stories for the first time, what I really want you to hear is a single sentence said in your own voice.

“Oh darling, let’s be adventurers for a while.” 

Speculative fiction has so much to offer, and so many bold horizons. If you are feeling jaded by life, I urge you to pick up a book…any book…and go exploring. It does the mind good to dream, and I’m thankful every day for all the speculative fiction authors out there who’ve created worlds and continue to forge universes in so many varieties that they are impossible to quantify.

The stories told by all of us shine like the stars, and they will be there long after we are gone.

If in the slim chance you choose to pick up one of my stories, know that I have a list of things I want:
  1.  That we make a nice pear. :)


Thanks for having me on your blog, Ellie. Cheers everyone

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Thank you, Micheal. It was an honour to reveal Passing Time's cover on your blog, and I certainly missed you and all my other blogging friends during my hiatus. I agree - stories really do shine like the stars.


  1. Write what flows and it will shine.
    And yes, we are glad you are back Ellie! I think Jeremy and I bugged the snot out of you with our emails while you were gone.

  2. Nice post, Michael! It is definitely sooo much easier to write when you really connect with your characters. I hope both of you are having a great week!

  3. A nice pear...bwahahaha!
    And I still pick up a pencil. ;)

  4. Wonderful post. Your guests are fabulous, Ellie.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  5. Thank you so much Ellie for hosting me. Gosh darn it. I forgot to include this in my post for today so people would come and check it out. I will correct this tomorrow.

    @Alex: Thanks for visiting sir. You are everywhere.

    @Alexia: It's been a very rough week thus far, but it just got better.

    @Donna: Thanks (I think) or do you mean Ellie's posts?

    @Laura: :) *hugs to my favorite Laura

    @Shelly: Thanks for saying my post was wonderful :)

  6. You know I like stars. Your post made me think of standing on a mountain top freezing, but not carrying because the sky is so jaw-dropping awesome. It's nice to think that all that awesomeness is our stories.

  7. Good post. It does do the mind good to dream. It really does.

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  8. "A bond forms between a writer and their protagonist and there are no pretensions…only story."

    YES. Yes, yes, yes ... That's not always an easy place to get to, but once you get it down, it's down. And you almost cannot separate the two of you when the words are going down on screen/paper.

    Funny, because I used to think that was all artsy, hokey crap writers would talk about when they got tired of talking about muses. lol But it's so very true.

    Great writeup, Michael. Thanks, Ellie, for having him over! :-)

  9. Was there more to the list? Leaving it blank like that... do you carrot all for me?

  10. Great post Michael. It's so true when everything 'clicks' the words just pour out. BUT, if the character isn't the right fit, the story just flops. That's where I am in one of my stories right now. Flop. *sigh*
    Awesome guest post Ellie!

  11. Wonderful post, Michael! I love the image of our stories as shining stars. Thanks for having Michael as your guest, Ellie. :)

  12. Mike, you are so right about connecting with your characters. I was so attuned to mine, I became depressed living in his sad world everyday. As for yours, I dreamed about Slipstream all night last night. And that ain't no joke! I must be connecting with Jordan, too! :-)

  13. Michael, it's so true that a bond between the writer and protagonist can be a magical one. When I read Slipstream I could tell that you connected to Jordan, even though Jordan was a distinct, different person in his own right.

  14. @Mary: Writers bring a lot of awesome into the world.

    @Allison: Thanks for visiting!

    @E.J.: Thanks for reading.

    @Andrew: You're not as funny as you think you are.

    @Elise: I'm sure you will see a way to make it all work out. You are so smart.

    @Julie: Thanks for visiting Miss Polar Night

    @Nancy: Oh you make me want to squeeze you *hugs

    @Helena: Maybe I just wanted to see him naked. Does that make me a lascivious writer?

  15. My protagonists just go off and do what they want, all I do is follow. I am currently dreaming there is a world wide web that allows you to talk to people you have never met. Pity I did not write about that in the 1960s :)


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